Fairy Dust

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Chapter 12

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Chapter 12
“Hey, we have to get up.” I said though not wanting to.
“Can`t we just lay here?” I chuckled, “No, come on we can`t sleep out here on a beach, it`s going to get cold soon.”
“Fine, “she said reluctantly. I stood up slowly and pulled Amelia to her feet. We both got dressed and I watched how the moonlight shone on her body making her look like a goddess. She looked over at me and saw me staring at her.
“What?” she asked. I walked over to her and pulled into my arms. “Do you have any inkling of how beautiful you are?” she looked down and blushed, shaking her head in denial. I leaned in and kissed her head, “You are, don`t ever think otherwise.”
She looked up at me and smiled slightly and leaned in to kiss my lips.
“So tell me about your pack, every werewolf has had a pack at some point or another.” Amelia said. I winced.
“I’m sorry, I didn`t mean to bring up painful memories, you don`t have to tell me if you don`t want to.” She said. We were about halfway to her house but when she said this I stopped and sat on the ground leaning back against the tree. I pulled into my lap and ran my fingers through her thick curls.
“No it`s fine, you told me what happened to you.” I sighed then continued. “I was born in Italy and I have a twin brother named Greg. Our dad passed away a few years after I was born, and our mother blamed us. I don`t even understand why she got so mad, she never even loved my dad, she just used him. One day we got in a huge fight, and she lost it. She bruised and scratched herself, then went to our alpha male and said we had attempted to murder her. Of course he believed her, they were sleeping together. My mother slept around a lot, even when my dad was still alive.
So, we both got kicked out of the pack. We basically just traveled together, never staying in one place for too long. When we met Charles, he brought us back to his house. Charles wasn`t the first vampire we had met along the way, the first was one named Lucian. So we lived at Charles house for a few years thinking he was a great guy. One day we found out differently when we heard about a woman he kept down in the lower part of his house where he beat and raped her. So the next day, we walked down to the bottom part of his house. There was a room there that had blood stains on the wall and torture devices of every kind hanging on the concrete walls.” I paused when Amelia cringed and buried her face in my neck.
“What is it?” I asked worriedly.
“That was the room I was kept in.” she said. I froze, “Really?” she nodded.
“I`m sorry, do you want to head back to your house?”
“No, you should finish you story.” She mumbled into my chest.
“So a few months had passed when Charles took us to America, there he took the daughter and mate of Lucian. Apparently he created Lucian and thought it was his right to take them. My brother and I helped Mia and Josephine escape. Charles found us in the warehouse that we were hiding in and he tried to fight us. After we killed Charles, I came to Ireland in search of you. I planned to just see if you and Rose were alive, but when I saw you, I knew there was no chance of me leaving, so I stayed and that’s about it.”
She looked up at me a smiled sadly, “I`m sorry you had a crappy mother and thank you for caring so much about me even though you didn`t know me.”
I smiled and kissed her on her forehead, “Anytime.” She chuckled and looked up at the sky. “Come on, you have to be tired.”
“Oh, I wouldn`t know why, it`s not like someone had to wake me up at the crack of dawn.” She grumbled, I laughed

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