School for seriously special kids

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Jayden Farrwell

Submitted: May 02, 2013

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Submitted: May 02, 2013



 Classified? What kind of name is that? I feel really dumb when it hits me that his name wasn't classified it was well... Classified! They lead me into another room. Wow! How big is this place! They seat me down in a chair right in front of the door. In front of me is three fancy leathery chairs with a long marble table on top of the long marble table is clib boards with what looks like almost a million questions! I would have got up to see what they were but you know there are two gigantic giants stopping me! I see black strips of cloth hanging on posts. What could that be for? Like they read my mind they say

"The first thing you have to do is to be blindfolded."


I would have jumped but the other gigantor was holding me down.

"It's just part of the process son everyone else has to do it.."

But I interupt 


"Do you want to get out of military school or not?" 

"How do you know about that?" 

"We know everything about you." 


They laugh

"Just part of the process." 

I think about it then eventually let them blindfold me they say I have to do it out of my own free will. Then they explain the rest to me,

"Now that you are blindfolded we will call out the officials and they will ask you many questions you will answere them truthfully. When they say you go we will unblindfold you and you will leave you will not come back here because it will not be here.  When we send you the letter for the new address you will go there as soon as you get the letter." 

"You don't have to tell me twice." 



I hear footsteps and the officials enter first question.


"Darane Parks"




"Excuse me?"

Didn't I already put that on the form? Do I look like a female?

"Sorry son but excuse me is not a gender it is more of a... Question."

Says a man voice.

"I am a male."

" He does looke rather odd."

Says a woman voice.

"Is that all?"

I ask.

"Oh yes last question are you human?"

"Am I human? Well let me think... YES!"

Another one of those questions. 

" He does have quite the personality."

Says the woman voice again.

"I know just who we can pare him up with!"

"Darane Parks you are assigned with Jayden Farrwell."

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