Chapter 9:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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**A/N: Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I've had probably four hours of sleep? So this is probably all over the place and probably really horrible. So I apologize to all of you! I just really wanted to get something out there. And once again, I adore you all. Thank you for all the kind words, it truly means so much to me! :-)**

\"So you two...\" Marissa raises her eyebrows suggestively and I can't help but laugh. I know she is dying to yell out the word at the top of her lungs. But there are children around the pizza shop and she's afraid of corrupting them. Otherwise she wouldn't have cared about saying the word sex, considering it's one of her favorites-along with any nasty word you can think of. So instead, she takes a moment to think and then smirks. \"You two finally made cookies again?\"

\"Made cookies? That's definitely one I've never heard, nice job.\" I'm just glad I wasn't taking a sip of my ice tea at that moment. It would have been all over the place. Gosh, this girl is so ridiculous and yet she instantly knows how to make me smile. We've been talking about Jake since we got here and I was giving her a run down of our day together. Which as you probably guessed did involve clothes being taken off. \"Yes, we made wonderful, amazing cookies together. Twice, actually.\"

\"It's about fucking time you two admitted your feelings.\" She throws her hands up, making sure to whisper the swear word, for my ears only. I can't help but shrug, even though I know she's right. And I also know that it was my fault feelings weren't brought forward earlier. I'm a coward. \"You two are so blind, it's unbelievable. I mean I'm not good with love and long term stuff. But even I could see that you two were like love sick puppies for each other.\"

\"You also know that I'm an idiot when it comes to feelings. Especially feelings this strong, they scared the crap out of me. I've never felt this strongly about anyone-even Marcus. And those feelings were enough to scare me out of any relationship.\" I sigh, breaking off a piece of my cheese pizza and slipping it into my mouth. Once I'm done chewing, I look up at Marissa and shrug. \"I know I don't deserve him. He's such a good guy and I'm just a giant pain in the ass.\"

\"You may not think you deserve him. BUT you've hated every girl he ever dated and I know you would never think anyone was good enough for him.\" Marissa pushes her bangs from her face and laughs. \"And we all know that Jake hated every guy you dated. You two deserve each other, whether you want to believe that or not.\" She then reaches over and squeezes my hand lightly. \"I'm just glad that something is finally going to happen with you two. It kind of makes me feel like I have hope, of finding something like that.\"

I watch Marissa's face as she pulls her hand away. She doesn't often talk about her own relationships, as she's a bit of a serial dater. She always claims that she doesn't care, that her love life is exactly the way she wants it. And I've always known that's not the case, that it's all a lie. But hearing her say it out loud is a bit different. It's actually a bit heartbreaking, because she's such an amazing girl. Any guy would be lucky to have her around, she's amazing. I just don't think she lets anyone close enough to try. I think we both have our doubts about love, and our own little fears. Maybe that's why we get each other so much.

\"You will find someone so wonderful, babe!\" I shout and ignore the funny looks I'm getting from people around us. \"You just have to stop being so afraid of letting someone in, and trust me I know what I'm talking about. It's so scary, but at the same time it's the most beautiful feeling you can have.\" She digs into her pizza and shrugs. I know she doesn't believe much of what I'm saying and I start to wonder if I'm this stubborn. \"You are beautiful, if I was a lesbian we'd be dating right now. And you always know the right things to say, the things that make people laugh.\"

\"That lesbian comment was going a bit far, but thank you.\" She laughs, giving me a small wink before taking a sip of her drink. \"So when are you going to see Jake again? Tonight?\"

\"He's working tonight, but I promised I'd stop by after. I'll probably end up sleeping at his place, unless you want me to cuddle with you instead?\" I tease, knowing full well we've done it before. I'm scared of the dark and sometimes she's my only comfort. Sue me, it's not like it's a crime to cuddle with your best girl friend.

\"I'll share you for a night, no problem.\" She smiles, then puts her hands up on the table and I notice she is fidgeting. Not something she normally does and I'm a bit worried. I wonder if I've been so caught up with Jake and all my problems, have a just been ignoring hers? I want to smack myself for being such a horrible friend. \"I wanted to hang out for lunch because I wanted to hear all about your day with Jake. But I also wanted to talk to you about something, or actually ask you for a big favor?\"

\"Anything you need. What is it?\"

\"Well you know my boss, right? The older lady who I could have sworn hated me and wanted me fired?\" I nod, not quite sure where this is going. \"Well, she's actually really nice and doesn't seem to hate me. She actually had a baby just short of a year ago\" Her hands begin to fidget even more and I'm tempted to smack her. It's driving me insane and I just wish she would go on with her story. \"It's her anniversary, and she has no one to watch her daughter. Something about the babysitter canceling.\" Oh no freaking way! \"She asked everyone but they couldn't, and then she asked me.\"

\"Please tell me that you said no! The last time you had to babysit, which I believe was your cousins dog. You made me do all the work and I nearly killed him.\" I sigh, leaning against my chair and pushing my plate aside. Appetite is definitely gone now. \"Spit it out, Marissa!\"

\"I thought it would be a good opportunity, to get on her good side. But you know I could never do something like that alone, so I told her about you. How it might be good to get you some practice?\" Marissa smiles nervously, and then bites her bottom lip once she reads my expression. \"Please, it would really help me!\"

\"You just volunteered me to watch some woman's child. I don't even know her and quite honestly I don't want to do it.\" I huff, trying to keep my voice down to avoid some kind of scene. That's Marissa's kind of thing, not mine. \"I'm even pretty shocked that you would say yes. Last time I checked you hated dealing with work people, after work hours. I just don't get it.\"

\"Alex, you're going to have a baby. I don't know anyone with babies and quite honestly I don't interact with them much. The thought of something drooling on me and having to change diapers.\" She makes a face which expresses her thoughts on that. Grossed out. \"Yet, when we found out you were going to have a was different. I was excited and really happy. I thought this might be a good chance for me to get some experience-for both of us. I just want to be good auntie when it comes time to it.\" She pulls her cell phone from her purse and shrugs. \"I'll call her and tell her I'm coming alone. I didn't mean to drag you into this without asking.\"

Call me crazy, but the minute she finished her little rant-I was hooked in. This was definitely going to be an interesting evening.


Through the whole car ride to this ladies-who I learned is named Kristin- I ignored Marissa. I wasn't as mad as I was letting on. I was actually really touched with her whole speech about wanting to be a good auntie. Especially because I know kids aren't Marissa's thing either, yet she always seemed happy about my situation. Maybe because it was someone she actually cared about. I just wanted her to know that she couldn't do this to me every time. Get me into situations without asking my permission. Especially when it was things she knew I wouldn't like, and that might make me unhappy. Whenever she would try and make small talk with me, I would just shrug or give a one word answer. I know she was getting frustrated with me, but it was kind of a good pay back. It was making me feel a little bit better.

I made sure to give Jake a call, letting him know I might be late. He just laughed at the whole situation and told me to have lots of fun. I wish I could have reached through the phone and hit him. He would have deserved it too. But then he started telling me he missed me, that he couldn't stop thinking about me. And of course, I completely forgot why I was even mad at anyone in the first place. Gosh, I'm such a sucker. I could feel my nerves starting as Marissa parked the car into the driveway of a beautiful home. It wasn't huge, but it had a nice garden at the front and cute little windows. A house I wouldn't mind owning one day. You couldn't even really tell that a child lived here. There weren't any toys around the place, but then again I guess she was a bit young for that.

\"-Thank you so much for coming girls! You don't know how much I appreciate this, it would have been horrible to cancel our plans.\" Kristin smiles and she seems genuine. She's actually very pretty and not at all the witch Marissa first described her to be. \"We shouldn't be back too late, maybe around eleven or midnight the latest. Cassie is normally a really good sleeper, shouldn't give you any trouble. If she does wake up, just give her some milk and she will go back. I have some of her food in the fridge and bottles too. She can't walk yet, but has started crawling and seems to be all over the place. The gates are all up, so you won't have to worry about that!\"

\"And this is Cassie!\" Says a man, coming in the hallway from what I'm assuming is the kitchen. He's balding a bit, but was probably an attractive man at some point. They make a bit of an odd couple together, but I guess opposites attract. Plus, he has a kind smile. He also holds his daughter, and you can just feel how much he loves her. It radiates from the way he looks at her. And I can't even deny, she's a beautiful little girl. She has her mother's blond hair, beautiful big blue eyes and chubby little cheeks. Her eyes dart from her mom to me and Marissa. I'm almost afraid she's going to burst out crying. This should definitely be fun.

\"She's pretty good with people, so you shouldn't have a problem with that.\" Kristin says, almost as if she's reading my mind. She walks over to her husband, kissing her daughter as they exchange their words of goodbye. I look over at Marissa and notice she is looking mighty nervous. She's probably realizing what a crazy idea this is.

\"Here we go-\" Kristin's husband-Bill-says, slowly handing the little girl over to Marissa's arms. I'm just about dying to laugh my head off, but hold it in. Marissa looks so uncomfortable, that I almost and I repeat ALMOST feel sorry for her. \"We will see you girls later, have fun!\" He adds before the two of them wave and make their way out. Too late to change our minds and too late to turn back.

\"Well, this was a wonderful idea.\" Marissa laughs, making silly faces for the little girl in her arms. She seems to be relaxing and it's actually quite adorable. Watching Marissa with a little person. Then it starts to hit me a little, that soon I'll have my very own little person. Someone I'll be holding and kissing. It's all a bit strange. I look up and see the little girl staring at me, and I give her a small smile. Instantly, she puts her arms out and reaches out to me. Oh, lovely. \"Seems she wants you, mother dear.\"

The minute I take Cassie into my arms, I feel this immediate sense of warmth. Then this fear that I might drop her, or hurt her because she's so little. The next urge is wanting to pinch her cheeks and smoother her with kisses. She's isn't even my daughter, or anyone in my own family. Yet I feel some weird connection with this little girl, one that I can't help. One that I definitely didn't expect. Then the minute her chubby little cheeks move up into a smile-I'm hooked. I want to cuddle with her, protect her and made even sing her a few songs. I'm a horrible singer, so I don't know where that feeling comes from. It's scary and I'm almost tempted to give the little girl back to Marissa. And then run. But I don't.

\"-What is that smell?\" Marissa asks, after we've spent a few hours with Cassie. We feed her, played with her and even took her for a little walk. She's so easy going and so sweet. I think we've both fallen in love with her. Neither of us want to give her up when it's our time to hold her. I'm seeing a softer side of Marissa, one that I actually really like. A side that I know will make her a great auntie for my little one. But you can't expect people to change completely over night. \"No, really. What's that smell?\"

\"I'm assuming it's her?\" My eyes dart down to the little girl, crawling around the floor. I think this was the part that both of us were dreading. I also know this is the part that she's going to make me do. I instantly know I'm right when she stands up and walks towards the kitchen. Fucking coward.

So I pick up the little girl, taking her up to her room to her change table. I won't go into detail about this, but I take care of business. And even when she's all smelly, she still manages to be adorable. The way she looks up at me and the way she lets out these tiny little yawns. It makes me smile and it makes me think about the future. I know it's not going to be easy, and it's not going to be anything like babysitting. It's a full time job. But I know that if I had a little Cassie, I'd want nothing more than to spend all my time with her. This feeling alone freaks me out, especially because I never wanted this. This never appealed to me and it just didn't fit with me.

\"Baby girl, do you think I'll be a good mommy?\" I whisper, seeing her open her mouth and babble. None of the words make any sense. Besides the word \"Mama\" which she says quite clearly. And at that moment it's exactly what she says. And I'd like to believe it's some kind of sign, from someone. So I pick her up, cuddle her close and kiss her tiny little cheek. \"Thank you.\"

Eventually time passes, Cassie is in bed and it's waiting time. We flick through the channels on the television and keep an eye on the clock. I think I've gone to check on Cassie about a hundred times. Each time making sure she's okay, making sure she's comfortable and even making sure she's breathing. She's so peaceful that it almost seems like she's not even moving at all. I think that's what worried me. Marissa had to physically sit me down a few times, when she thought it was getting to be too much. But I knew she worried too, considering she checked on her almost as much as I did. I guess the little girl had us both wrapped around her little finger.

\"She's such a sweet little girl.\" Marissa sighs, leaning against the couch and turning to face me. \"I think it's be really cool to have a little one around. They aren't as bad as I thought.\" All I can think to do, is nod.


When the night is over, I'm extremely tired and ready to sleep. And even though I would love to kiss Jake until my lips fall off. I know that I'll probably pass out on him and that can't be pretty. So as I knock on his door, I prepare myself to tell him that there will be no funny business tonight. That it will be all about sleeping and nothing else. Plus, I think there is some other things that we need to talk about. Something that I need to say to him, something I really need him to understand. And of course, the minute he opens the door, he is shirtless. And so beautiful.

\"Hey baby!\" He smiles, reaching out to take me in his arms. He squeezes me tightly and rubs my back softly. It still makes me shiver and still leaves goosebumps all over my body. Something I doubt will ever change. When he pulls back, he takes hold of my hand and brings me inside. \"Did you have a fun night?\"

\"Jake...\" I smile, reaching out to cup his face. I bring my lips slowly against his and kiss him. His hands linger on my waist and feel like I'm walking on a cloud. Like my feet aren't even touching the ground right now. Like nothing else matters except the two of us, here together. Even when I pull away, all I see is him. Our future together and something really special that we're going to have together. Something that just proves how much we really love each other. Something that I was silly for thinking I could ever give away. For thinking I could be strong enough for that. So I drop the bomb. \"I want to keep the baby. You're right, we can do it.\"

And I think we can. Because maybe I can do this. Maybe if I just try.

Submitted: June 04, 2010

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Heheheh...serial dater. I like that. :) Don't get me wrong, I love the rest of the chapter too. Awesome mix of funny and fluffiness, dude. Keep me updated!!!

Fri, June 4th, 2010 9:32pm


I'm glad you liked it!
and I didn't want to have to call Marissa a whore-so we found a nicer way? haha
I definitely will :-)

Sat, June 5th, 2010 12:46am


great chapter...i want more alex and jake scenes!!! im glad she decided to keep the baby. udapte soon. =)

Fri, June 4th, 2010 10:24pm


I'm thinking the next chapter should mostly be the two of them! So don't worry! haha
and thank you! :-)

Sat, June 5th, 2010 12:47am


Awwwww! She's keeping the baby! And considering he practically proposed last've got one big happy family right there!

Fri, June 4th, 2010 11:31pm


hahaha let's just hope it lasts ;-)

Sat, June 5th, 2010 12:48am


The end was awesome.
Their relationship is cute.
Cassie sounds like a cutie!
She's keeping the baby!
Update me

Sat, June 5th, 2010 8:27am


Thank you!
I'm glad you liked it :-)
and I will!

Sat, June 5th, 2010 3:42am

Phoebe Gardens

YAY!!! I'm so happy she's keeping the baby!! They are going to be such good parents. I loved how maternal she got over baby Cassie. :)
Lols, making cookies, what a euphemism!
Please keep me updated!! :D

Sat, June 5th, 2010 10:52am


hehehe i'm glad you're happy!
'Making cookies' is actually what me and my sister say whenever parents are around. So she was my inspiration for that LOL
definitely will darling! and thank you :-)

Sat, June 5th, 2010 6:59am


I love this story! I just found it and read the whole thing in one sitting and it's just amazing =D
Yayy, she wants to keep the baby!! She's going to be an awesome mom and Jake is just perfect!
Keep me updated please?!

Sat, June 5th, 2010 11:50am


WOW thank you so much!!!!!
I'm really glad you like it and this was a very sweet comment :-)
I definitely will!

Sat, June 5th, 2010 7:01am


Making cookies! Hahaha that is one I've never heard before. Aw she's going to be such a wonderful mom, I can tell. Her and Jake are just so adorable. I'm excited that she's keeping the baby. Great chapter. Keep me updated. God I want a Jake sooo so bad.

Sat, June 5th, 2010 12:51pm


I want Jake too, don't worry!
And making cookies is a great way to disguise the meaning haha ;-)
Thank you so much and I'll keep you updated!

Sat, June 5th, 2010 7:02am


aww i luv this
its so sweet
im glad she's keeping the baby
update me please :)

Sat, June 5th, 2010 1:21pm


Thank you soo much!
And I will :-)

Sat, June 5th, 2010 7:03am


Awesome :P
Update me please??

Sat, June 5th, 2010 1:23pm


Thank you!
I'll do that :-)

Sat, June 5th, 2010 7:04am


That was so sweet!
I am very excited for Alex because she's gonna keep the baby!!
I can't wait to read lots more!! I luv it

Sat, June 5th, 2010 5:52pm


I'm glad you like it!
Thank you so much and I definitely will :-)

Sat, June 5th, 2010 2:02pm


A serial dater? Nice! Marissa and Alex...wonderful duo for babysitters! Cassie sounds really cute...and she is my favorite now...even though she might not reappear again..yes I know I'm very pathetic! Sue me. But like Alex-in the beginning...I like kids, but can't really see myself having any. Multiple times in the story I wanted to laugh so hard, but I didn't because then I'd probably get in trouble XP . Please update soon! And I'm happy Alex is going to keep the baby, she'd make a great mom.

Sat, June 5th, 2010 6:12pm


HAHA such a sweet comment!
don't worry, I find myself laughing at peoples stories and getting some awkward looks from the family!
Thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed it! :-)

Sat, June 5th, 2010 2:05pm


holy cannoli!

this is an amazing story!!!

i loveee it!!!

you've managed to bring tears and laughter to my lifee!!

you've got talent, that's for sureee!!

i can't wait for the next update!!! and it better be SOON! or i'll be hunting you down for it!!! xD be prepared to see me show up at your front door, demanding for chapter 10!!!

btw, i loveeeee jake.
he is perfect.

where are guys like him in reality???? argg.... i must go hunt him down as well :D


Sat, June 5th, 2010 9:35pm


hahaha and your comment brought lots of tears and laughter to my life!!!
Thank you soo soo much, such a sweet comment :-)
I'm glad you're enjoying it and I will update soon, don't worry!
Thanks again darling

Sun, June 6th, 2010 2:04am


This is a truly amazing novel. It's 1am and I am just getting through this...... and I am totally hooked. I LOVE Jake and Alexis, I need more of them. I hate, HATE this Marcus guy. And Marissa is hilarious.

Please keep me posted. Great Novel!!!!!

Sat, June 5th, 2010 10:37pm


wow, glad you were able to get through it at 1am!
Thank you so very much:-)
I definitely will

Sun, June 6th, 2010 2:07am


I'm in love with this story :) please update soon!

Oh and can you keep me updated?

Sat, June 5th, 2010 11:44pm


Aw thank you so much!
I definitely can :-)

Sun, June 6th, 2010 2:08am

live love laugh

I am loving this's really good :)) please keep me updated!!!

Sun, June 6th, 2010 9:41am


aww thank you much!
I definitely will :-)

Sun, June 6th, 2010 5:13am


i love this story! tell me when you update? :)

Sun, June 6th, 2010 12:14pm


Thank you very much!!
I sure will! :-)

Sun, June 6th, 2010 6:23am


Great story!!!!! Update soon!

Sun, June 6th, 2010 1:46pm


thank you!! :-)

Sun, June 6th, 2010 7:40am


jus read thru it. great story love it. i knu she was gonna keep the baby. jus got freaked out which is understandable. im not a child person either so i get where shes comin from. :)xoxo

Mon, June 7th, 2010 12:33pm


Thank you very much! :-)

Mon, June 7th, 2010 11:11am

volleyball grl

aww shes keeping the baby :) yay
there going to be great parents
just read all the other chapters of this novel this is great!

update me :)

Tue, June 8th, 2010 12:56am


aw thank you so much!
I will :-)

Tue, June 8th, 2010 3:50am


YAY!!! They made cookies :)
i'm glad that she's keeping the baby- I think that Alex and Jake will make fantastic parents.
I feel like I would get on with Marissa, she is pretty much a legend :D
update me please

Tue, June 8th, 2010 8:33am


hahah I have a bit of a Marissa in my life, she's amazing ;-)
I will!!

Tue, June 8th, 2010 3:51am

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