Michael and The Red Door

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Michael is the new kid in Mexico City. Having to see his ex girlfriend, Dianna, in a relationship with his best friend, Jose, hurts him in so many levels.
Until he meets Stacy,
a ghost wanting to become human again.
No matter the cost.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - 1.

Submitted: November 13, 2011

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Submitted: November 13, 2011



It was a hot day in Mexico as Michael and his friends drank tequila, and spiked strawberry slushies. It was a school day’s afternoon, not caring a bit about the hangover they might be having the next day, when there was a loud noise from the abandoned house fifty feet away.

“What the hell was that?” asked Dianne. She jumped up at the sound, not even spilling a drop of her spiked slushy. Dianne was Michael’s ex girlfriend, who now was his best friend’s girl, walked back towards the heated car ready to leave, frightened that the noise might have been a gun shot.

Jose smiled at Mike, as Dianna walked away and winked. Getting up himself, he grabbed his girlfriend’s hand and swung her towards his chest and hugged her to calm her down. She pushed him away with a smile on her face, and kissed him on the tip of the nose. Michael stared at them, talking himself out of the sudden emotions tangling inside of his chest. He wanted Dianna back with him, but love could never be forced. Never.

“God, I hate it here.” Dianna grunted as she walked back to the creative seat made out of rags and a dirty comforter.

“I told you we should go to New York.” Dianna looked sharply at him, signaling that Michael was still here. But Jose didn’t care, because Mike was his buddy. “My cousin stays in a Hotel. He offered us a place to stay until we get our own place.”

“New York is as hot as here in the summer.” Mike said. Dianna glared at Jose, and then at Mike as he stared out at the field. “How do you know that?”

He turned to look at her but thought better, because everytime he saw her, his heart began to ache and the expression on his face was always that of a pained one. “I was born there.” The look he gave her said duhh. “Oh yeah, I remember.” Was all she said.

Jose felt Dianna shift and her face was that of regret. He tried to lighten the mood, and failed miserably. “I bet you there are muertos still in there.”

“Whatever.” Dianna said as she walked back towards the car. But Michael seemed interested enough and ended up asking, “How do you know that?”

Jose smiled down at him, and looked over at the burned house. “Tio Luis used to work there, trying to fix the place up for rent but couldn’t. He said there were always voices.”

Michael stared at him in disbelief. “Whatever man.”

“Entonces, I dare you to stay in there for twenty minutes.” Michael shrugged. “Solo.”

“Don’t do it. He’s drunk.” Dianna shouted from the passenger seat.

But Mike has had enough taunting from his best friend, and he wanted to prove him different. So he accepted the dare, and started off towards the old burned down house, with it’s red door, the others following behind.

Here goes nothing.

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