Charmed Season Nine The Return Part 1

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This is based around the three beautiful Halliwell sisters, they are all married and it is set after Phoebe's honeymoon, when she is at the office she has a premonition of a young woman getting attacked by a Darklighter and they get a visitor from the future called Elaina who is half darklighter and half good witch and she comes to the year 2006 and says there is another evil waiting on the horizon and then Prue gets ressurrected by an unknown power that is inside Elaina and the new evil is after it.....

i don't own charmed, no copyright infrigment intended this is merely a fan fiction and charmed belongs to constance m burge!!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Charmed Season Nine The Return Part 1

Submitted: July 23, 2010

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Submitted: July 23, 2010



The Return
Phoebe Halliwell sat in her office at the Bay Mirror; it had been a week since she had come back off of her honeymoon and ages since her last premonition ‘Maybe no one is in danger? Thought Phoebe to herself and in front of her was her laptop, a letter basket, and a photo of her and Coop, he was a Cupid and her husband, she grabbed three letters off of the top of the pile in the letter basket, some of them were congratulations letters and she went to open the second one, it was in a red envelope, she pulled up the flap and a flash of images went through her mind, it was her first premonition in a few weeks and her ears rang, and she felt dazed and confused and she saw a brunette teenager, she was pretty, she had a shocked look on her face which contained upset as she gazed at a swirl of black orbs, still surprised as a Darklighter appeared and conjured his crossbow, he was actually handsome, for a Darklighter and he looked ready to strike and she ducked in fear.
She felt her ears ring again as she came out of her premonition, she flipped over the envelope and looked at the return address, it said on it:
Elisha Louise Jackson
1239 Covarage Lane
Southland Boulevard
San Francisco
But what Phoebe didn’t know was if that was a vision of the past or future......

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