PQS: The Demons of The 4 Worlds

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James, a mage of a random magic school, was infamous in the name of 'The Snake'. He did nothing really., only idiotic pranks and annoying stuff. He also had 3 other friends, Carlos, his best friend, and known as 'The Hawk', Cattleya, his first crush and also known as 'The Demon Cat', and finally, Sam, also known as 'The Dragon', and is also James' life-long.. rival? Well anyways! Join Mr.Snake in his.. probably the most weird adventure yet..

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Arc Of The Demon Cat

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Submitted: March 02, 2013



PQS : The 4 Worlds’ Demon

Chapter 1

Arc Of The Demon Cat

A venom-green haired boy sat up, terribly sweating. He revealed his jet black eyes, with his hands on his head. He observed where he were and found himself in a room. He was sitting on a king-sized bed with green scales as its main design. He moved his hand through the blanket, feeling the soft leather. He sighed and looked around. His black eyes circling the room. Beside his bed was a mini-cabinet and obviously, a lamp on it. The bed lamp gave off a green glow, only lighting that part of the room. The rest was dim but his eyes begun to glow a bit red, and once again looking around. He found a door on a corner, his closet. Then another two doors in the room. One was the exit-entrance room and the other for the bathroom. There was a cobra wall paper, and it seems like it was circling the room. The tail begun at the wall of his bed and also ended at the same wall. He looked at the head of the cobra and found its menacing ruby-red eyes… There was also a study table on a corner with a simple brown chair. Also a lamp that didn’t seem to light up. On the floor was a furry venom-green rug, same color as his hair.

“ Only a nightmare… But if it’s a vision.. I hope it wouldn’t turn out like that… “ He muttered. Looking down, he was wearing a scaly robe. The collar reaching just below the hair that framed his face. A golden pendant hung around his neck, with a snake head weighing the string down. And if you look closely, its eyes was calm jade. His scaly-black pants was present together with his dark-green colored socks. He sighed once more, placing his feet on the ground. He slipped it into his scaly green boots that had chains around it as its design.

He finally stood up, went into his bathroom, took a short shower and wore the same pair of clothes, but throwing his previous ones into the washing machine. He stood in front of a wall, pressing a brick. The wall turned around, revealing a mirror with the same cobra body part wall paper. Along it was also a cabinet, with a brush, comb, etc.. He took the blower and dried his hair, after it dried up, he brushed it in a style where it went up to the left. The tips of his hair was also spiky.

He walked through the dim room, and felt something crawling up around him. He looked to his left leg and saw a cobra.

“ Cobra… “ He said calmly, as the red-eyed cobra circled around his arm. He wasn’t yelling for help, for this cobra itself was its pet. In fact, its name was H.E.B.I = Hot-headed Eater of Beginner Idiots… And yes, that is its true name, Hebi is just a shortened one. And of course, the boy was its master.

“Sssso… Do you plan to tell them? “ The Cobra asked.

“ No, Hebi… The others might be shocked… Especially him… “ He replied, pushing the scaly green door with a little force. He walked out, closing the door to the dim room. His footsteps echoed through the hallway, together with the hissing sound of the cobra.

Soon enough, he reached the end of the hallway. It had twin maple doors. Opening it, he was greeted by a black-haired girl that had the same black eyes, black cat ears and a black tail. Also by a blonde boy who had a flame above his spiky hair. His hair was styled up to the flame. Of course, his best friend, a brunette-haired boy with dark brown eyes.

“ Cattleya… Sam… Carlos… “ He greeted sleepily, nodding as acknowledgement.

“ G’morning, James! “ Carlos, the brunette-haired boy smiled. James nodded his way and they begun to walk farther. They reached a twin white doors, opening it, revealed a room. It had 20 velvet pillows. 16 seats was occupied while the front four was left out. An old man in his late 60’s then came in. He had a long white beard and hair and pure white robe.

“ Good morning, Riuj (Ri-Yu-Dg).. “ They all greeted, nodding.

“ Tsk.. As this is your first day we will start up with a bit of magic meditation, to calm your senses and stable the flow of your.. magic.. “ He says..

James, who shot his eyes opened when the teacher said that, gasped. He didn’t practice at all! He was playing video games and reading mangas about snakes! And before you ask, that is really.. his personality.. : Awkward, Lazy, and not the study-type, really..

“ BUT!!! “ He yelled, quickly jumping off the pillow.

“ Wasn’t it in the study orb for our class? Hm. Don’t tell me.. “ The teacher begun, staring at him.

“ Tch. The idiot.. “ And yes, it was Sam Fernandez, the blonde, his personality is : Quiet, , and the kind of know-it-all person..

“ U-Um.. Sir!! J-James did s-study but.. He forgot it .. I think.. “ Carlos proclaimed, whispering the last part, who Cattleya obviously being a half-human and half cat, heard this, and chuckled.

“ Sam.. Check his memories will you? “ The old man asked. Sam smirked as his eyes begun to glow white as he searched through the library of James’s thoughts. His eyes turned back to their normal red, and he shook his head.

“ Yesteday, he played with Cobra, video games and bugged Cattleya to help him win against a boss monster in the latest video game : Dragon Fable “ He says.. James shot a glare at Sam, who replied with the same ferocious glare.

“ FINE! I did play in my DF account! Happy now?! “ The venom-green haired rebel yelled, whining in the forgotten corner about how he wished so hard for the idiot called Sam to not have any powers related to mind reading..

While the blonde just looked at him with a frown, feeling a bit.. hurt? ‘Ya sure you don’t wanna tell him your little hobby?’ A voice in his head asked. He shook his head and sat back down, meditating. He was quite confused of what he was going to do about the snake idiot though..

Timskippo! >:D To the...?

“ SO so! What mission did we take, James? “ Cattleya, the black-haired black-eyed mage asked.

“ Hm.. I’ll discuss it later… “ The said mage replied, with the cobra swirling around his left arm.

“ Hm.. I find it weird how you can survive with cobra spinning around you like that.. “ Sweat-dropped the brunette.

“ Eh..? Isn’t that the same for Taka who always surround you like crazy? I’m surprised that you can move.. “ Sam muttered, staring at the awkwardly fast hawk that is crazily spinning around Carlos.

“ Isn’t it cute? Right, neko-neko-chan? “ Cattleya asked. The Pixie Cat nodded, staring at the other six. Sam with his dragon, Light, Carlos with his hawk, Taka, and finally idiotic James with his snake, Hebi.

Timskippo! D:> Please don’t say I am a fan of timeskips!

The Four sat on the ground of their discussion room, and James opened his eyes, giving a focused glare on the paper he was holding.

A while later, he sighed, placing it down on the table before them.

“ This is an individual quest, at least that is how I rank it… The Dark God, Krad ‘s minions had abducted 16 beginning mages.. I’m going to assign 4 on each one of us. So here.. the details of each groups you have to save.. “ James begun, sliding 4 different files to each of them, leaving the last four to him.

Carlos’s Part

A. Team Nightmare , Rank 10

Name : Necromancey, Kirai

Age : 7 years old

Magic : Death Magic or Necromancey

Gender : Female


Name : Ryuu, Kage

Age : 8 years old

Magic : Shadow Magic

Gender : Male


Name : Ichizoku, Urafa-May

Age : 8 years old

Magic : Wolf Transformation / Wolf Summoning

Gender : Female


Name : Yono, Sen

Age : 8 years old

Magic : Light Magic/ Defense Magic/ Healing Magic

Gender : Male

Cattleya's Part

A. Team Spirit , Rank 10

Name : Flames, Sanshoo

Age : 8 years old

Magic : Fire Spirit Slayer Magic

Gender : Male


Name : Skies, Kusai

Age : 8 years old

Magic : Wind Spirit Slayer Magic

Gender : Female


Name : Waters, Heisui

Age : 8 years old

Magic : Water Spirit Slayer Magic

Gender : Female


Name : Chikyu, Kotai

Age : 8 years old

Magic : Earth Spirit Slayer Magic

Gender : Male

Sam's Part

A. Team Winter Heart , Rank 10

Name : Winters, Yuuki

Age : 7 years old

Magic : Snow Magic

Gender : Female


Name : Aisuwa, Kori

Age : 9 years old

Magic : Ice Magic

Gender : Male


Name : Ochitsuka, Mary

Age : 8 years old

Magic : Water Magic

Gender : Female


Name : Junjo, Sei

Age : 8 years old

Magic : Ice Spirit Slayer

Gender : Male

" Do you guys understand? " James asked, holding 4 documents on his hands.

" Yea!! " Carlos and Cattleya cheered.

" Whatever, idiot.. " Sam muttered.

" The Blondie says Yes.. " James sighed, smirking teasingly.

" We leave tomorrow.. 2 o'clock in the morning sharp.. If your late by 5 minutes or above, we leave you, its your fault. Anybody among us who have the tracking ability, don't be late.. And I suggest if you do have a tracking ability, I will reccomend you going to the gates by 1 : 30. Well.. We are dismissed.. " James explained, standing up with Cobra spinning around his stomach to his right hand. They all nodded at each other and went to who knows where..


To be continued.

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