Chapter 6:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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First day of school. Yay..not.

Today is the first day of Ally seeing Sam and I know that once she realizes that I'm interested in him, she'll be over him just like a hyena

And what about Justin, my BFF, who hates Sam and I know hate is a strong word but I'm pretty sure that he hates him, or at least that's what he said when I asked him.

On the upside, maybe school will be good, it'll give him time to get to know Sam and I'm sure then he'll change his mind. I wouldn't be able to stand it if he doesn't.

Then the Ally thing again.. I really don't think….


Well I guess I can panic at some other time. For the time being I should just be happy that Sam is mine…. Or will be mine in the near future…. I think



In our house, if you wanna say something don't talk, just shout it. Emotions shouldn't be repressed… they should be expressed.


"Justin's been here for 5 minutes you know"

"Ok mom"

"He'll be upset"

"If he is, he'll be upset with me and not you"

She gave me the evil eye which I easily ignored.

"Bye mom"

I opened the door to find Justin leaning on his car door. I managed a sly look to Sam's house and noticed that his car was still in the driveway.. he's gonna be late…. Maybe I should..

"Would you hurry up Sammy? We don't have all day" Justin was whining already

"And would you stop staring at his house. You're gonna see Mr.Perfect sooner or later" He spit the last sentence out and gave me a weird look.

So I just got in the car and watched him slip his favourite Nickelback cd in the player.

On the way to school, I had a lot on my mind

Is he jealous or something?? A lot of movies have the best friend falling for the girl… oh no… please let it not be that

That got my mind off the Ally predicament which meant a lot.

The moment the car stepped into the school lot, the Ally complex was back in full swing. Seeing that Ally was right in front of me, shamelessly flirting with our school's Lead QC Seth Crane, my former best friend, that is until he became too cool to hang out with little old me.

Oh well, at least she won't be interested in picking a fight with me.

I scanned the lot for Sam, I don't know why seeing I know he was still home when I left but my panic was in active mode.

I am not gonna give in to her this time… at least not with out a fight. Whatever it takes

Justin walked beside me silently when he saw where my gaze had landed.

He knew all about Ally and how she operated, he was one of her targets once upon a time. When Justin first became my friend, she was like a vampire with a mission and his blood was her object. She tried everything over the years. The last thing was the obvious display of her 'assets' and the casual bumping into him… eww by the way.

Somehow, that all was ignored by Justin, and when I'd ask him about it he'd say,

"Looks are so overrated if you ask me"


Thinking about that made me feel guilty about being too wrapped up with Sam and forgetting, if only slightly, about Justin. That just brought me back to worrying about Justin


"We're here" That's what Justin said and I had to blink twice to realize where I was

I was in front of my home room, I had it with Justin and with him knowing I was totally out of it he had to remind me, "Home room…. You… me… you know"

He looked a little bit bothered and I couldn't help but hug him for several reasons. First, for being my friend when I had no 'assets' to offer. Second, for knowing me so much to every move I make and third, 'cause I think he needed it.


"Senior year here we come"



Submitted: September 26, 2009

© Copyright 2021 mAgOoG. All rights reserved.


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cooleo even tho i didnt read the other chaps lol

Sat, September 26th, 2009 12:37am


OK :D Thanks for reading this one then!

Sat, September 26th, 2009 7:27am


eekkk. update soon!!! i cant wait for all the drama to start. lol

Sun, September 27th, 2009 7:10am


oh it will!!! I'm so glad you like it *blush* 'cause your writing is absolutely AMAZING!!!

Sun, September 27th, 2009 1:09pm


Comparing Ally to a vampire made me laugh out loud. I am really still clueless about what's going on with Justin. Also, if boy Sam is super yummy, I don't think Ally will be the only girl out to get him. Hopefully girl Sam will get him in the end!

Sat, October 3rd, 2009 10:39pm


yeah we're all rooting for Sam!! :D :D but good guys/girls do finish last! we'll see soon enough... just don't hate me or anything! Glad to have made you laugh... you just made my day!

Sat, October 3rd, 2009 6:03pm

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