My First Love in Miami

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When madison clark moving to miami, she thought her life would'nt be so complicated like now. falling in love with her brother friend name kailan kelk is a serious problem. she find out hes dating allison black and allison? shes the mean girl and captain of the cheerious team in school. conner, madison brother introduce Rhys humpries, one of conner's new friend. and thats the time when madison falling in love with him and shes realize, she love two people at the same time,but who is will madison choose? kailan or rhys?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My First Love in Miami

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013



this is my very first story im going to publish so if there anything like any spelling and grammar errors im sorry i'll be working hard as i can to make a good story. and follow me on twitter @maddiekidrauhl for the information of the new chapter ill write soon. thank you for reading xxx



 Chapter One 

"madison you dont want to be late for the first day of school dont you?" conner yelled from downstairs. its me and conner first day at school in miami, after moving from london last week. i woke up roughly and yawning couple times. i couldnt sleep last night, thinking about high school in here. im a stranger today, i dont know anyone in this school, perhaps someone want to be my friend, eventhough only for today.

i rummaged through my closet and picking my tank tops and denim short. i take my backpack and snatching my converse shoes. i ran downstairs and grabbing a bowl of cereal and looking at the clock when i realize conner been messing up with me. its not even close 8am in the morning.

"how dare you conner!" i yelled while punching his left arm. he just laughing cause i know this will happen, he always doing this to me. not gonna stop and i realize dad is been out of town for his work and im glad  dad have tell conner where the school is.

im braiding my hair into waterfall braids, with my ombre hair and my blue sky eyes, i still think im ugly.  "you look pretty today" said conner, "safe mate" i said and then he pull out his phone and taking a pic of my hair and post it on facebook. conner is such a good brother to me eventhough he's naughty as fuck but i couldnt ask for more, hes always the one who cheering me up when i got broken heart and crying because i fallen out with my bestfriend and other stuff. i can tell he's my second dad. im laughing when he decide to wear his giraffe onesie but i tell him to not to because everyone gonna laugh at him. after i eat all my cereals i look at the clock, 10 past 8. 

"we better hurry, we cant be late" i said. i grab the key car and throwing it to him. 

"lets go" . conner started the car and we leaving the house. 

20 minutes later...

"we're so dead conner, we late about 1 hour and now everyone is been in the class"  i whisper to him.

he just walked down around the alley and unfortunately i have to follow wherever he go. and then  i heard some footsteps in the other alley and i realize theres a scary teacher who is having a patrol for students that skipping a class. i couldnt think about conner, i just running to the other alley as fast as i can  and then someone is grabbing my hand and pulled me into the broom door and he's covering my mouth with his hand we both just 3 cm away from our face. he's eyes looking at mine, so does mine looking at his eyes. and i just speechless.  

i looked at him, he's so gorgeous, hes brown messy hair and his blue eyes just perfection plus his smile, i staring at him and then i realize he telling me to be quiet. "you dont want to get detention for skipping class right? then this is the right place" he said. 

i looked at him weirdly for a second, skipping class? who is gonna skipping class for the first day of school. i just late and plus im lost.

"who are you?" i asked with my british accent.

he choked and bug out. "omg you british?" he asked. " yeah, im new in this school btw, why u think i was skipping class? im late plus i dont know where to find the principal room. my brother conner is still in the alley i think and.." i havent even finish my sentence yet he covering my mouth again with his hand and telling me to look down.

"i think someone is coming so be quiet" he whisper. and  i nodded. but no ones is coming. i dont know why my heart beats so fast.  but he's just attractive, he's goodlooking and so fit. i couldnt stop staring at him. i think i falling in love with -the-guy-i-just-met for 10 minutes ago. i dont even know his name so i think its kinda stupid , i was just gonna ask but im too shy and sadlythe bell for the first lesson finish is ring, im out from the broom closet first and the next is him, right after me. i leave him.

i walked around the alley trying to find my brother. i tried ring him couple times but he didnt pick up. i give up to finding him, i sat in the canteen. alone. and then bunch of boys coming in and then two people caught my eyes. conner and that guy who pulled me to the broom closet. i bug out to conner.

"madison!" conner yelled. i ignore him, im so pissed off with him. i rolled my eyes. 

and  then he walked coming to me with that guy and another attractive blonde guy. i was speechless, i put my hand around my back neck and my cheeks getting so red.

"what are you doing here? u supposed to get in the class" he said. i rolled up my eyes. 

"i was looking for u conner but unfortunately i have to stuck in the broom closet which is annoying, and why dont you get into the class too?  where have u been?" i asked roughly.

"i know that, kailan tell me. we met cause the principal introducing me to the soccer team. kailan is the captain and i have to meet with the team because im one of them now" he said happily.

my heart beats so fast and thats the time when i know his name, Kailan. the soccer captain.


"what?" i asked the same time when someone yelled. "Kailan!"

i try to find where the sound is coming, this girl, when i look at her, shes so pretty with her perfect make up and ponytail hair. shes just the definition of perfect. wearing the cheerious kit, i can tell shes one of the cheerious girls. im not shocking, she must be so popular. i saw kailan smile to her and then she ran to kailan and then she kiss him passionately. 

and thats the time when i realize, that is his girlfriend. 

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My First Love in Miami

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