Fairy Dust

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Chapter 14

Submitted: December 22, 2009

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Submitted: December 22, 2009



Sorry it`s so short but i felt bad for taking so long and I had to write something! Also today is my birthday and it is almost Christmas so if i don`t write anything in the next four days i hope you all have a great Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or whatever you celebrate this time of year!
I lay beside Amelia and held her against me, burying my face in her hair. “I love you,” I breathed against her hair.
She turned towards me and smiled, “Back at you.” And leaned in to kiss me.
“Mommy,” we heard from the door way. We both turned our heads to see Rose standing in the doorway. “why is Kyle in your bed?” we both froze.
“Your Mommy had a nightmare so I came in to see if she was okay.” I said when I saw Amelia couldn’t think of anything.
“But why don’t you have shirt on?” she questioned. I looked down and saw that the sheet thankfully covered my bottom half. Before I could answer Rose, Amelia said, “Rose how about you go downstairs and I will make you something to eat, okay?”
“Okay, Mommy,” Rose replied “But this conversation is not over.” She finished pointing her little finger and giving us an adorable look that I guess was supposed to be stern. After that she walked out the door. When she was gone, we both busted out laughing.
After we calmed down, we got dressed and headed downstairs. Rose was sitting in her chair with her new doll in her lap. “What do you want for breakfast, Baby Girl?” Amelia asked as we walked into the kitchen.
“Pancakes!” she said smiling brightly.
“Okay, get a stool and you can help me if you want.”
Rose nodded enthusiastically and went to get a stool.  Amelia walked around the kitchen, opening the cabinets and getting out the stuff we needed.
Rose came back, put the stool on the floor next to where Amelia was standing and then stepped up on it. “Kyle if you want breakfast you have to help too.” Rose said looking over at me. I smiled and walked over to them.
“Okay, what do you want me to do?”
When we all done making pancakes they were all in funny shapes courtesy of Rose.
“Kyle,” I looked over at Rose just in time to see her smash some of the leftover batter in my face.
“Rose!” Amelia said, but I laughed took some of the batter off of my face then wiped it on Rose`s face. 
Hey! Don`t wipe batter on my daughters face” Amelia said then threw batter on me. I threw some back at her and Rose, Amelia and I all ended up in a pancake batter fight.
When we finished, we were all covered in pancake batter and were on the floor laughing.
When we finally calmed down, we ate the pancakes that had survived the fight, and then walked upstairs to get cleaned up.
The rest of the day we spent just lounging around the house and being lazy. And soon it was time to leave so we grabbed our bags and headed towards the airport.

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