Deathly Truth

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Zaida Roberts is entering her senior year of high school. After a heart breaking end to her Junior year, she's ready to move on and start getting ready for her future. Her first step is getting a job with a research team that moved into town. But after working with them, she realizes there's something wierd about what's going on there.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - New Job

Submitted: December 21, 2012

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Submitted: December 21, 2012



New Job

Crossing the street to my destination, I can’t help but feel a little nervous. I pull the green folder with my resume closer to my body against the Wisconsin wind on this fall day. Leaves chase each other up and down the sidewalk as they fly with the wind. Across the street I see a few elementary students pretending they can fly with their jackets open and extending to their hands. How I wish I could join them in their pretend mind but today I’m a grown up.

The hunt for a job hasn’t been the best of my life. I’ve tried all summer at different places from fast food to cloths. This was my last hope to get some experience. It’s not that I’m a hard worker, far from it, but this will be my first job ever. I just don’t have the experience anywhere.

My foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kemp, have helped me a ton in getting everything ready. From the resume to the interview, we’ve gone through it a hundred times since May. Now, two weeks into the new school year, I still can’t get a job.

This is my last hope. I’ve tried everywhere else in town. Any other job would require a car and I don’t have excess to one.

Mr. Kemp heard about this job from someone at work. A group of Biologist has come to the area to do research on the animals in the area. They are looking for high schoolers to be office assistants. Mrs. Kemp said it would be a great first job and I didn’t have any excuse to give it a shot.

And now here I am, almost to the building they are renting out until they get their work done. Out side it looks like just another building in town but I know the inside has a different story. Being in a small community, there have been a lot of small businesses that have come and gone through out the years. This building is empty because it’s said to be jinx. Every business that has come in has been gone no longer than two years.

The large windows facing the street are half covered with brown paper blocking people’s view to the inside. The door hasn’t been painted over in a few years and the brown paint is chipping off. Taking a deep breath, I push the door open.

“Hello,” a lady says as I enter.

She’s taller than me and seems to be very fit. Her red, curly hair is pulled back into a ponytail but her bangs run loose over her face. She’s dressed in tan pants that look like what a hiker wears with the boots to match. Her shirt is a red plaid button up shirt with a white tank top underneath. She places the box she’s carrying down on the desk stationed right by the door before turning to me.

“Hello,” I tell her back.

“What can I do for you?” She asks with a smile.

“I was wondering if there was still a position opened for high schoolers?” I tell her hoping deep inside of me that there is.

“Yea,” She says. “I think two out of the four have been taken. My name is Elisa McGee. Second in command on this research team.”

“Zaida Roberts,” I answer. She extends out her hand and we shake.

“The openings are for office assistants,” She says leaning against the desk. “One for each of us major researchers. I already filled mine up and so did Scott. Ron isn’t here right now but Hank is. I’ll see if he’s open for an interview.”

“Thank you,” I tell her.

She smiles then walks to the back of the building. Around me others are walking around moving boxes as well. None of them seem to notice that I’m standing right here. That’s just life I guess. At school, no one notices me unless they need help with homework or feel the need to call me Foster. Those that call me Foster are mostly from the Halfway house that’s just on the out-skirts of town.

Our town in unique in a way. Not only is there a foster family in town but also a house to help boys get back on their feet. Parents don’t always feel like it’s a good idea to have then in our school. At least that’s how they felt before graduation last year.

The ringleader of the gang was Dean Tate. He’s a big, muscular man who doesn’t care who you are if you get in his way. It’s said he was placed in the house because he placed a boy in a coma for some stupid fight. He did his time in juvie and is now trying to get back into the world. Dean graduated last year but still hangs around town because he’s going to a tech school and has no where else to go. Parents didn’t want to take him back.

“Zaida,” Elisa says coming back with a man following her. “This is Hank Craig, our lead researcher.”

“Hi,” Hank says extending his hand.

He’s a tall, middle age man with his light brown hairline receding on his forehead. He’s body build fit, which I guess, is for their job. His face shows a few wrinkles but he has a scar above his right, hazel eye. Must have gotten it at work. Yet, there is something about him that I feel is strange. Almost like I met him. His voice almost seems to be similar in a way.

“Shall we go into my office and start the interview?” He asks.

“Yes,” I say following him to the back.

His office was the only office in the back of the building. Right before you enter the room, there is a lonely desk and a chair surrounded by file cabinets. A phone and outdated computer sit next to each other waiting to be used. Entering his office, you can tell someone works in here.

Papers are all over the desk some even falling off as he walks by them. Maps with markings line the wall covering every open spot. His computer is filled with stick notes that make no since to me. The only thing that doesn’t seem work related is the picture frame. I can’t see the picture inside it but I guess it’s of his family.

“So,” Hank says sitting down. I quickly hand him my resume. “Thanks. Zaida, right?”

“Yes,” I tell him.

“Sorry I don’t have a chair for you,” He says looking around. “Still unpacking while working. Not the best combination.”

“It’s okay.”

“Eighteen, welcome to adulthood. Not a blast.”

I smile at his lame joke. I don’t know why.

“Can you start on Wednesday?”

“Um,” I start in shock. “Yea. I can be here.”

“Great,” He says handing my back my resume. “Come here after school and you’re shift is done at five. Pay is eight dollars an hour.”

“Thank you so much,” I tell him as he stands up. We shake hands one more time.

“I’ll see you Wednesday.”

I walk out with a huge smile on my face. I finale got a job. My first job. I can’t wait till Wednesday.

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