Fuck Buddy

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Chapter 12 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 07, 2013



“Sir, you need to leave now. Mr. Dalton needs to rest now. Also, Mrs. Dalton we would like to have a few words with you as to how this happened.” The doctor said when he strolled into the room an hour later. I nodded slowly, unlacing my fingers from Chase’s and nodded to his mother who weakly smiled at me.

I left the room, closing the door silently behind me. Hyde and Anna waited patiently in their chairs; it appeared that they hadn’t made a single sound while I had been in there. They stood immediately after I began heading towards them.

“Is Chase going to be ok? Did he wake up at all? Do they know why or on what he overdosed?” Anna asked all at once, Hyde remained silent. I felt bad for him and knew that it would be best to get out of there as soon as possible, despite my knowing that I should stay.

“Yes he will be fine; yes he did wake up and in fact said a few words to me as well. They also don’t know why or on what he overdosed.” I said with a bit of sorrow. That had been a question running through my head the entire time I had been in there.

“Hey, um… Can I talk to you about something in private?” Anna asked quietly looking at Hyde in annoyance. He was about to walk away but I grabbed his wrist, holding him to the spot. I shook my head at Anna with a slightly smile.

“How about we talk later? I think that Hyde should probably get home; he really has no reason to be here. Since I was his ride I’ll get him back there.” I said and then started to stride down the hallway, pulling Hyde closely behind.

“I’m sorry that you had to sit alone with Anna, she probably didn’t talk that much. I’ll take you back to my house and I’ll get you something to eat, you must be starving!” I commented once we got back into the car. Hyde was silent for a long time and then finally opened his mouth.

“This isn’t the same car that you had back at the library.” He mumbled. I raised an eyebrow and he began to elaborate. “The car that we’re in, it isn’t the same as the one which you had at the library that time.” He murmured. I chuckled and I could see out of the corner of my eye a look of surprise on his face.

“My other one broke down so my grandparents got together some money in order to buy me a new one.” I said as I smiled. With that he stayed silent for the rest of the car ride. We arrived at the house just as the sun was setting. We walked into the house and the phone rang not even a minute afterwards.

After answering I got news that my grandparents were going to stay at the hospital with Mrs. Dalton to keep her calm. A slow smile spread across my face and I searched for Hyde, who was wandering into living room. I hung up the phone and then made my way towards him.

My arms closed around his waist and he jumped slightly. He turned in my arms and looked at me with his enticing eyes. His hands were pushing against my chest, trying to pry himself away from me. I just shook my head and held him closer. He now frantically tried to jerk out of my grasp. I chuckled and he looked at me with his eyes full of distress.

“Let’s start back where we left off, shall we?” I questioned with a smirk. His eyes widened and shook his head, now clawing at my arms trying to get away. “Don’t worry Hyde, I’ll be gentle.” I said softly into his ear. He shuddered with the passing of air and my smile got bigger.

Still holding onto him I began to lead him towards the first room I could get to. The room, which I knew to be the computer room, was absolutely dark except for the small flickering lights from our internet modem. Those couple of lights cast a faint blue glow across my computer desk and chair.

I sat down in my computer chair and pulled Hyde into my lap. He was positioned awkwardly so of course I had to fix the problem. As soon as everything was as comfortable as it could be I turned my attention back to the matter at hand. The entire time Hyde had continued to shake with fear. I kept one arm firmly wrapped around him and moved the other around the back of his neck. My fingers wove through his hair and I pressed my lips to his.

I waited for a long time for him to give into me, and when he finally did he slowly and warily encircled my neck with his own arms. With this I took advantage and slipped my tongue into his sweet mouth. His tongue joined mine hesitantly and this made me take the risk of going farther. With my arm that was around his waist I slid it up the back of his shirt, slowly pulling it up as far as I could.

I broke the kiss and lightly gripped his wrists in one hand. I let go for a mere moment in order to get his arms out of the shirt. I then guided it over his head gently and it dropped to the floor below us. My eyes which had grown accustomed to the darkness scanned his pale body, not being able to make out features completely.

My lips descended once more, this time taking control of Hyde’s neck. I passed my tongue over the spot where his pulse was and that triggered a small sigh to escape from Hyde’s lips. I smiled and then began to search for more spots that would cause similar or even better reactions. My teeth gently grazed his skin causing him to get more into it with every passing second.

“Wait! What about your grandparents?” Hyde asked, pushing me off of him and trying to get up. I shook my head and my arm quickly reached around him, keeping him close. “Seth, this could seriously be a problem. I don’t need them to walk in on us.” He whispered and I could see the slight redness which covered his cheeks.

“No need to worry about them now is time for us.” I whispered and blew warm air into his ear. He shivered and finally nodded. I took this time to assume that the next step should commence. I shifted Hyde in my lap and then placed one arm underneath his knees while I kept a firm grip around his back with my other arm.

I lifted him up bridal style and took the few steps towards the computer desk. I set him down for a moment on the edge and swiped my hand across the computer desk, sending all papers and everything else in the way towards the floor.

I then pushed Hyde down onto the round extension on the desk. My hands rested on either side of his face and I placed a kiss on his forehead. I then began to explore his chest. Nipping here, licking there, everything I did produced a response that I fed off of.

My hands soon began to roam as well. They would caress a spot I had nipped or pinch a spot I had recently licked, causing more sounds to escape Hyde. His hands were in my hair, playing with it or if I nipped just a bit too hard he would yank it.

My hands finally found their way to the button and zipper of his jeans. I began to stroke him through his jeans causing him to react somewhat violently. His voice caught and he began to squirm. I kept my arm across his chest, holding him where he was. Hyde continued to squirm as I stroked him, making sure I kept it very slow.

“Nnnnnnno Seth… Don’t ttttouch me there… Nnnnnnn.” He moaned, only making me continue. I slowly unbuttoned his jeans and slid the zipper down. I tugged his jeans slowly down his smooth and pale skin, revealing more burns all over him. I hesitated for a moment but then continued to pull them until they fell to my feet. He had stopped squirming but now shivered in the faint light.

I grabbed the bottom of my own shirt and pulled it over my head. I heard a small gasp from Hyde and I smiled at him. His face reddened quickly and he looked to the side.

“You like what you see?” I asked and he continued to look away without a response. I chuckled and I gently began to tug his black and white boxers down. He instantly looked back at me, his eyes seeming to fill with terror.

I pulled down to his knees and then jerked them the rest of the way. I made a grab for his wrists and lifted them high into the air in my right hand. I then began to glide my hand up his inner leg, making him moan louder than before. My mouth searched his stomach, gradually moving lower. I raised my head and licked his tool. A moan was instantly triggered and he began to try to free his hands.

“Noooooo, Seeettthhhh doonn’ttt touch meee thereee. Nottt liiiike that, it’sss dirrrty.” Hyde moaned as I closed my mouth around him. He continued to try to wiggle free as my lips moved up and down his shaft. Hyde came rather quickly, causing his face to darken. I could see the embarrassment in his eyes as I ate his delicious ‘pudding’.

I looked at him with an accepting smile. I kissed his cheek and if possible his face turned darker. I released his wrists and stood up. I picked him up into my arms gently and began to walk towards my bedroom. I set him down on my bed and slid my jeans, keeping my eyes on Hyde, who seemed to follow the jeans down with his own eyes, the entire time.

I then climbed onto the bed, holding myself up over Hyde. I looked down at his pale, vulnerable body. I watched as his whole body shook with fear or excitement, I’m not exactly sure which. I have this memory scratched into my brain, it will not be a memory I forget.

A/N: Ok so I will say that my friend(the one who most often gives me ideas) thought I said something about pudding because I was showing her on Skype and I JUST HAD TO ADD IT IN xD I should be writing the next chapter soon because I really want to write it :P Poor Hyde, I feel a little bad for him but you know what.... THIS NEEDED TO HAPPEN! Thanks to all who read this story to this point ^ ^

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