Away's Aglow

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Chapter 11

Submitted: August 12, 2010

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Submitted: August 12, 2010



Nicholas’s POV
Everything hurt. And I mean everything. I couldn’t even move before a burst of pain ran through my body. My brother was sitting next to me on my bed. I remember being by his side the day he phrased. It was a couple of months ago and his girlfriend cheated on him for some drug dealer. Justin was so angry that he ran home and phased right in front of dad.
He said that his body hurt, but I never knew that he was in this much pain.
“How do you feel?” Justin asked me.
“It hurts.” I croaked and closed my eyes. I was sweating insanely.
“I’m not surprised.” Justin said.
He helped me lie on my bed and I opened my eyes again.
“Thanks.” I told him.
“Not a problem.” Justin said and he opened the window for me so that cold air could sneak into our room, “I still remember how much pain I was in.”
I let my head relax into the pillows. My bones all stung. My brother sat on his bed and shut the door. Dad was going to be up here soon so I knew I was in good hands.
“What made you so mad to phase?” Justin asked me.
I looked at him and smiled.
“I attacked Antonio Brownly because he touched Mia’s butt.” I said.
Justin almost fell off of the bed. He had to hold himself and his face showed a mixture of shock and pride. Was he proud of me?
“Well no wonder you are in pain. It’s one thing to phase, it’s another thing to actually run around and attack a person! I can’t believe that he touch Mia!” Justin asked.
“He slapped her across the face good and kicked her in the gut. That’s why dad had to carry her in.” I added.
Now it was Justin’s turn to shake.
“I’ll kill him.” Justin said.
“So will I. Mia was there and told me not to hurt him so I just growled at him and I could smell him wet his pants.” I told my twin.
Justin stopped shaking and laughed.
“Good gosh. That’s the best yet. He finally got what he deserved.” Justin said.
“I know.” I rasped and closed my eyes.
I heard my father open and shut the door. I knew it was he because he was muttering to himself.
“How are you doing Nicholas?” my father asked me.
“It hurts.” I told him.
I felt his hand on my forehead.
“Yeah. You’ll be like this for a couple of weeks,” my father told me.
I opened my eyes and stared at his face.
“How’s Mia?” I asked him.
“We’re getting a doctor now. Her entire side is already green,” my father answered and he took his hand off my head, “Do you want some water? Ice? It helped me when I phased and it helped Justin.”
I nodded.
It was at night. I still hurt and I couldn’t move a muscle. Justin was on the other bed sleeping. He went down to check Mia. She’s going to be on the couch tonight. Justin told me that she wasn’t going to be able to sleep either. Justin told me that she had bad cramps and that her side was killing her.
While that was happening to her, I was bathing in my sweat. How nice was that?
Bella’s POV
I couldn’t sleep and neither could Jacob. We were just in each other’s arms. We had to pick up Kennith today and Mia had the possibility of going to the hospital. Once we were at the hospital I was going to be getting pictures and calling the police. We couldn’t pay for Mia’s health care with that and this was his fault anyway. He was going to pay for what he’d done.
“Can’t sleep?” Jacob whispered.
“What do you think?” I asked him.
“I can’t either. Should we go check on Mia? See how she is going?” Jacob asked.
I nodded and both Jacob and I got out of bed. I was in a night coat and Jacob was only in boxers. He put on pants over them then we silently walked out of our room and down the hall. We went down the staircase and heard Mia’s whimpering.
Jacob went quicker down the steps then when he was in the kitchen he ran to the living room. I quickly followed.
Mia was standing up and leaning against the wall. One hand was carefully clutching her stomach and the other was wiping sweat off her face. Jacob was already at her side and they were talking to each other. I went in front of Mia and saw her in tears.
“Baby what’s wrong?” I asked her, “Why aren’t you lying down?”
She looked at me and fell against me and I wrapped my arms around her.
“My cramps really hurt,” she told me, “I was going to get you and dad.”
I stroked her hair.
“Shh…” I told her.
Jacob was looking at me.
“What time is it?” I asked him.
“Four in the morning.” Jacob answered.
“Mia do you think you could try four more hours?” I asked her.
“I’ll try.” She croaked.
I carefully cradled her. Jacob came to us and he put his arms around both of us. Jacob kissed Mia’s head and she let go of me and Jacob carried her back to the couch. Mia fell against the couch side and I wiped her face and I kissed her forehead.
“Do you want us to be here sweetie?” I asked her gently.
Her answer was a nod. The television was still on and I didn’t recognize the show she was watching. All of the lights were off until Jacob turned on the lamp that was right beside the couch.
Jacob kissed her too and he sat down on the floor, right beside Mia on the couch so she could still stay with him. I carefully laid down behind her. She whimpered at times, but I kissed her hair and Jacob would look back at her and hiss her nose. Always did she smile.
We were like this till it was around six in the morning. Mia had just gotten asleep and I heard Tiana crying upstairs. Jacob was just about asleep to, but he must’ve heard our daughter because he silently got up and walked out of the room and through the kitchen and up the stairs.
Mia was breathing soundly and I was stroking her hair comfortingly. We were now on the Movie Network on TV and we were in the middle of watching ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’. I’ve read the book and seen the movie a couple of times so there wasn’t much of a difference if I watched it again.
It was at the part where Claire was giving birth to Alba when my husband came down and walked in holding Tiana. She wasn’t crying anymore and Jacob was bouncing her in his arms.
“Is she hungry?” I whispered.
“I think so because she doesn’t need a diaper change.” Jacob whispered back.
I nodded. Mia was still sleeping.
“I think I bought some baby formula a while ago.” I told him, “She’s getting too old to breastfeed.”
Jacob nodded and smiled.
“I meant to tell you the same thing the other day, but we got side tracked,” he told me.
I smiled and started stroking Mia’s hair again. I could tell that Jacob was tired and I was too, but I had to watch the kids. I heard Tiana start to fuss with Jacob, I’m guessing that she wanted my milk, but she was getting to be too old to do this.
When my eyelids started falling Jacob walked into the room and kissed my forehead. I opened my eyes and looked at his smiling face.
“Why don’t you go get some sleep up in bed?” he asked me.
“Jake I’m not tired.” I told him in a gargled voice, which proved to me that I was lying.
Jacob chuckled. Tiana was still in his arms and she was drinking a bottle. I guess that she was hungry enough to drink whatever milk was in front of her, but she could also eat solid foods, but both Jacob and I were too tired to do that.
“Go honey. I’ll wake you up at seven thirty.” Jacob told me.
I nodded. I carefully got off the couch then looked back at Mia. She wasn’t sweating so much either and she was still sleeping soundly. Jacob put his arm around my waist and helped my to the kitchen and up the steps like I was about to pass out. I felt like I was though. I was thankful for Jacob and he helped me to our room. Tiana was still gulping down the milk and Jacob and I kissed.
“Thank you.” I told him.

He just smiled back and I silently opened our door and shut it. After that I I slowly walked to the bed and collapsed under the covers, asleep before my head even touched the pillows.


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