Fuck Buddy

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Chapter 16 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 07, 2013



I woke up to the sun beating against my back and a light breeze blowing into my room from an open window. I felt Chase’s breath blow against my hair and his hand moved up and down my arm. I looked up and I saw that his eyes had been watching my every movement. His eyes showed amusement from the fact that my face had become much warmer than it had been moments ago.

“I see you decided to join the living.” He said playfully and then sat up so that my head now rested in his lap. I quickly sat up and he just chuckled. “I was hoping you would have just stayed, I guess not.” He mumbled and then patted my head and pulled it towards him so that it rested on his shoulder.

“What time is it?” I asked quietly, not really wanting to fight the happiness which was taking over my mind.

“It doesn’t really matter does it? We’re here together and that should mean that time is nothing to us.” He said in a seductive voice that sent shivers down my entire body. I just nodded and then pulled away from him. His hand grabbed my wrist as I went to get up but I just pried his fingers off and moved towards my closet.

“I’m going to take a shower now so do whatever you want until I get out.” I said in an indifferent manor. I pulled out a pair of black skinny jeans and a tight fitted shirt with the intention of showing myself off to Hyde later on. Then I remembered my confusion between Chase and Hyde, leaving me standing in the doorway of my closet.

“I thought you were going to take a shower. Not that standing right there is a bad thing, in fact it allows me to continue to watch you. Oh, or are you standing there and waiting for me to ask if I can join you?” He said as he walked towards me, wrapping his arms around my waist and whispering the question into my ear.

“N-no I was just thinking about things. I definitely do not want you to join me.” I said and turned around in his arms to push him out of the way.

“That doesn’t sound very convincing; it sounds like you do want me to join you.” He said, playfully nipping at my ear and not releasing his hold on me. I felt my face heat up and I pressed against his chest while pulling my head back as far as I could away from him.

“No, stop it right now Chase! I’m not in the mood for this right now!” I yelled at him, desperately trying to get out of the situation I had somehow started.

“Not now, you say? So any other day you might be in the mood? Are you saying that another day you might want me to join you?” He asked, his eyebrows rose in interest and his lips pulled back into a grin. I realized what I had said too late and then quickly tried to take back the words.

“No! What I meant was that I don’t want you to join me at all!” I said, knowing the color in my face was growing redder and redder.

“No, what you said was you’re not in the mood right now. That isn’t at all, that’s just not right now. I’ll be looking forward to the time that you would want me in there. Just picture it now, you completely under my control as I rubbed your body and washed…” I cut him off with a deathly gaze and he just released me. “Ok, ok just go take your shower!” He said as if nothing had happened. He strolled over to the bed and sat down on the edge. “You don’t mind if I borrow some of your clothes, do you? I really don’t have anything to wear right now except this.” He said, gesturing to what he now wore. I just nodded and raced off towards the safety of my bathroom.


I had taken my shower, a long one at that, and then went out to send Chase home. I knew that it wasn’t right what I had done, considering that Hyde had finally begun to accept me, while I had went behind his back and made out with someone else. I had to see Hyde and make sure that somehow he hadn’t been completely destroyed in the short time which we had been separated. That one fact is what made me realize that I truly did care for Hyde and that I didn’t just love, or what I thought was love for a short time, Chase.

I walked up to the larger house that I knew to be Hyde’s. I rang the doorbell which made a pleasant sound and then the door opened a bit. There in front of me stood a grotesque man that I instantly could tell must be Hyde’s foster father. The man held a cigarette between his teeth as he looked down at me.

“Hyde isn’t allowed to see any friends right now, please wait until school.” He said, holding the tobacco product between his middle and index finger and spewing smoke from his mouth in a huff.

“Oh, um… I’m not a friend. Hyde and I are supposed to be working on a project. We can’t really get together any other day because it is actually due this week. I was hoping to see how far he had gotten with his part. But, I understand if he’s too busy.” I said and began to turn around. “I’ll just tell the teacher that the reason we couldn’t finish the project was because his father wouldn’t let us get together.” I mumbled in a voice that I hoped would make his father’s defenses slip.

“No! No need for that. Go right ahead in.” He said with a smile. “His room is the first door on the left, right up the stairs. He may still be sleeping though. His girlfriend came over last night and she is really abusive. He refuses to let us do anything about it, the poor boy is really weak and doesn’t want to lose her I guess.” He said and then walked off into another room.

My eyes widened at this remark and I pretty much flew up the stairs. I knocked on the door a couple times and then went into the room. The room in front of me lay partially untouched. The other half however was completely mutilated. His bed was messier than any of the messiest beds I had seen. His desk was completely empty, pens and pencils were scattered all around the floor.

As I moved farther into the room I finally saw him. He lay on the floor in a mess of dried blood and broken glass as well as the scattered remains of a phone. Next to him was a USB cord which I didn’t want to even know what it had been used for. His knees and hands were badly cut; my guess was that it was the glass. There were new marks all over his body as well as opened sores and I could see burns on any marks which I had left. His arm was at an angle that I knew it shouldn’t be at.

I moved towards the broken doll, my doll which had been broken by the bully; the monster. I pressed two fingers against his lips, prying then open just a bit; making sure that air blew out from the opening. It did, that little thing made my heart calm just a bit.

“Hyde… Hyde, wake up.” I said, not wanting to shake him but knowing that it was necessary. His eyes didn’t open at first but then slowly, ever so slowly, they inched their way open. They then flew open and his arm, the one that actually looked normal, flew around my neck. He pulled himself up against me and began to sob.

“Seth! It hurt sooo bad this time. He hurt me so bad! He didn’t try to make me quiet, he didn’t care! I don’t want to live anymore if this is what I’m going to have to put up with! Where were you last night? If you had been there, then maybe I could have been saved that torture!” He yelled, burying his face further into my shirt. I patted his back, wanting to cry. I’ll tell you this now, I wanted to cry then, did cry then, and I still wish to cry for him.

“I… Chase got out of the hospital yesterday and I was with him…” I said, ashamed that I could have been off with him when Hyde was here getting hurt by a monster.

“C-Chase? I understand then…” He said trying to mask his voice full of hurt. I couldn’t bare this as I pulled his lips up to mine. He then whimpered and I realized I had not only grabbed multiple sores but also his arm which was mutilated just as much as the room.

“I’m soooo sorry Hyde! You need to get out of here. I’ll help you get dressed and then you’re getting over to my house. My grandparents will help you, I promise!” I yelled and began to move away towards what I assumed to be his closet.

“No! Don’t leave my side for even a moment!” He yelled, grabbing my ankle before I could get too far away. “He might come back.” He sobbed and I looked at him, heartbroken. He was obviously not going to get over this very easily. It meant that I had to stay with him as much as possible, and that I was fine with.

I sat back down next to him and he tried pulling himself into my lap, failed, and then got help from me. His good arm wrapped around my neck once more and his lips pressed against my own. This time he took control as his tongue slid in between my slightly parted lips. He then pulled away and smiled a sad smile at me.

“I really love you, Seth. Don’t leave me, please.” He then placed a small kiss on my cheek and brushed his nose up against my neck. My hand slid gently up and down his back as he sat there, in safety.

“I love you too Hyde… I love you too…”

A/N: YEPPERS! NEW CHAPTER...(finally). Ok so it's Spring Break so I decided to finally updated xD My head really hurts right now though so no more writing for tonight ^ ^ Maybe a new chapter by Sunday? It all depends on my mood....

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