Fuck Buddy

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 07, 2013



The rest of elementary school was ok, except for the slight teasing I got. I guess teasing was to be expected due to everyone knowing what happened to me. No one ever really wanted to approach me so I never was able to make good friends. My only friend at that time was Chase. Chase Dalton was one of those people that didn’t care what others thought about another person or himself.

When we first met he told me that he didn’t care what my parents did because that wasn’t me, anything that happened to me wasn’t my fault, or so he said. I remember crying, not out of sadness but of joy. Another of my friends, despite holding the same name as my own mother, Anna was just as supportive of me.

Those were the only two friends I could gain. They never thought of me as different. This was despite knowing everything, even the things I had failed to tell anyone else. If they were there with me, I could put up with any of the bullying which I received.

When I reached middle school though, it got much worse. Chase had only a single class with me; Anna had that class as well as one other with me. I was left alone in five classes and that was where my road ended. I was sharply turned onto a new path, one which I had never known and had never wanted to know.

A group had thought it’d be funny to take it a little farther in eighth grade. The guys of the group pulled me into the bathroom while we were going to lunch. They pushed me to the floor, one held my hands above my head while the other held my legs apart.

I didn’t scream, but I did cry and struggle. This however, seemed to fuel their cause and they’re leader quickly got to what he was going to do. They all took turns fucking me throughout the entire lunch period.

After that, the group never bullied me again. Instead, they followed me around begging to be able to do that again. This caused others to come after me, guys and girls. Anna and Chase both began to stick closer to me, trying to keep me away from the path that slowly was changing. But it was too late for me.

When I got into ninth grade I had become a player. There were no friends, except for Chase and Anna of course. There were only fuck buddies, those I made out with between (and during) classes, and those I used to get what I wanted. The thing I wanted the most though, was everyone.

Love was an emotion that I had lost long ago, that was due to Derek leaving. That devastating blow had just killed all thought of that one word. Well at least that’s what I had thought.

Earlier this year, my junior year, there was a new student. After the first time I saw him I had decided I wanted him to be mine. His name was Hyde Price, he was in all my classes and he sat next to me in almost all of them. The thing that made me decide he would be mine though was the fact that he ignored me completely. I knew he had heard the rumors because I had girls flocked around me that instantly filled him in.

His only response was a sigh and he sat down, never saying a single word to me. At first that irritated me, but I soon changed my mind. Every day I now smiled at him and tried to get his attention. He didn’t respond no matter what I did.

Finally I had decided I could no longer take it, I needed to at least touch him. So I used Biology to my advantage. In that class there were two people per table. I waited for the teacher to start talking and then I moved my hand so that it was on the inside of his thigh, slowly sliding up.

He quickly grabbed my hand and shoved it away. I waited a few minutes and then tried again, moving a little quicker this time. He once again shoved me away, turning his head to glare at me. A smirk formed on my face when I saw that his face was bright red.

For the rest of class we repeated the same process, every time I was rejected. Those rejections just made me more eager to continue. Then the bell rang. I knew this could be my one chance to get him. Bio was the last class of the day, meaning I could make him talk.

“Class, please make sure you check the paper in the back for your partner.” The teacher called and I raced to the back. Most of the time, our teacher was too lazy and just paired us with the person we sat next to. When I saw my name paired with Hyde I smiled. This was going to be the best project ever. We were studying the human body so we had to make a paper and a model of it.

“I guess we’re partners.” I said to Hyde, making sure I winked. He looked at me with eyes full of hatred. “We’re going to need to get together out of school as well so why don’t we meet at my house tomorrow and….“ I was cut off by Hyde.

“Let’s get one thing straight you little perverted freak, I’m not getting a bad grade on this. I’m also not putting up with your sexual harassment during this entire project. So you better not even try anything. We’ll meet at the library over on West street tonight at six, don’t be late or I’m going to request that I get a new partner.” He said and walked away from me.

I smiled and grabbed my bag and walked out into the hall. I grabbed the nearest person, who happened to be a guy named Wade. I caught his lips and hugged him tightly. When I pulled away he was blushing. I quickly ran off to find Chase and Anna, who waited by my car.

I quickly jumped into the front seat with Chase in the front with me and Anna in the back. Happiness must have been rolling off of me because Chase and Anna instantly asked what was up. I didn’t say anything for a little bit but I couldn’t hold it in anymore.
“You know Hyde right?” I asked and they rolled their eyes. I guess that was to be expected because I hadn’t shut up about him since he had first gotten here. I smiled and got to the point. “Well he’s my bio partner for the body model we’re doing. We’re meeting tonight at six over at the library down on West street.” I said and Chase laughed.

“Don’t do anything that you’ll regret Seth. If you hurt him you may never be able to be with him. Just take it slow and maybe you’ll get lucky.” Anna said quickly from the back. I smiled into the mirror and then stopped in front of her house.

“You don’t need to worry, I’ll definitely be lucky and he will be mine.” I said as she got out of the car. She ran up to her door as the clouds above began to spew rain. I carefully drove to Chase’s house and let him out.

“Be careful Seth.” He said seriously. “I don’t want you to get hurt by this guy.” He said and touched my shoulder lightly, as he always did to comfort me. I nodded and he opened the door.

“I’ll be fine, don’t worry.” I said quietly and he raced up to his door, turning to wave before going inside his well lit up house.

I looked to the clock and smiled. It was now five thirty. I was going to be able to sit next to and work with the guy that I had been most attracted to in a long time. I stopped in front of the library and raced in. I looked around and then I spotted him. He was helping a child get a book down from the highest shelf. I smiled and walked towards him wrapping my arms around him. He smacked my arms away and began to walk towards an empty table.

A/N: Ok so I once again took forever! ;___; My friend alsrs (sorry if I spelled it wrong) did a thing where she made a short and had her characters of that story answer a bunch of questions that the readers ask.. She said that I could do the same so please ask a question (or questions) to any of our characters (even if they are not major characters) and I will put the story at the end of the next chapter :D

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