I Struggled To Survive From Hell....

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Annie-19 Try to stuggles from hell as her and her boyfriend goes to a under control party.Soon she realizes she must get out of there with her boyfriend soon as possible before Hell comes..

Chapter 1 (v.1) - I Struggled To Survive From Hell....

Submitted: April 14, 2012

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Submitted: April 14, 2012




Chapter 1

I Realized, That We should leave the party it was getting under control, and Dan was being so immature and hes acting like a jerk! "Come on We're going home, You'r Too drunk to be left here..." I said sighing. I mean its like im a house keeper when he the one that goes out and get's drunk and im the one that stays and cleans the flat?! when i could be going to collage, I'm not pregnant?! we' dont have children nothing was wrong... i was a young girl stuck home because of a 21 year old that loves me thats so freaking ummature? "No, Babes lets go upstairs, we havent had fun for sometime.. come on dont be bossy ... or i'll go to someone else.." he said laughing As if every thing was a laugh, which i wasnt finding nothing funny... we always have fun.. we even have sex like everynight how can he say that.I'm so disgusted to have him as my boyfriend. " Look what ever you like it, your coming you wont be cheating on me okay? get it." i said getting really rigorous . I was just standing there like a no life asking my immature boyfriend to come home with me.. i felt ashamed.. "Fine You promise me when we get home we can have fun" he said laughing. I nodded, just wanting to go home, i holded onto his hand, and dragged him to the front door. i saw Kyla smoking at the front door. " We're going home Kyla it was a lovely time spending here and buying a bunny outfit !" i said laughing... i Faked. It was horrible with Dan Being so immature getting drunk and asking girls to go upstairs with him and me following him around the place nicknamed "baby sitter"........ "Yeah i know right you looked really Sexy. i would of fucked you.." Laughted drunkly, some stranger next to Kyla.. i felt my self, wanting to laugh.. but i wasnt immature. Kyla slapped him and laughed " Bye Darling, yeah you looekd cute!" Kyla said Waving As i holded on to Dan. "I Love you Annie" Dan Said.. I ignored him and pushed him into the car.chapter 2..


i shut the door, and went to the other side of the car to get in. "ThankGod, We're going home." i moaned as i got in the car seat, to drive home. "Babe I'm really am sorry.. just--' i stopped the car half way out of the drive and banged my head. "LOOK you'r always fucking sorry?! you get drunk and everything im going collage now. okay, for once im going to do something i want!" i shouted and started getting back on with driving. Now we're going through the woods, in the dark since he was to busy, to forget about drinking. We didnt talk.. "Argh i hate long drives.." He moaned.. i ignored him i do love him but hes just a bastard...


Hour later..


It was too late to carry on driving, i just want to sleep.I stopped the car and locked the doors. "I'm going Sleep, Wake me up after?" i said half sleepy.. he nodded. "WAIT!" he shouted, i got up.. Why did he just shout i am next to him maybe he has calmed down? "What?" i said moaning.

he pulled me on him, i just looked at him and laughed.. he slowly took my knickers off. " jesus.. Why now?" i said sleepy. he kissed his teeth im not having sex in a car.I pushed him off, and put my knickers back on. i leaned over and kissed him, and turned around to rest.



i saw her sleeping on the driver's seat.. there is no way im going to fuck her in the car in the woods.. i slowly picked her up by her back and carried her to the front seat where i was sitting i pushed back the back of seat so she was laying down sleeping. i finally jumped to the drivers seat, and pushed the key in, and finally THE CAR WAS ON!

i started driving, i felt a bit drunk still.. i couldnt see where i was going.. i tried to wake her up but she wouldnt "ANNIE HELP ME IM GOING TO CRASH ANNIE!" i shouted for our lives. She wouldnt awake she was so sleeply because of me.. god sake im not a good boyfriend.. i tried stopped the car but it wouldnt.. i was going down a hill..






No noises...



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