Soul Energy

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Aquamarine lives in a world where there is no electricity, no power, and no man made light. A few hours after her birth the power of humanity went out and threw them all in darkness. Fifteen years later humanity still hasn't been able to reclaim that power and start to get desperate. As they try to find the source of Soul Energy that could bring back their precious power, Aquamarine begins to find out who she is. And develop abilities that could save the mankind’s realm.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013




The two winged beasts circled each other. How they hadn’t been struck by lightning that was being admitted from the unstable realm was a mystery. Glaring at one another, they circled closer. The closer they got the tenser their souls became. The tenser their souls became the more unstable the realm between that of reality and that of souls grew. Pitch black clouds swirled, releasing bright white lighting into what was left of the atmosphere. It cracked and spread through the night grey sky, the light glared against the scales of the beasts. The white beast opened its jaw, showing its razor sharp fangs, while the black beast made its spikes stand on end in an attempt to intimidate its rival. They both had their leathery wings spread a wide, gliding and circling each other. The two dragons prepared their attacks.

The white dragon lunged forward at the black dragon and snapped its jaws. The black dragon had just narrowly missed the assault before flipping its tail and slamming it into its enemy’s side. The white dragon roared out in pain and backed away with speed before lunging back in. The black dragon was not prepared for the white dragon’s sudden counter lunge and was caught off guard when it slammed hard into the black dragon. The two spun in mid-air, snapping at each other’s throats before releasing and backing away again.

As their battle became more intense the realm they were in became more and more unstable. Soon their attacks wouldn’t just affect them, but the other two realms as well. The realm of reality would be the worst affected as humans wouldn’t be able to deal with the amount of Soul Energy entering their world. Sooner or later one of the dragons had to break, but neither side was backing down.

The black dragon’s temper finally snaps. It opens its mouth revealing its razor sharp teeth that were just as impressive as the white’s. A red sphere starts to form in the dragon’s mouth as it concentrates its Soul Energy into the attack. The white dragon hovered in the air, awaiting its foe’s attack. The black dragon finally released its attack and sends it flying towards the white dragon. The white dragon’s eyes glow a bright sapphire before admitting a blue shield that protects it from harm. Soon as the attack faded the two dragons’ bodies glowed brightly, the lighting grew even more intense and powerful. Both dragons roared with power as faint spheres could be seen surrounding them. As the spheres grew with power, the realm grew even more unstable. With each second that passed it could collapse.

Soon enough the dragons reached full power of their attacks and lunged at each other. As they flew closer a third being entered the unstable realm through the gateway from the realm of souls. It bounded through the sky towards the dragons in an intense white light; the wolf was surrounded by bright blue eyes with tails that flew with it. Powerful spells. The wolf’s eyes glowed a bright aquatic blue as it commanded the spells to dash forward and strike the dragons with blue soul flames. The spells only slowed the dragon’s attacks on each other, distracting them for a minute to glare at the white wolf. The glare’s meaning was obvious: ‘Stay out of this. This is our fight, not yours wolf.’ The white wolf ignored the warning and dashed towards them with more speed as the dragons once again turned to each other and continued their attacks.

The white wolf knew there was only one option. He would have to get between them and send out a wave of Soul Energy to intercept their attacks. It would be risky and it would surely risk in him losing his life. The white wolf’s soul flickered for a moment in despair before he composed himself and began to increase in power. He knew this was dangerous as the realm was already unstable as it was, but if he didn’t do something the realm belonging to the humans would perish.

He increased his speed even further. His power also increasing with each second he closed in on the dragons, adrenalin sparked through his body. The white wolf was almost excited at the situation he was in; he faced a high risk of death and two formidable foes. But he was excited, he was glad to be feeling this kind of freedom.

The white wolf was close now. Close to the dragons, he prepared his attack when something odd happened. As he got between them they slowed down, he knew something wasn’t right. But he couldn’t dwell on it, he had to attack now. Releasing the energy he has been storing, the white wolf sent a wave of energy at the dragons to cease their battle. As soon as he set his attack the dragons sped up, but not to attack each other, but to attack him. There was a bright light followed by the vicious shockwaves through the realm. It was beginning to collapse, the white wolf howled in pain as he had taken on full force of both attacks. He floated now, unable to move. Cold and nearly dead to everything, he weakly moved his eyes to the dragons that were now flying away from him together. They felt his eyes on them and glanced back at the now half dead wolf, they’re eyes glinted with sickening glee as he began to fall. Everything fell into place.

His body began to glow a faint blue. Dust-like particles flaked from his body. His soul was collapsing; he could feel its light fade. The realm around him began to change and fade; he knew he was falling through the gateway into the realm of reality. He was surprised it hadn’t closed itself by now. As he fell he watched the beautiful blue sky flash past him, he closed his eyes and imagined the human world in utter chaos. All because of his foolishness, and now he could do nothing to stop it.

Everything seemed to stop after that. He could feel himself fading away into nothing, soon he would be gone. Suddenly a new feeling sparked and he felt a cry of a baby. He could feel the baby’s cry of new life, Poor soul… the wolf thought sadly. The baby’s new life would be cruel, cold and dark. All because of him, he’d wished he could do something to help that new born.

And the white wolf got his wish.

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