Twisted Romance

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Making up

Submitted: March 29, 2016

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Submitted: March 29, 2016



It's Raining outside.  Night rain can be more freshing, than when it rains at any other time.
I'm in the house, in the dark, in my big sweater, staring up at the moon out of the window with the best view.  I'm not in the mood for anything but thinking, or rather staring and letting my mind wander.
My eyes shift to the door, when I hear your keys, but I don't move my head.. it's still focused at the window.
"Hey Red.  How are you?"
"Fine.  You?"
"I'm good, just a lot on my mind."
"uh huh." You say as you head to the bathroom.  You come out, after a few, sit on the sofa and Turn on the T.V.
I don't move.  Barely blinking, still staring, I just wish I wasn't in such a bad mood.  My day has just sucked, ever since I left the house, and stuck with me when I came back... and Again.. no one cares... or so I feel.  But at the same time.. I don't want any one to care. I'm almost about to cry, but I hate crying... so I refuse to let a tear fall across my face.  I didn't notice you getting up, but I finally move my head to glance over at the sofa, and you are right behind me.
I hold my chest. "You scared me.!"
"Aww.  Sorry about that."
"It's ok.. I.. I ...I.. think I'm going to just go to bed."
You reach out for me, and I brush past you.
"I'm sorry, I just want to go lie down."
You want to say something, but don't.  You don't know what to say.  As far as you're concerned... you're in your "what's wrong with her now?" state of mind.  You really don't want to be bothered.
Later, something hits you, and you think to yourself, that you kind of want to know what it is that is bothering me, but you don't want me to talk about it if I don't want to.  All you want to do is get me to stop feeling bad, and you know that telling me to "get happy" never works, unless I'm faking.. and you don't ever want me to fake anything with you anymore.  You remember that time.. and didn't like it.  So ... you enter the bedroom.
"Baby, what's wrong?"
"I, don't want to talk about it right now.  Can I tell you later?"
"know I'm depressing you, you don't have to stay in here with me if..."
You cut me off with a kiss.  Its so slow and dramatic, that out of all those tears I was holding back, the smallest, yet most noticable one managed to slip thru.
It was the most sincere thing that had happened to me all day.
You held my face in the cradle of your hand, and used your thumb to wipe my tear away, then You kissed me on the forehead and headed for the door.
I was almost sure you were going to take advantage, of my being vulnerable and all.  But you didn't.  I was so touched, I couldn't help it.... As soon as you left, more tears followed that first one, but were quickly wiped away.  It was like that was just what I needed.
I wrapped myself back in my big sweater and came out to the sofa, where you had returned.
I try to hide it behind a straight face, but I still looked pouty.
You looked up at me, I open my arms for a hug.  You wrap your arms around my waist, and I straddle over you, resting my head on yours.
I run my fingers thru your hair enough to hold your head back, hoping to steal another taste of that comforting spell of a kiss that you put on me in the bedroom. The passion increases with every second our lips are close.  You slide me off of you, and on my back into the sofa.  Still kissing, you rest yourself between legs, sliding your hands underneath my sweater.  All of this is happening so slowly, the intensity is almost over whelming.
You pull away from my lips, kissing along my night shirt, down to my thigh.  With a hand on each side of my hips, you slide my t-shirt up a little.
I grab your hands, and sit up, giving them back to you. Slowly sliding down to the floor, I land on my knees in front of you.
I caress your knees, thighs then glide my hands along your chest, underneath your shirt.  I run my fingers along every inch of skin I can reach, moderately making my way to your belt. 
I rest my cheek upon your thigh, as I slide the strap out of the buckle and off the hook.  I look up at you, continuing with my task....undoing the button, and taking my time dragging down the zipper.
Gracefully, I dance my fingers down your abdomen and into your boxers, enjoying how warm you are and the softness of your texture under each of my strokes.
As I stroke, you continue you grow and harden. I love the way it feels when you expand in my hands. I can't help but to stroke more, circling your shaft with the palm of my hand.  I wrap my fingers around it and squeeze a little while I pull and stroke so close to my face.  Not long, it is so hard, I can't squeeze anymore.  I let go, and it falls to my cheek, as if it were knocking.
I give you a light kiss on the tip, which leads my tongue to circle the head and spiral down a little until you are comforted by the warmth of my mouth.
I get as close to the sofa as I can, so that I can take all of you as far back into my throat as I can.  Pulling back a little, gives me a little room for head motion.  My rhythm flows up and down, and back and forth as if I was listening to the perfect song.
You place your hand on the back of my head, as if you wanted to feel my music, not inturrupt it.  But it was so hard not to push.
Almost Unconsciously, your fingers slide together, locking onto a handful of my hair.  Instinctively, you push, and first along with my music, then... soon... with your own. At some moments, I couldn't breathe... but I didn't stop you... I wanted you to have your fill.  Feel what I'm offering, until you can't take it anymore.
Just as the pain from holding my mouth open so long, was becoming to great to bare, you lift my head out of your lap and back as far as it would go.
Still holding my hair.. you join me on the floor and kiss me, trading my hair, for my breasts.
My lips push back until I am over you, dominating the battle of our tongues.
With your back up against the sofa, I sit across your lap facing you, like i always do.  You uncover my nipples, one by one, so that you can take advantage of them being in your face.
You dine on them all too well.  You bite hard, but not too hard... always just enough.  I am getting wetter by the second.
As if I were aiming for payback.. I collect a handful of your hair, and pull your head back, only to kiss you more.  It seems to never stop.
You are tired of my teasing, and you know where this is going.... you are almost tempted to let me ride you like I want to.. but you want me to bend liked it so much... to see me bowed down before you, humble to your every desire.  My ass challenging you for domination.
You stand up, leading me around to the back of the sofa, where I had stacked some of my books eariler.
As soon as I step up on them, you drop your pants and boxers as you push my face into the cushions, and let your head explore alittle.  It slides into me, quickly followed by the rest of you.  You love how you slide in and out with ease when I'm so moist... you love it too, when I'm not so moist.
Changing your pace between slow and fast, get you the reaction you seek from every part of my being.  sometimes you're nice, sometimes you are drilling the life out of me.
You move your clutch from my thighs to my shoulders, pulling me back as hard as you are pushing in.  You are ramming me so hard the sofa is moving away from the stack of books.
But you dont care.  All you can think about is how good it feels, the throbbing, pulsations, friction, heat, everything... but.. you don't want to cum standing up.
When you pull back a little.. I sit up. step down off the books, and take your hands... leading you to the floor.
We kiss again, all the way down until I kneel across your hips and work you inside me.
I rock my hips, singing your baby to sleep.
I know You want to blow so bad, my walls throbbing, massaging your length.  But you hold out, but I dont' want you to.  I move around more... drawing the cum out of you.You still try to fight me... But I know I will win.  I can feel you throbbing in me fiercely... I immediately get off of you and insert your shaft into my mouth, my lips begging you to release.  Just in case you were still resisting, I drag my finger across your taint, and just as I barely graze between your cheeks.... you begin to unleash. and mmmmmmm
just as I wanted.
Some still made it in my mouth, but most of it hit me in the face.... dripping down to my breasts.
I sit on my knees, looking at you,face still dripping, as I bite my bottom lip, and grin.

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