Fierce (A Short Novel)

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A girl who lost everything, only stands to gain the world.
Alissa got shipped off to a boarding school when she lost her mother. Her only promise is to herself. To not use the powers she's had since she was a child. But when she finds out she isn't the only special one out there.. Can she keep her promise, and save her new world?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Fierce (A Short Novel)

Submitted: May 31, 2010

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Submitted: May 31, 2010



Chapter 1
I knew I was different from other people on the day I turned nine. I was having a birthday party and all of my friends from my second grade class were going to be there. I was sitting in the kitchen watching my mom cooking small finger foods for the party: pigs in blankets, smoked weenies, and finger sandwiches. My older sister, my best friend and hero,  who was already in a bad mood, and sure to be in a worse mood soon came inside screaming that the brats were starting to arrive and this startled my mom causing her to jump and slam her hand on the stove that had been on for at least half an hour. She pulled her hand away rather quickly and I noticed the welt already starting to form. She told me to sit stay away from the stove while she ran upstairs to clean and bandage up her hand.
However, I was barely nine years old and curiosity got the best of me. I marched to the stove and stuck my finger right in the center of the burner, already wincing with the thought of the pain that was about to appear. I sat there for almost ten seconds before I realized I felt nothing. I looked at the burner and made sure it was turned on; my mother had, as I suspected, forgot to turn it off when she left. I pulled my hand back and examined my tiny finger. There was barely a red mark, and that probably happened from me pressing so hard on the burner!
At that moment my mother walked back in and stared at me like I was a monster before she started to talk to herself, “No, no, no why?” Her face held mixed emotions; the two I remember most were shock and pure fear.
She jerked me away from the stove and looked at my hand, “You can’t tell anybody about this. If people find out, they will take from me and you will never see your family again. Do you understand?” I could barely nod.
The way my mother looked at me that day was the scariest and most unsettling thing I have ever seen in my life.  The horror on her face still haunts me dreams. Since that moment, when I realized I wasn’t normal, I have doubted who I was and wondered what kind of person I would be. 
That was eight years ago, now I am seventeen, soon to be eighteen years old and I still have not got over the way that day would alter my life forever.  On that day; September 21, 2000, my life was changed and nothing could take what I had done back. Because of what I had done I had lost my mother. She tried for years to keep my sheltered; homeschooling me until I couldn’t take it anymore and begged to be put into a public school, making sure I had virtually no contact with the outside world other than going to my classes.  
Then finally one day I couldn’t take it anymore. We were driving home from school, she had picked me up at three o’clock on the dot as usual but we sat in the parking lot for almost an hour arguing about me wanting a normal life. I thought I had finally convinced her to get me a cell phone and let me have more freedom to go places with the few friends I had, but it would all seem meaningless in a matter of moments, when the eighteen-wheeler would run the stop light plowing into my mother’s small Kia Spectre, killing her almost instantly.
Nobody could explain how I was thrown from the car without breaking any of the windows, and how I was virtually unharmed but couldn’t remember what happened. After that nothing could compare to losing my mother. I even swore I wouldn’t use the abilities I had gained, and almost mastered, without my mother’s knowledge, over the past several years. Nothing was going to bring back my mother and I was going to make sure I didn’t do anything I thought would have upset her.
But even this was all before. Before is the best and most simple way to put it. All this happened before I was sent to live in a private boarding school for teens because for some reason the strange social worker that had been assigned to shadow me for two weeks decided that my sister was not the best guardian for me. Before I finally got what I had always wanted, freedom to be who I wanted to be, it was just too bad it wasn’t what I wanted anymore. So while I fought with who I was, thinking I was all alone with my abilities and having to control them myself. But what I hadn’t yet learned is that I am not alone. In fact, in the next few months, I would find out just how “un-alone” I am.

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