School for seriously special kids

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - My odd schedule

Submitted: May 14, 2013

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Submitted: May 14, 2013




I wake up foggy eyed and head throbbing. Last night was tough! My first night at the new school I couldn't stop thinking about what was happening here! All the sounds that creeped me out! (Although it was probably the wood.) I am laying here in bed when i relize I don't know what I am supposed to do! I get up out of bed and head for the living room. A paper is layed on the table I pick it up and start to read.

Hello Darane,

Welcome to the school for specail kids! Here is your schedule:

7-8 First Period, Escape Plots, in room 372

9-11 Second Period, Training, Your Trainer will be Jayden Farrwell in room 270

12-1 Lunch

2-4 3rd Period, Using Regular things as weapons, in room 345.

We suggest you go looking for jobs so that you do not run out of food. We have given you a good supply that will last you for about three weeks. If you would like you can sign up for extra classes. After your first day here at the school we will have Jayden Farrwell give you the tour of the town. Thank you for joining us!r


The Officials,

I look at my watch. Nine! Yikes I quickly stuff breakfeast down and all the other stuff necasary. By the time I'm done I check my watch 8:30 It goes on flashing. I grab my backpack (That's barely fool because I don't exactly know what to bring. On my way running to the big white house/ school I'm thinking over how odd the list is. I get to room 372 and rush in everyone is staring at me like I'm the monster I exchange back the look because the are the ones with the problems here! I see Jayden looking like she just gave herself a face palm. She rolls her eyes at me and points towards and empty seat that I figure is mine. I sit down. The teacher continues. 

"And that is how you get yourself out after you have been buried alive."

Buried alive! What kinda school is this i have one odd schedule.

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