School for seriously special kids

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Found her

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So here  I am driving then BANG! Gun shot I freak out! I pull to the side of the road and across the street a girl with crystal blue eyes and wavy brownish blonde hair just shot who? No! The girl who had attcked me on the corner is laying on the ground bleeding I run over. The girl with the blue eyes is gone. I look at her and say

"Hold on! I'm going to call the medics!"

I pull out my phone. She grabs my hand and pulls it down making me drop the phone then crack! My phones broken!

"What was that for I'm only helping!"

I say,

"They they can't find me."

She says in between taking deep breaths.  Then the light goes out of her eyes.  I don't want to think it but I know it this girl is gone. For good. Then right ofter that thought bloop. The bullet pops right out of her heart and the bleeding stops like nothing was ever there then she jumps up and says. 

"Scared you didn't I."

I stare in unbelief.

"But... but, but, your dead I know your dead I saw you die!"

"That you did but you see you didn't."

I stare again she is crazy conpletely crazy.

"Oh I see here your playing a joke! A joke on me your wearing a bullet proof vest! That blood was fake and who did you hire to shoot you? Your best bud?"

I laugh a little.Then she turns around and walks straight towards me grabbing my shirt and pulling me off the ground she looks at me straight in the eye and says.

"That girl is no laughing matter if you were at where you are heading and was talkng about that girl and laughed in the same sentence you would be killed. Understand?"


I say in a raspy voice straining to get my words out.She lets me go. Then starts to walk away.


I say,

"I never asked you your name!"

"Jayden." She says "Jayden Farrwel."

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