Fuck Buddy

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Chapter 14 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 07, 2013



Chapter Thirteen

I awoke to an unfamiliar room and for a moment was completely confused. The surroundings were strange and the mass next to me was even stranger. It took me more than a moment to realize that the person who breathed softly into my ear was Seth. His strong arms made me feel the safest I had in a very long time.

I shifted slightly in his arms and they tightened around my skin which was covered in goosebumps from the cold morning air. Seth’s hand reached up and pushed up the hair which covered my forehead and planted a soft kiss in the center. His fingers brushed through my blond hair and I couldn’t help but giggle a little.

“I see that you have woken up.” He whispered and then he pulled himself up into a sitting position. He looked down at me and I looked up at him, our eyes were locked and neither of us wanted to be the first to look away. I finally turned my head to the wall, blushing in the process.

“Hey Hyde, I want you to stay the night again tonight, ok? Also I want to let you know you can stay tomorrow night as well but I won’t be here. I have to go out tomorrow and most likely won’t be back. If you stay I can have my grandparents feed you and stuff…” He would have continued to ramble had I not cut him off with a look. “What?” He asked as if I had offended him.

“Seth, it’s fine. I can stay at my house tomorrow night, it’s not a big thing.” I said with a smile plastered on my face. He looked me over for a moment and then nodded his approval.

“Ok, you’ll go home tomorrow night. Please keep a phone near your bed, hidden of course, so that if something happens all you need to do is call. I won’t let him hurt you.” He said with a serious look that no one could possibly say no to. So I didn’t say no, I just nodded and he smiled once more.

We didn’t do much that day. All we really did was talk and play video games. But that was ok with me because those two things were things that I normally wouldn’t, well more like couldn’t, do. Seth’s grandparents came home sometime around one o’clock and they filled us in on what they knew, which really wasn’t much.

The dinner we had that night was nice. We had a simple dinner but none the less great. Seth led me to his room shortly after dinner and it’s to be expected that because it was Seth that he pushed me onto his bed and we made-out, I still find it amazing that his grandparents accepted this. We slipped under the covers an hour later and I fell asleep contently.


I sat on my bed the next day, reading a book and thinking about Seth. I wondered what it was that he had to do but didn’t want to get into his personal stuff. It was around six o’clock when my door stumbled open. I looked up, thinking maybe it was one of the children or even mom. Instead, a disgusting man who smelled of smoke and was quite obviously drunk walked in.

“What do you want?” I questioned, my voice shaking a bit. He never came into my room until at least after eleven. He never talked to me other than those dirty words that changed me. He made no move towards answering as he walked to my bed. I pulled my legs up to my chest and put the book down on the nightstand, I did not like where this was going.

His hands pressed against my shoulders, holding me against the wall. He climbed on top of me and smiled his devilish smile. His warm, alcohol and smoke intoxicated breath pressed against my face and I turned away in disgust.

“Stop it! Mom is home, I’ll scream!” I yelled but all he did was laugh in my face, sending the terrible air into my mouth, causing me to gag a bit. He held his arm across my chest and moved his other hand to the back of my neck. He pulled my head back, ramming it against the wall and then slammed his lips into mine. It was like that for many moments before he pulled away to speak.

“Scream all you want! She’s not here to save you.” He said and laughed maniacally. My eyes widened and I shook my head, not believing what he said.

“That can’t be true! She has to be here! Where could she possibly go? Anyways, if she’s not here the children are and they’ll help me! You know that!” I yelled and began to scream as loud as I possibly could. He allowed me to do so and I continued on until I could no longer breathe. I gulped in air and he took this as an opportunity to capture me once more, his tongue slipped into my mouth. I waited until he had his tongue far into my mouth and bit down, waiting until the taste of blood filled my mouth to release him.

“You little bitch,” he screeched and then slapped me as hard as he could which turned my head 90(author note: I dislike using actual numbers in writing and um writing these little author notes in the chapter but writing out the word just looks weird) degrees. He grabbed my chin and made me look at him once more, tears stung my eyes and my nose cringed at his breath.

“She isn’t here and neither are the kids. She took them with her to her sister’s because, as you know, all the other kids are homeschooled. I guess you shouldn’t have asked to go to a normal school huh?” He asked and then slapped me again just for the fun of it. He then gripped the end of my shirt and began to pull it up, revealing the scarred skin beneath it. He just smiled as his artwork and began to play with it as he called it. He began to pick at newer marks making them begin to bleed once more and causing screams to escape my mouth.

It dealt with the pain for at most five minutes before I remembered the request Seth has made, the phone near my bed. It rested on my desk is a spot that seemed normal to anyone but me. It rested right next to Seth’s number which he had told me to call in an emergency. I looked to him and smiled, hoping to catch him off guard. He smiled and moved his arm from across my chest, deciding that I had given up.

I quickly kicked him where I knew it hurt and while he was screeching I made a break for it. I scrambled across the floor to the phone and began punching in the numbers on the paper. I had, however, not kicked him hard enough or at least not aimed correctly because before I could hit call he was after me.

“NO!” He yelled and slammed his hand down on top of the phone, sending it out of my hand and crashing into millions of shards on the floor. It wasn’t the fact that the phone broke that surprised me, mostly because it was a cheap phone. The thing that did surprise me was what he did next. He picked me up and threw me at the wall. The few picture frames which hung on that wall crashed to the floor, sending the shards of the glass as well as the shards of the broken phone flying into my skin.

“You stupid little bitch! You should have thought better!” He screamed and began to slap me in the face and when he was satisfied with how that looked he punched me as hard as he could in the stomach. I couldn’t do anything but cry and scream for help. He who was angered by my noise unzipped his jeans and pulled them as well as his boxers down. His fully erect member rested before my face and he pushed it into my mouth as soon as I tried to protest.

He fucked my mouth for what seemed like forever and then finally came into my mouth, making me swallow the whole disgusting mess down. Tears fell from my eyes as he pulled it out and lifted my pain filled body. He ripped my jeans and boxers off of my body and set me back down on my hands and knees. He grabbed a USB cord off of my computer desk when I tried to get away from him and whipped me with it. I screamed as the metal part which connected to the computer sliced into my back.

Whatever time it was at that point I knew not, all I was aware of was pain and the fact that he now had noticed marks that he had obviously not made. He instantly became more aggressive, saying that I had done it with another behind my master’s back. I didn’t deny it which made him all the more angry. His whipping got faster and it was then that I had noticed the smell of smoke and the fact that he now held one of his infamous cigarettes.

He pulled it from his mouth and rammed it into one of the marks left by Seth and I shrieked. He did this with all of them that he saw and then placed it back in his mouth. My cries continued as he grabbed either side of my hips. Without preparing me at all he thrust into me without a care what pain it caused, and boy did it cause pain. You would think that my screams would be heard by the entire neighborhood but no they weren’t.

He continued to thrust in and out and although I did not want to, I moaned as he hit the spot which killed any willpower. He grabbed my tool and began to run his fingers down the length of it. He then grabbed it hard as he continued to thrust into me. He held on all the while he fucked me. He came multiple times within me and still he could continue, it was terrible, it was completely vile.

I don’t know how long he had me on my knees but the glass had cut deeply into my skin by the time he finally released me and I came all over the floor. I collapsed into the piles of shards which cut my skin even then, but I no longer cared. He collapsed on top of me and his weight crushed more shards into me. He stayed there more a few moments before sitting back and looking at his artwork after what he had added. He just smiled and picked me up. I had hoped that maybe he would help me for once, maybe he would just put me in my bed or something. Then I thought maybe he would kill me or just take me somewhere new to hurt me. Neither happened, instead he backed away from the wall and then threw me once more against it, into the shard pile. He laughed, collecting his clothes and then walking out of the room. He left me, a broken doll with no hope for repair.

A/N: Ok so I was going to add more to this. I planned on writing what happened to Hyde as the first part and then write a second part to the chapter that showed what happened to Seth. However, I felt like uploading a new chapter xD. So The next chapter(just a heads up) will be of what Seth is up to while this is all taking place. I FEEL SO BAD FOR HYDE RIGHT NOW ;____; but anyways I have the next chapter written, in my head at least, so it should be up soon :D

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