Fairy Dust

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter 4

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Submitted: October 27, 2009



Chapter 4
Damn! I thought as I punched the tree so hard it cracked in half. Why did I have to scare her like that? I asked myself. Then I realized it was because so was just so beautiful in the moonlight I couldn’t resist.
I started walking in the direction she flew, knowing it wasn’t towards her house. As I ran, I shape shifted. So now I wasn’t a boy who looked about seventeen, but now I was a large black wolf running at top speed.
I found Amelia sitting on a rock crying, her body and wings shaking with the intensity of her sobs. I felt so horrible for making her cry, I could’ve cried myself.
I slowly walked over to her and lightly touched her shoulder. She jumped, and looked over at me. “What do you want?” she asked in a frightened voice.
I sunk down on my knees so I was eye level with her and said, “I won’t hurt I just have to tell you something.”
She looked at me suspicious, “What about?”
I hesitated then said, “Charles.” I watched her reaction. She immediately paled and her body went rigid.  
“What about Charles?” She asked. I could clearly see the fear in her eyes, so I picked up her hand and traced circles on it with my thumb.
“He is dead.” I said quietly looking down at her hand.
“What?” She squeaked out. I looked back up into her eyes and said, “Charles is dead.”
“H-h-how…? W-w-when?” She stuttered.
“Last month, he was killed the only way vampires can be killed.” She looked over at the trees with tears shimmering in her beautiful eyes.
“I`m sorry please don’t cry,” I said quickly, I couldn’t bear seeing her in pain. “I didn’t mean to make you sad.” Her head snapped over and that and she looked me strait in the eyes.
“I am not sad, I am relieved, I am happy, my daughter will never have to meet her father.” She said
I took a deep breath then realized something, “Wait you said your daughter, is she still alive?” I asked hoping it was true.
She nodded then said, “Of course she is still alive, if she was dead I would be too.” I looked at her confused.
She sighed then said, “If my daughter didn’t survive the journey back to Ireland, I would have killed myself, she was all I had and I know I couldn’t live without her.”
I admired her, she had conceived a baby from rape, not choice and where some women might have gotten an abortion or given the baby away, she kept her and loved her.
“Why are you telling me this?” She asked quietly looking down at our hands.  
“I was there when Charles was killed and thought you had a right to know.”  I replied

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