School for seriously special kids

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Sorry that's classified information

Submitted: May 01, 2013

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Submitted: May 01, 2013



I am so stunned I can hardly speak after a while of staring she takes her foot off me and lowers the gun. 

" So this never happend," 

I say to myself still trying to prosses everything. 

" This never happend." 

She starts to walk away then turns back and says 

" Oh yeah, and that is goopta street." 

 Then turns a corner and disapeers I get up and dust off my pants and head to the alley way. After a while I start to notice that this is a really long alley way in fact I feel like I've been walking at least half an hour I check my watch. It has been 45 minutes since I walked into this alley. Five minutes later I see the end of the alley and at the very very end I see a tiny little shack might as well be an out house it's so small. When I get to the end the shack looks even smaller than it did before I knock on the door. Silence... I knock again still silence for the third time I knock and then I hear a very small very shrunken down voice.  

" Hello?" 

" Hello, I must have got the wrong address excuse me." 

Then like a shock of lightning a deep strong voice says,

"No you got it just right son," 

It's so deep I jump I was expecting the old shrunken down voice. 



"I said name sir." 

" Darane Parks"

" Please come in."


  I go ahead and open the door. Two big guards are standing in front of another door. The room that I step into looks like a waiting room a nice tan couch with a sort of rectangle indian rug that looks old and the sides of i are coming out on top of it is a smaller rectangle coffee table with a pot of flower in the middle the walls are painted a nice shade of green. On the right side is some red chairs and in the front is what appears to be a secraterys desk although there is no one there.It is much bigger on the inside then it is on the outside. The quards tell me to wait here well they check with what they call the "officials."  Well I'm waiting one of the two gaurds is still standing at the door to make sure I don't go snooping around. Finally the other guard comes out and says 

" You will have to wait another our or so." 

I stare at him blankley. Oh great, I think I get the interview the one day the "Officials" are busy! All of a sudden a boy with straight brown hair and a plaid shirt burst in and is looking a little frightened he rushes right over to the guard wisphers something in his ear. The guard immediantly says

" You can go in." 

 I am so relieved I didn't want to wait all that time! Well I'm walking in I say

"Thanks man you really saved me! Whats your name?" 

"I'm sorry that's classified information."

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