Chin Up, Princess

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Annabella Hunt works at the Disney world theme park in Orlando, Florida. She works as some different famous Disney characters. Although at the famed theme park she lives an idolized, fairy tale life, at home and at school she is mistreated and misunderstood. Meeting a famous boy is a hope she didn't have - "idiotic" or "stupid" would be the words her parents would have used to describe it. Perhaps it's also the only escape for Anna's four year old brother, who has acute promyelotic leukemia too.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chin Up, Princess

Submitted: November 03, 2012

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Submitted: November 03, 2012




Me and Ashleigh were in the dressing rooms, getting ready to be our parts.

"You would think Tinkerbell would have a dressing room at the Pixie Hollow station." Ashleigh said. At the front there was a small, dank dressing room, with our costumes hidden in little cupbouards with us only to find out what we are the day we play them. No time to practice autographs, or get into character. I was having a hard time getting into Belle's freakishly large dress.Teeny yellowslippers are not easy to slip onto one's feet.

"Who's the Beast?" I called out randomly to any guysin their dressing stalls who had been 'awarded' with being the role of Beast.

"Uh, it's me, Stevie Beckerman. Who is being Belle?" Asked a decent guy who I knew from school. Another reason I knew him was because he was my best friend Ashleigh's boyfriend. He's kind, and quite the looker if you ask me.

"Me, Annabella Hunt." I replied. I lugged my foot up and tugged the tiny shoe onto my foot. It's definitely too small. It wll surely make a blister. Well, a blister is nothing compared to what it would be if it was my mother or father. And I get two thousand dollars a week for this. But it's not like any of it goes to me. It goes to my younger brother, Mike. He has acute promyelotic leukemia, otherwise known as a form of cancer. It goes to things like chemo and radiation, transplants and transfusions. I have another best friend, Brandon, who is gay .Right now Brandon is at Applebees, but I wish he was here. I check the small watch under the sleeve of the arm warmers.

"Five minutes to be at the stations and roaring to go!" I shout. As everyone's timer I wear a watch under my sleeves, telling them to be at their stations and when not to be. I waltzed out of the dim, gross stall. I love the Belle costume, but I hate the fact that it's to tiny. Stevie comes out of his stall with the oversized Beast costume on.

"Come Belle, we must make our way to the palace." Stevie said in a great Beast voice.

"Yes, of course Beast, we must go see the children!" I said, using my gentle Belle voice. We linked arms and walked a short walk over to the palace that belongs to us for today. There is already a lineup waiting for us.

"Hi! You guys all look like lovely children! I only wish Chip were here! I'm sure he would love to meet you all very much. Who's going to get a picture first?" I asked, looking at all the children and adults in the lineup. Suddenly two little girls, two older ones and a boy my age stepped forward. I recognized the boy instantly - as Louis flipping Tomlinson from One Direction, the famous british/irish boyband!

"What's your names?" I asked sweetly, trying desperately to aviod that Louis was here, in Orlando, at Belle's castle! I already knew all their names, it was just Disney's guidelines to ask in case of a signing.

"Pheobe, Daisy, Fizzy, Lottie and Boobear!" Said Pheobe, pointing at everyone as she said their name.

"Would you guys like a picture?" Stevie asked in his best Beast voice. Fizzy nodded her head excitedly. Lottie rolled her eyes, as if their jitteryness bothered her to an ultimate extent. They all came over. Louis put his arm around me. I shivered a bit, but I don't think he noticed. He leaned in a bit closer and said quietly, but loud enough so only I could hear:

"Meet me at the Fairytale cafe at two thirty."

Oh. My. Freaking. Gosh.

Reality no longer exsists.

The camera flashed, and I felt Louis absense. It was cold.

"Who's next?" I managed to get out of me without squealing.

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