Summer Blooming

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Summer is coming, school is starting and romance is sparking for 15 year old Penelope Van Der Meares and the oh-so rich and sexy Blake Weskwick who's family owns half of the town.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Summer Blooming

Submitted: August 22, 2012

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Submitted: August 22, 2012



Penelope ran through the damp and fogged up forest panting hard as she had already been running for what felt like ages. Dodging thick roots rising from the ground and leaping over fallen logs threatening to trip her as she finished up her morning jog.
Penelope panted as she walked up on her front veranda and entered the house to the tantalizing aroma of home-made croissants, hash browns and bacon & cheese muffins.

'Moring Hon,' her mum said being her cheerful self as always in the morning, 'Voilà! Your favourite Penelope, now hurry darling you have half an hour." She set down the plate of croissants freshly baked and went back to the hash browns.

'You’re a life-saver! Thanks Mum!' she says and pop a piece of croissant into her mouth tucking the stray strands of dark chocolate colored hair behind her ears when suddenly this gross belch reaches her ears.

'Daniel!' she shrieked, 'that is grossly inappropriate and considered barbaric and you just ruined my appetite!' Penelope scowls her older brother as he walked round the table and took a seat across from her.

'Sorry little Sis but I thought you'd be used to my inappropriate and barbaric ways by now, I mean, you have lived with us for fifteen years now.' He smirks.

Penelope rolls her eyes and death stares him.

'Daniel, mind your manners at the table and especially in the presence a lady or I may never get grand-children and a daughter-in-law from you.' Says their Mum placing a bowl of grapes and strawberries between us.

'Hey, hey! Now who say I'm getting hitched?'

'Honey, you will get married one day. Both of you, and have kids of your own.'

Penelope plucked a few grapes and took her plate to the sink. 'I think it depends if we find the right person to marry Mum'

'I know you guys will find the right person you want to settle down with and have at least six children of your own'

Both adolescents groan.

'Mum,' Daniel says, 'I'm never gonna get married and settled down nor do I want to and that’s why you have good ole' sis here.' Penelope stands and gapes at him. He just shrugs 'I'm sure she'll have plenty of grand-babies for you.' He laughs.

 She flings a grape at his head and starts for the stairs to shower.

Freshly showered, I checked my make-up and hair for the last time and stop to examine my beautiful dress matched with black tights with my almost-knee high black boots. I then grab my red coat and finally decide to head off.

Walking out the door Penelope yelled a goodbye to her Mum and walked to school.

As she strolls along she takes the time to notice the town of Withshires noticing the green and healthiness of the park's plants and flowers, people's mowed gardens with their trimmed hedges and neat flower beds. It's beautiful here in Withshires and she loves it.

In exactly twenty minutes Penelope walks through the entrance of Withshires State High and started for the lockers.

Just one meter from reaching her locker, Blake Westwick appears in front of me purposely blocking her way.

'Ah, a school day never goes by without a visit from the one and only Blake Westwick! Withshires State Highs' very own sexy, rich, gorgeous jackass and the captain of the footy team!' She said with a fake and shocked dramatic voice.

A hint of amusement is displayed on his handsome face for a second, then his lips curve into a smile.

'Penny baby,' he says in a deep sexy voice that he uses with the skanky cheerleaders 'why so surprised to see me? I check up on you daily.'

'It's Penelope. No-one calls me 'Penny' and I think you mean harass me daily?' He opens his mouth to reply but she cut him off.

I'm growing impatient 'Move out of my way Blake or I'll...,' she said in a serious tone and lifts her hand to shove him but he catches her by her shoulders and switches positions and backs her against the locker.

Trapping her with his body.

'Or you'll what Penny? Kiss me senseless like the day before yesterday?'

He grins at her appalled expression.

'You kissed me! You put your filthy lips on me! And you only did it to infuriate me. You had no right!' she accused and his grin faded, his face hardened along with his glittering blue eyes.

'So what are you saying Penny? You didn't like my kiss? Because if you are you’d be lying your face off to me and yourself…I tongued you and you did the same back to me…’

Her cheeks reddened.

Caught! Guilty!

His blue eyes burned into hers as they stood there against the lockers, forgetting the whole school around them, his face inched closer to hers and Penelope’s breathing hitched.

Suddenly the bell rings, signalling its class time.

Blake jerks back from her giving her space to escape and watches as she flounces off hurrying to class.

Just you wait Penelope…..




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