Fuck Buddy

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Chapter 18 (v.1)

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Chapter Seventeen

Ding dong.
I heard the doorbell ring and I happily made my way towards the door. My mother had already been kicked out by my grandparent so at least I didn’t have to deal with her crap. I knew, however, that she would definitely return eventually. I frowned a bit but then quickly replaced it with a smile as I opened the door to see my smiling friend standing in front of me.

“Hey Chase!” I exclaimed, a huge grin planted on my face. He smiled back and then pulled me into a warm hug, sliding his hands down a little bit too far, but I allowed it for now because it was Christmas. It even felt a little like his hands belonged where they were, and that was one of the main things that was worrying me.

“I’m so glad I’m here with you! My parents are so annoying around Christmas time. Today, being Christmas Eve, is usually the worst day out of them all. I’m surprised that they even let me come, they usually wouldn’t have. Although I would have come here anyways, even if I had to sneak out.” His whispered the last sentence into my ear and then squeezed my ass gently.

“Chase, stop… I’m not going to deal with this right now.” I complained and he released me. It was then that I realized that I had slipped up once more. He just smirked and stepped a little farther away.

“Ok, I’ll stop… For now…” He hissed and then grabbed my hand and led me to the living room where he had guessed my grandparents had been. They both greeted him as they always did and he returned the greeting.

“I don’t know how you spend Christmas Eve but we don’t really do much. We have dinner and invited Seth’s father, the only time that they actually see each other is this day. That is about the only thing we truly do. We do usually allow Seth to open a gift before he goes to bed though. This year how about you just open each other’s gifts?” My grandmother said, winking at Chase and he instantly shook his head.

“That sounds like fun!” Chase said and pointed a wicked smile towards me. I sighed and rolled my eyes. Then the doorbell rang and I jumped up, racing to the door. I opened the door and raced right into the arms of the father who I had forgiven a few years after I swore I never would. Now whenever I saw him I hugged him like a little kid on the first day of school hugged a parent, hoping that they could stay home and never be separated.

I never understood why I only got to see him on Christmas and I guess I probably never will know. After dinner was over we all hung out in the living room and by ten o’clock my father was heading out the door and Chase and I were heading upstairs to my room. Chase walked over towards his bag he brought and pulled out a medium sized box.

“Here, let’s open up each other’s gifts now.” He said and my heart stopped for a moment. I looked at my expectant friend and I swear my heart broke in half. Being so wrapped up with my Mother and dealing with Hyde’s gift which, as I said, I was never able to get, I completely forgot to get Chase a gift. I didn’t respond at all, I didn’t even move from my spot. Chase’s smile began to fade and I instantly saw sadness register in his eyes.

“I’m so sorry Chase… I forgot to buy your gift. With the surprise visit from my mother earlier and Hyde being here with me I completely forgot. I’ll make it up to you though!” I quickly added as I saw him starting to break underneath the skin. Anyone would be able to see it if they just looked in his eyes. “I’ll give you anything you want… Anything…” I said, pretty much begging for forgiveness.

“Anything?” He asked, the corners of his lips slowly twitching up into a smirk. The sadness disappeared from his eyes and he began to slowly move towards me. I took a step back and he stopped, a mischievous grin still planted on his face.

“Y-Yes… You can have anything you want. What do you want?” I asked nervously. His smile faded and a look of annoyance replaced it. It almost looked like he was trying to say Seth, you’re an idiot!

“A gift card to Marshalls.” He said in the most sarcastic voice I’ve ever heard. He shook his head and took another step forward, and I took another step back. With that step my back was now hitting the wall.

“What?” I asked, completely confused by this strange reply. His movements then were quick, his knee found a home between my legs and his hands rested on either side of my face.

“What do you think I want,” he whispered with his lips just barely brushing against my own. “I want you…” He paused and closed the almost nonexistent gap between us, pressing his soft lips against my own. His knee which was between my legs pressed up against me and I let out a small cry. Then his lips were once again merely brushing my own and the pressure from his knee decreased.

“…To take a shower with me.” He whispered and I froze, remembering what he had said a few weeks before. Well, I guess more like the slip up I had made a few weeks before. He looked at me waiting for my answer and I knew that I couldn’t say no. If I did it would hurt him so much more than I already had. I didn't really want to say no either.

“Ok…” I whispered and then nodded a bit just in case he couldn’t hear me, though with him being so close I could have just moved my mouth to make out the words and he’d understand. His hands instantly retreated from their spot but soon he had my wrist in one hand and was leading me off to my bathroom.

I shook with terror as he turned on the water and stepped closer to me. He slowly, a little too slowly, removed my clothes, making sure to brush his hand against the skin as he did so. He then undressed himself in a hastened fashion and then held his hand out towards me. I took it in my own, knowing that the gesture was what he was waiting for.

“Don’t worry, this’ll be fun.” He said with a smile and I couldn’t help but feel relaxed by my best friend’s words. He stepped into the shower and pulled me in after him. That was mistake number I don’t know, all I know is it was something I should never have consented to.

A/N: Ok so I updated really quickly this time. That would be because I'm done in P.E for the rest of the year (I may have already mentioned this but I don't remember). I work on writing this during P.E and then come home to type. Sorry this was a little shorter (a lot shorter actually) than normal but that's because I want to make the next chapter full of wonderful things that will make people go "WHAT! NO! WHAT ABOUT HYDE?!" And I'll have to go off and laugh because I know the rest of my story already, it is just the details that are making it take soooo long xD

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