An Honest Deception

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Chapter 60 (v.1)

Submitted: August 30, 2014

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Submitted: August 30, 2014



We drove to the Industrial Park in Brolson with Daniel swaying quietly beside us. 

I pulled down the window blind on my side to look at myself in the little mirror.  I was shocked by my gaunt features, bedraggled hair and wiry beard making me barely recognisable even to myself.

When we reached the destination we stopped outside at the security gate.  A security guard slowly left his hut looking suspiciously at us and approached our van, as he did Kirk asked Daniel which of the large compounds the gold was in.

‘The one with the blue door’ Daniel smiled. 

Kirk screwed down his window to talk to the security guard, ‘we have another c-c-consignment, c-c-can you have the door o-o-opened to the b-b-blue w-w-warehouse.’ 

The security guard looked at Kirk for a second confused, then at Daniel.

‘Is there a p-p-problem, do you want D-D-Daniel to speak with your s-s-supervisor?’ Kirk asked. 

I looked ahead astonished by his bravado. 

The guard said nothing and went back to his hut where we could see him talking into his Walkie-Talkie.

Suddenly the barrier began to rise.

As we drove along the large concrete yard I could see another security guard outside the blue door turning a key and the shutter doors rising. 

We reversed inside. 

Kirk jumped out of the van and spoke to the guard.  A few minutes later the shutters closed behind us, leaving us locked inside the holdall.

I could see Kirk in the side mirror of the van as he walked around opening boxes then disappear behind the back of the van.  The back door opened and the van bounced as the guards got out.  A few minutes later the van began to sink as it was slowly loaded.  All this time Daniel sat beside me chortling to himself. 

Eventually the back door was slammed shut again.

Kirk walked to the front of the warehouse and banged on the shutters.  Nothing happened. I looked at Kirk and for the first time I could see fear in his eyes. 

Suddenly there was a jolt as the shutters began to rise.  Kirk started up the van again and slowly drove out.

Once on the road Kirk took out his phone and rang a number, ‘yes we h-h-have it’ he said.  ‘S-s-see you in a wh- while’ he said before hanging up.

As we drove Kirk explained how he was shot from behind by the helicopter pilot, the bullet partially piercing through his bullet proof vest just missing his heart.  He was picked up by the military police and taken to hospital.  He told them I had shot him.

When he reached a deserted park Kirk handcuffed Daniel and the guards to the metal railing and placed 2 gold bars onto the ground beside them. 

‘Please no’ the now more lucid Daniel pleaded.  ‘I am sorry, please forgive me, I will do anything if you will take me with you.’

I wasn’t sure whether it was Kirk or I that Daniel was directing his apology to.  Myself, for the physical damage he had helped inflict on me or Kirk for the mental scars.  I doubted he had a capacity to feel compassion for anyone.

Kirk dialled another number, ignoring Daniel’s plea. 

‘Did you call the police?’ Daniel asked.

‘N-n-no, I called the local p-p-press’ he said before jumping back into the van. 

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