The Orb of Intelligence

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Submitted: July 14, 2009



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The yard was cool that autumn evening. As each foot hit the grass, I knew missed my home. Sakari Town is a lot different than the palace I may never see again. Just by the thought of staying here forever creates a tear to fall. I turned to the left and found Tyler. I guess I’m at debt to him in the first place for finding me. I know I wanted to run away in the first place and it seemed like an exciting adventure at first until I started missing everything.

“What’re you doing out here? It’s getting dark Desiree, you should come in.” Tyler warned me moving closer.

“Tyler, answer my question.Even if I did take The Orb of Intelligence, why did it take me here? I’m a princess, not some filthy peasant! I don’t even know my way back home.” I fussed.

“Well, maybe that’s why you were sent here! You’re too busy judging everybody; it’s time to teach you a lesson. And not every one who isn’t part of a royal dynasty has to be a filthy peasant, you know!” Tyler snapped at me. No one has ever yelled at me before; maybe my parents, but not like that. It hurt. I could see why no one liked it.

“I didn’t mean to say it like I did. I really just want to go home, now.”

“Well, you’re gonna have to deal with it, for now anyways until my mom finds a way to fix the orb. Tomorrow you start real school; none of that prep stuff they teach you back at the palace. I think your kingdom will be quite proud of you; not for the things you’ve been taught, but the ones you’ve learned. Come on, my mother made a special dinner for both of us; me, for being a hero and you, for being a princess staying at our home.” I let him walk a little more before I started to walk behind him; who knows what diseases those people have.

I never knew how uncomfortable a regular person’s bed could be. The wool made marks all over my skin no matter how small, I could see them. I think it’s ridiculous of how early people wake up for 8 classes a day!

Tyler’s mother, Mrs. Yale decided to give me a few of her clothes from when she was in Tyler’s school. It was a little big, but a bit less primitive than the things that the students from the school wore. They were so casual, way more comforting than the beautiful cotton dresses are back in Halgaria. That was what we wore to school in Halgaria; silk dresses, occasionally satin. It wasn’t much of a school for me, more like a class in a different room of the castle. Every 45 minutes I would move on to another. But this was different; I was in a school for the very first time. Well, not for the very first time I’ve visited once, but again it was different. It was the first school I have ever seen that allows a conversation that has nothing whatsoever to do with education. Without whips in professors’ hands or threats to call their parents for playing in the playground. It was nice to not be locked in the forbidden chamber for just sitting down or resting. Being put into punishment got me into this mess in the first place. If I hadn’t been in that stupid chamber and been so suspicious about the Orb of Intelligence, I would be at home in my own home, taking my own classes. Except being in this school made me want to stay longer than I had wanted to yesterday.

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