Fuck Buddy

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Chapter 17 (v.1)

Submitted: May 07, 2013

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Submitted: May 07, 2013




I ended up being able to get Hyde out of his home with the threat of the project once more. Honestly though, we had finished the project already but it was true that it was due that week. Hyde clung to me, having to touch me in some way at all times. It could be holding my hand, holding onto the back of my shirt or even to the point of hugging me, he just needed to be near safety.

His arm had been broken from being thrown around and it now was in a cast and would stay that way for at least six weeks, the doctor said it would probably be more like ten though. He also broke a rib and bruised many others. He was in a lot of pain the first couple of days but we shortly put an end to that by getting him some pain relievers.

We turned in the project and got a ninety five. We had a week left before Christmas break and we really didn’t do much. His foster mom called when she returned to make sure that Hyde was ok. My grandpa of course said that he was fine and then they got to talking. He didn’t say anything about Hyde and his monstrous foster dad but he talked about the possibility of Hyde staying for a while longer. She agreed and it was decided that he would go home on Christmas day which meant he’d be all mine Christmas Eve.

“What do you want for Christmas, Hyde?” I asked him a few days before. I knew it was terrible that I was so late but he didn’t seem to care. He thought about it for a moment and then gave a shrug.

“I don’t want you to buy me anything.” He said and then went back to the work which he had started. I didn’t really ever understand why he did his homework for the class that he was doing it for, the teacher never checked it! I looked at him, pouting a bit before I began to try once more.

“There has to be something you want, right? What is it? Just tell me and I’ll get it for you.” I said and rested my hand on his shoulder without about as much pressure as a feather resting there. The movement didn’t scare him though like it normally would; a reaction he had begun to show due to what had happened. He sighed and then lifted his head from his work in order to look me in the eyes.

“Since you aren’t going to leave this alone, wait until Christmas Eve and then I’ll tell you what I want, ok?” He asked and I began to whine a bit.

“But I won’t be able to get you anything by that time! If there’s something you want just go ahead and say it, I don’t want to not get you anything while I probably get something amazing from you!” I complained and he shook his head.

“Just wait or you won’t get your present.” He whispered and that was the end of that.


So I waited, desperately wanting to know what Hyde wanted. I hated not knowing, it was killing me and destroying me from the inside out. The few days went by though and soon it was Christmas Eve. My week of waiting was over, or so I thought.

“Get out of here! I don’t want you setting a bad example for that child!” I heard my grandpa yell. I looked to Hyde who had been napping on my bed. His chest moved up and down at a rate that showed that he was still asleep. I smiled a brief smile at his cuteness and then got up from my spot.

I shut my door quietly behind me, hoping not to be found but had the bad luck to my caught by grandma, who was racing down the hall. She looked at me for a moment and then pointed to my door.

“Please go back into your room. I really don’t want you out there, Seth.” She said a little too loud. I then heard the click of heels coming from the door and weak plea from my grandpa for whoever was walking to stop.

“What a handsome young man you have here!” A young looking blond commented. She then smiled and pulled me towards her into a hug. “I’ve missed you, son! I’ve had a long time to think these past few years. The court has finally allowed me to see you again and these fun killers won’t let me see my boy. How have you been!?” The woman asked who, as of those couple of sentences, I knew to be my mother.

“I…I’ve been fine. What are you doing here, Anna?” I asked, not minding saying her name, although it did bother me that Anna was the name of my dear friend as well. She pulled away and pouted a bit.

“What happened to “mommy”? You sooo aren’t as cute as you used to be.” She said and then laughed a bit.

“I’m also not as abused or messed up as I used to be.” I retorted and she just chuckled. She placed a hand on my shoulder and began to lead me towards the living room.

“Oh so you’re handsome and funny. The girls must love you so much! Do you have a girlfriend? I totally want to meet her!” She squealed and sat down, pulling me down next to her. I looked at my grandparents with pleading eyes. They looked to each other and nodded.

“He doesn’t have a girlfriend, Anna. He has a boy-“ They weren’t allowed to finish as she looked to me with the widest grin I may have ever seen.

“YOU HAVE A BOY TOY! That’s so cute! I want to meet him even more than I would have wanted to meet your girlfriend. What’s his name?!” She asked, instantly more excited than before.

“His name is Hyde and I’d appreciate if you would just go home! I don’t even really know you. All I know is that you were a bitch to me when I was young and tried to KILL ME!” I snapped and then pulled away from her. I stood up and walked towards the doorway.

“Wait, Seth! I’ve changed! I promise you that will never happen ever again. My new boyfriend is really nice and I think…” I turned to her and my looks shut her up so I must have looked pretty scary.

“You think what? That this time I won’t be raped? This time I won’t be hurt and called a little whore who stole the best part of your life while that seemed to be the same story for everyone? You think this time I’ll be safe and you’ll love me like a mother should? Well I have news for you, and that is that you are the whore! You are the one who has turned my life into a sack of shit and ruined my entire life! I don’t know what you thought coming here would prove but I want you out, NOW!” I screamed and turned back to storm away. There right behind me had been Hyde who rubbed his eyes in an adorable fashion.

“Seth, what’s going on? Why are you yelling? Are you ok?” He asked and fell forward into my arms. He rested his head against my chest and I couldn’t help but wrap my arms around his doll like body. His voice had been softer and a little hoarse from screaming the night before. NOT BECAUSE OF ME BUT BECAUSE OF HIS NIGHTMARES! Get those dirty thoughts out of here right now.

“It’s ok Hyde. I’m just a little mad is all. I’ll be fine, just go back to sleep.” I whispered into his hair and he sighed. I then heard a clap and turned my head to the clacking of heels once more. She then was next to us and ripping Hyde away from me into her arms.

He became scared and began to squirm. He was just barely getting used to being touched on the shoulders my grandparents, hugging was something he could definitely not deal with, especially not from a stranger. His face became red and I could see tears begin to well up in the corners of his eyes.

“My, you sure are an adorable boy. My son sure does pick the good ones. If only I was a few years younger, I’d have to steal you!” She said and pulled away from him and lightly tapped his nose. “Aw you’re sooo adorable. Are you shy? It’s ok I won’t bite, much.” She said and then winked. He shook violently in her arms and she only laughed more.

“That’s enough! Mother, I’m not sure if I can even call you such, I’m sick of you! You have no idea what Hyde has gone through and you’re just scaring him more. Just shut up and get out!” I screamed and then half drag, half carry Hyde back to my room. I lay him down and slip under the covers with him and pulled him close.

“It’s ok, I won’t let her ever touch you again in anyway. I’m sorry this is how you had to meet my mom. She truly is a terrible person and I can’t believe she would do that. Actually, I can believe she’d do that. It’s just something that whore would do.” I whispered and Hyde shook his head.

“She doesn’t seem that terrible. I may be scared of her a bit, but I’m scared of everyone. The tears were more for the fact that I can’t believe you have someone who actually seems to care. I haven’t had an adult truly care about me, other than your grandparents, in a long time.” He said and smiled happily at me, tears still falling down his face.

“You think that she cares? She tried to kill me years ago. How is that caring?” I asked and he was thoughtful for a moment.

“Well, I think she’s changed. She seems happy to be with you. I think that you should give her another chance. By the way I want to go home tonight. My... my dad is going out of town and I want to spend Christmas with the kids. How about we save this whole Christmas gift thing for Valentine’s Day? That way it will be extra special.” He said with a wink and all I could do was nod.

I felt him sit up and I attempted to sit up as well but he just rested his hand on my chest. He then pulled the blankets back up over me. Hyde grabbed his bag and made his way towards the door.

“Call Chase and have him hang out with you. You definitely need a buddy to hang out with you otherwise you may kill someone.” He said with a quick laugh and then was gone.


“Hey um… Chase? Do you want to stay over at my house tonight?” “Are you serious! I would love to spend Christmas Eve with you. Christmas with Seth, that’s like the best Christmas ever! I’ll be right over.” “Wait Chase…” I sighed as the phone made the noise indicating that he had hung up.

I smiled a bit at myself. I truly didn’t know whether I loved Hyde or Chase. All I knew is I liked them both and couldn’t decide. I also knew that I would have to decide eventually, and that was what truly scared me.

A/N: Ok so I finished finally. Next chapter will be sexy time ^ ^ I can't wait to write it and actually started writing it during P.E today because I'm done for the rest of the year xD Um next chapter hopefully by next week. If not, the week after. If not then, just shoot me xP

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