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Aida, the once mortal Princess of the Winter Court, is getting close to the day she takes over the Court as Queen. Her mother has her betrothed to the Prince of the Wolf Clan; the creatures whom Aida despises for they killed her mortal parents. Even being betrothed, Aida falls for a mortal boy. But all is not as it seems as Aida gets closer and closer to the heart of Winter and her wedding day.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Winter

Submitted: September 02, 2013

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Submitted: September 02, 2013




It’s getting dark.
Her heart began to leap with fear. Her small, pale hands trembled as she continued to walk through the thick woods. No one ever found her here. She lived for years on her own in the woods, surviving off small animals, fruits from the trees, and the water in the nearby stream. But she never stayed out at night. Once the sun was down, she was back in her tiny, two-room cabin that her dad built as an emergency home for her family. But now she was entitrely alone.
Ever since her mother and father were killed.
I’m almost there. I need to be there now. Before They come out… She thought. Her heart began to speed up, racing at the thought of being tangled with Them. Stay calm… she kept reminding herself. Her speed increased to a run as the last few rays of the sun were setting. Tears began streaming down her face, blinding her vision. She stopped for a second to wipe them from her eyes and to control her breathing. Her entire body quaked with fear.
In the distance a long, awakened howling spread through the trees. She froze in place, holding her breath, and no longer even shaking. Her already pale skin became even whiter as she realized what that howl came from.
They’re awake. She thought. She flew into a sprint towards her home. Her bare, dainty feet and long, slender legs moved as fast as they could. Her once beautiful white dress wrapped around her ankles as she ran, becoming even dirtier by clinging to mud that her feet would pick up. Her right shoulder burned as if it was engulfed in flames. More howling erupted in her ringing ears and she had to control everything inside of her not to scream out.
When she opened her eyes, she realized that she was only twenty feet from her cabin. She forced herself to move faster and once she was inside, she locked all the locks on her door and leaned against the wooden wall, breathing heavily. Her chest hurt from running so fast and her weak legs felt like they were going to give out at any second. Once she collected herself, she reached to her side table she kept by the door for matches and began to light candles so she could see. Once all the candles were lit, she walked into her bedroom and sat on her makeshift bed. The bed was made out of old clothes that wouldn’t fit anymore or her parent’s old clothes as well as any cloth pieces she could find laying around in the woods. There were several blankets and pillows lying on top. It was actually quite comfortable.
Especially when mom would lay with me until I went to sleep… and she would stroke my hair to comfort me. She thought, lying back onto the bed. She just lied there and stared at her ceiling for long several minutes, listening to any noise that she could hear outside. Eventually, she looked to her side where she had her small, hand-held mirror lying. She picked it up and looked at herself for a moment. Her extremely pale skin was the first thing to catch her sight. It was absolutely flawless too, except for on her shoulder, where her scar resides. It was only three claw marks, but it was a permanent reminder of what happened ten years ago.
A permanent reminder to who killed her parents right in front of her then left her to suffer.
She tore her gaze away from the scar and looked at her other features. She had big emerald green eyes that always seemed to glisten no matter what time of day and no matter what mood she was in. she brought her fragile hand up and gently toughed her full, light pink lips, tracing their shape. Next she brushed her fingers across her small nose and then her always-blushing pink cheeks. Finally, she ran her free hand through her short golden blonde hair. Her hair was her favorite part of her looks, it was perfectly golden and shone brightly in the sun. The only bad part was that it was extremely short. She could barely pull any of it back into a bun. Then she sighed and whispered to herself, “One day, you’ll be beautiful.”
“Is that something mommy used to tell you?” A deep, calming voice asked. She quickly stood and turned to face her intruder, but before she could see him, the man grabbed her by her shoulder and bit into her forearm. Her entire body was paralyzed and she was freezing, except for her scar, which burned hotter than ever before.
Am I dying? She wondered. She opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out. At this point, she could barely turn her head, but she did and shared a glance with her attacker. Her big green eyes met with his small pink ones. Suddenly, her vision blurred and everything around her began to spin. Her body grew weak and she collapsed on the floor, staring up at her attacker. All she could see was his evilly smiling pink eyes and his long braided red hair. His hair was a vibrant red at the roots then became lighter until it was blonde at the tips. He turned and left, leaving her to lie on the floor, unconscious as the howling in the night continued throughout the woods.
The howling she could never forget.

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