Twisted Romance

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Interlude for My Master

Submitted: March 29, 2016

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Submitted: March 29, 2016



Im in the kitchen cooking for a small meeting you are about to have with about 7 of your friends/associates.  They are slowing arriving while I'm finishing up.
 You all begin, debating a little, but finding solutions in between casual conversations.
 I serve everyone drinks, dissappear, and return with the food, placing it on the table.  I drop a tissue, and it glides under the table. I crawl under to get it, and I hear your fingers snap. It could have been someone else... so I attempt to crawl back out, but I'm stopped by your foot.  I retreat back under the table and make my way between your knees, to get to your zipper. No one notices when I slide my lips around the head, then along the body of your penis and begin sucking.  You give no signs of change above the table at all.  Even when you lay back a little and scoot up, no one gives it a thought.  No matter how warm, and wet... or tight and carressing my mouth is, you never flinch.
 Just as everyone is laughing really hard at something, it's the perfect que for you to cum.  You let your body take in what you are demanding from me, and explode in laughter along with the group.  I capture it all in a napkin from my pocket.... ball it up, use another to wipe my mouth, and put them in the opposite pocket.  Then I zip you up, and make sure I leave things the way I found them.
 "Hey man.  Is she still in there?  I need another drink."
 "He needs another drink!" You say, then continue on with the oringal conversation.
 I crawl from under the table, stand up and smooth out my clothes on the way back into the kitchen.
 The room is silent for one of the longest minutes I have ever experienced....
 "Did she just..?" One guy says.
 "Damn... was she there the whole time?!"  Says another.
 "Man.. I was right next to you. How in the hell...?!?" Says yet another to you.
 "Nevermind what she did.  She was doing what she was supposed to do, like you all should be doing.  So where were we?" You declare.
 I bring out the drink and sit it in front of the guy with the empty glass.  Everyone's eyes follow me, to note where I end up.
 "Hello?! can we continue please!?" You say.
 "Yeah...sorry man!"
 "Where were we?" you continue..
 "The next order of business:  Where can I get me one of those?!"
 Everyone laughs for a while, then continue the meeting the best they could.

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