Promise Me You Won't Leave My Side. . . .(Escape the Fate-Max Green)

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More Details
Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

2 Main Characters
Jesse Johnson
Craig's cousin, Max's age, has the emo/punk look, black hair, blue eyes, perfect body, horrible past, trust issues, bad temper when she gets to the point, snake bites, loves rock/screamo music, cuts when really depressed, loves the song This War is Ours by Escape the Fate.

Max Green
Bassist in Escape the Fate, smokes, uses the word fuck in many different ways, loves cupcakes, looks tough and uncaring on the outside, but he is really caring on the inside.

Mini Summary

Jesse's past is something that haunts her, but she refuses to talk about it. She has a hard time trusting the few people who accept her. When she goes to live with her cousin, Craig, on the raod, everything changes for her. She learns how to let people in and trust them. And she learns to maybe even love. But as fate would have it, things are too good to be true and her past catches up to her, causing things she'd never dreamed of happening. . .

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Promise Me You Won't Leave My Side. . . .(Escape the Fate-Max Green)

Submitted: July 19, 2011

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Submitted: July 19, 2011



~Chapter 1~


"And last but not least, this is Max. Max, Jesse, Jesse , Max."

Craig said as a boy about my age looked up from playing bass. He gave me a brief nod and went back to his playing.

"So, you'll be sharing a room with Max because I trust him the most and I don't want to hear his snoring."

"Gee thanks, dude."

Max said about the snoring part. I only nodded. I'm not really listening. Then again, I don't really care where I sleep as long as I get to sleep. I'm so fucking tired. I got picked up at the airport at around 12AM and didn't arrive at the hotel until around 1:30. So yea, I'm a bit grumpy right now.

"Well, I guess you're exhausted, so go get some sleep. Your room is right across the hall."

Craig said, handing me the second key. I nodded, grabbed my bags, and left the room.



I said once she was gone. Craig shot me a look.


I mumbled. I remember when he first told us that Jesse was going to be living with us. He said that she had a rough life but wouldn't go into detail, so we kind of had to accept a girl. She's a bit awkward if you ask me. It's like she's a mute. All she did was look at us with her big blue eyes and nod. No hi or anything. Just a nod. She's pretty, though. All she needs to do is open up a little more. If she does that then living with a bunch of guys won't be so awkward for her. Plus, being on the road may be fucking awesome but it is hard, and she's a girl so I'm sure she has to get, umm, girl necessities for her, umm, visitor. Eww. Craig sighed and sat down next to me.

"This is gonna be hard for her, so try to make her feel welcome."

I nodded and set my bass down.

"What happened that made her so quiet?"

He looked sad as he hesitated before answering.

"It's not my business to tell nor do I feel comfortable talking about this subject."

I nodded.

"Going to bed."

I nodded again.

"Night dude."

I said as he walked to his bed. There's something about this girl that puzzles me. Craig treats her more like a sister instead of a cousin. Whatever. It's not my fucking business. I put my bass away, grabbed my key, and headed towards my room. When I walked into the room, Jesse was sound asleep. I stripped to my boxers and climbed into the second bed. Sleep quickly overcame me and I was out within minutes.

Some Odd Hours Later (still Max)

I woke with a start to screaming. I shot out of my bed and ran to Jesse. It seems like she was having a nightmare.I called her name multiple times but had to shale her to wake her up.



I mumbled as tears streamed down my face. Max looked

at me for a minute before climbing into my bed.

"What the hell-"

"Shut up and go to fucking sleep. I know what I'm doing."


Jesse hesitated before rolling over. About 20 minutes later she was sound asleep. Again. I looked at the clock which read 5:30AM. I sighed. I closed my eyes and waited for seep to overcome me once again. This time it was undisturbed.

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