Twisted Romance

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - I've Missed you Master

Submitted: March 29, 2016

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Submitted: March 29, 2016



The power was out.  It had been a whole day since I last saw you.  I walk around the place, lighting candles and cutting off  switches.  Once the place is lit,  I find a cozy corner and retreat to it, with my book in hand.
I only get to Page 24, when I hear the door.  I knew it was you, so I run to answer it.I pull the door towards me, revealing your smiling face, and a bag.
“Hey sweetheart! Miss me?!”
“Yes Sir!”
You walk in and take off your coat, then set the bag on an end table.
Staring at me, you tap your lap.  I walk to you to sit, and you stop me right in front of you.
“Let me ask you a question.  ………What do you have on under that?”
I just had an oversized, button down T-shirt on, with matching panties.  You knew that I always wore panties.  But you had asked me in a very concerned way.  I wasn’t too sure why….. then it hit me!
“I only answered the door like this because I knew it was you…….Sir”
“It doesn’t matter if it is me.  One day I may have someone with me or something.  You know better.”  You were surprisingly calm, and relaxed.
“I’m sorry  Sir.”  I fall to my knees, and rest my head on your thigh.
You begin to rub, and soothe my head like a puppy. 
The bag you brought in, had your dinner in it… you wanted something special…and you were going to eat first, but you took a glance down at the floor and saw the way my hips, bloomed out of the bottom of that shirt.
“Mmmmm.” You laugh a little.
I look up at you and smile, and you recall how much you love and hate the fact that I look so much like a little girl.  You clutch my face, standing me up.
“Sit !”
I walk in front of you and kneel between your legs.  You reach for me, grasping the shirt in your fists and pull me closer.
“Let's go!”  You lay your head back.
“Yes Master.” I unzip your pants, and dig my little hand in, fishing for you.  I pull it out of your pants, and immediately into my mouth.  My head moves up and down, repeatedly along your shaft, really enjoying being of service.
“How many times do I have to tell you!! Suck it right bitch!” You push my head down into your lap as far as it can go.
I try to push up, because I can’t breathe… but you just take my head and rock it from side to side, then, you allow me air.It was just in time.  I thought I was going to black out.  I continue taking as much as I can of you in my mouth….. as you periodically held my head still, and fucked my mouth so hard… it was like you were literally “fucking my brains out”.But I still sucked for you, even when you let go.  I knew better than to stop.
“get your ass up on this sofa!”
Your head makes a loud “pop” as I stand up from pulling off one last suck.  I crawl on the sofa, and you tell me to lay on my back.  I hesitate and you smack me to the floor.  You stand over me, a foot at each side, then come down to your knees.  I can’t move.
“Sir… I can’t..”
You smack me again, and stuff my mouth with napkins from your pocket.You grab each side of my shirt and rip it apart, revealing my breasts, then reach back to grab one of the candles.
“Sir… no… !!”
“Shut the fuck up!!” You proceed to… slowly pour the wax all over my breasts and nipples as you feel me trying to jump from under you, and away from the pain.....
 You like feeling me buck under you, struggling to be free.  You loved challenging my fears even more.  See, you know I'm claustrophobic, and pinning me down in any way scares me.  But tonight, you wanted more.
 You stand, and look down at me.  The worried look I had on my face intrigued you.  You know, I never know what to expect, and knowing that you are unpredictable is a real turn-on.
 "Get up!....Bring your ass on!" You grab my hand, and help me up.
 Your kindness is making me nervous, but it's flattering to say the least.
 You lead me to the bedroom, and just stand there for a second.  You reach around me to get the cord, used for many things, and proceed to tie me up. You tie one wrist, then you hand me the cord so that I can tie my ankles.
 "Leave some loose in between, so that you can walk!"
 I'm thinking that you are being too nice, but maybe you are just wanting a night of sensual bondage, and you don't wanna hurt me.  But I dont' care, just as long as I am with my Master.  I smile a little at the thought.
 The truth is, you don't want me to struggle while I'm being tied, because you know how easily I get out of knots.  So, in reality.. you are just waiting....
 I pass you the rest of the cord as I'm standing, and you tie  the cord around the other wrist, and then tie the two together, leaving yourself a leash.  The excess cord is wrapped around your hand, and you yank pulling me around the bed.
 As I attempt to sit, thinking this is a replay of last week, you jerk me up.  Wax falls to the floor as my breast recoil from the pull.  You sling me up against the wall so hard, the things on the shelf nearest to me fall over.  I attempt to shout, but nothing comes out... only the shape of my open mouth can tell my agony.
 You attack me with a kiss, viciously diving your tongue in and around my mouth.  I try to kiss you back, but you suck and hold my tongue for ransom between your teeth.
 You grab my face, and pull back with a grin.  Before I can ever think of what it could mean, you open a door and push me in, stepping in right behind me.
 "What are you doing?... Sir?"
 You say nothing... you just slowly close the door.
 "That's not cool.. come'on.......That's not funny! Sir!?....SIR?!?!"
 I try to go for the door.  You let me, knowing I can't get out of those ropes, or out of the closet.  You throw me to back of the closet by my collar, ripping more of what is left of the shirt, then quickly decide to just tear the rest of it off.
 My focus is on that door, and trying to get it open.  You think it's funny to watch me try, blocking my every attempt.
 "Please.... Pleaaassee Sir!"
 "on your knees!"
 "Ye--yes Sir, then will you open the door?"
 "Funk no!  Then I will allow you suck my dick some more."
 "I can't do that right now!!  I'm not playing!! OPEN THE DOOR!"
 You grab my neck and slam me against the wall so fast, I get dizzy.
 "I KNOW you didn't just Fucking yell at me Bitch!!?!"  You drop your pants with your free hand, and squeeze my jaw with the other... "Open your FUCKING mouth.... OPEN IT!!"
 "Please... I didn't mean to yell... I just... I can't.. I can't breathe... Open the door. Come on.. please... I'm sorry... I.."
 You smack the shit out of me, then grab me just before I fall, and plunge your dick in my mouth.
 "This is what the fuck you need to be doing with that mouth!  When I say shut the Fuck up... I mean SHUT THE FUACK UP!!!!" You didn't say a word without a thrust.
 Both of your hands held my head in place, so that I could withstand your pace.  My screams were choked to death by my gagging.  There was no chance of spitting you out.  You fucked my face like a whole in the wall, like you would fuck any whole in my body.
 I still stuggled, being forced to take all of you.  I normally would have given up by now.. but that door...I was terrified.
 "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMm!" Was all I could cry out, with my mouth full.
 "Fuck yeah...." You ran your fingers through my hair. "..It's good isn't it?"
 I shake my head in an attempt to get from between you and the wall...
 "Oh Shit!.. Good Girl!... about time bitch!"
 ...But it only pleases you.
 You back up a little, so you can look down at my face, with your dick in my mouth.  Keeping a handful of hair.. you slowly pull out, then Jerk it back in... over and over again.  Still staring into my drowning eyes, you reach for my breast pinching and twisting my nipple.
 My muffled screams urge you to do more.  I try to hit you and with my double fist, but when that doesn't work, I let my teeth graze along your shaft as you pump my mouth.
 "You BITCH!"  You throw my head to the corner and reach for a hanger.  "you know what happens when you slip." You say, as you step to me.  " know you just asked for this.. right?"
 You hit me with the Hanger around the arm so hard, it immediately leaves a bruise across my back.
 "Stop!... PLEASE!!" I cry, between your beatings.
 You beat me every time I cry out.  I try not to, but I can't help it, until my skin is numb after about 20 lashes.  You've beaten me to my knees.  My skin is so red and purple, you know that's not going to heal too quickly.  You rip my underwear off, Making sure I have a clear view of the door, and sit on my back facing my ass.
 You reposition the hanger in your hand and began to work on my ass.  Beating me, and scolding me with every whip.  As I scream, I try to crawl to the door, but I can't move... I can't even collapse.  The way you are sitting on me, fastened my knees to the carpet.  I'm coughing and gagging on tears, that came both from my fear.. and from the pain.
 When my ass looks tender to the touch, you stand up, off my back.. and kneel behind me, waisting no time.
 I crawl away from you a little, only to be dragged back, and stabbed with your rock hard dick.  As you entered.. the sounds the flesh and juices made were like Music to your ears, and I had tensed up so much, you felt like you were tearing me apart.
 Everytime you slid in, and dragged out... I felt just as tight.  And everytime I screamed, you could feel it get tighter, as my walls tensed up around your cock......
As you pound away the last bit of spirit I have left, you remember your leash.  You reach down to get it, and pull, knowing that my hands are the only thing holding my upper body.  My face hits the floor.The whimpering makes it seem like I have given up, until I push back against you, and stumble, trying to crawl to the door.
 You drag me back by the cord around my ankles, and pull them over your head, so that you are in between.
 The look of fear on my face, put you on edge.  It didn't matter which way you fucked me, you loved how I felt.  How my walls hugged you as you went in, and hung on for dear life as you pulled out, even as hard as you were plunging in me.
 "oh my go--... Please st--..... Master PLEASE!"  I cry, defeated.  "Please stop." My voice shakes out.
 "Stop your fucking whining." You fuck me harder.  "You know you better make me cum, or else! Whore!!"
 I'm crying like a child. "PLeaaaasssee!!.. " I arch my back. "

Sto...p." That is the last time I say anything.
 "I love it when you beg like the bitch you are, while I'm in you.........mmmmm fuck!!"  You slow down, but still keep your strength for a few more stabs, and I moan helplessly at every one of them.
 Suddenly you pull out, throw my legs to the floor, and grab my head.
 "I told you about that mouth."
 I don't have a chance to move my head, before the dick is raping my throat. Your fingers curl up around my hair and pull back, so that I can look into your eyes.  You want to be sure I can see your face.
 "MmmmFUCK.... .... Shit... you know what's coming bitch!"
 You explode in my mouth for a full ten seconds.  Every Shot, pushes out a tear, but you kept it in my mouth until you felt the blood rushing back to your body.  Your shaft glides along my lips, coming out, then the head, pulling along with it.. a rope of sperm and saliva.  The connection breaks, and white drips from the corners of my mouth down my chin.... you never told me to swallow, you never told me to spit.  So it drips, until all of it is running along my body.
 You grab the hardness that is left... and drag your dick across and around my breast, rubbing in the cum, mixing in the wax.
 You walk toward the door, and I begin to pant as if I was trying to speak... but you ignore it, and leave me there, slamming the door behind you.
 You listen, and lock it as I scream.  "This is only the beginning... there will be no fear."

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