An Honest Deception

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Chapter 61 (v.1)

Submitted: August 30, 2014

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Submitted: August 30, 2014



Kirk drove to a deserted caravan park, where Kate was waiting at the door as we arrived.  Kirk lifted me into the caravan and onto a soft sponge seat. 

‘G-g-good n-n-night’ Kirk said and gave Kate a tight hug.  For the first time I could feel the unbreakable bond between the two, much more than colleagues in a common cause, more like a mother and her favourite child meeting up after a long absence. ‘W-w-we d-d-did w-w-w-well’ he added with a broad grin.

Kate smiled to me at Kirk’s exuberance.

I could not get excited though.  Had we achieved anything? Daniel is gone, the King is dead!  The system has not changed, there has always and will always be new people to maintain the status quo.

No one should have unaccountable power.  Power unchecked our primal instincts pull to use it to its full potential.  Enough is never enough, we must take all we can with whatever means are at our disposal: exploitation of fellow humans, deforestation, farming crops and animals to maximum capacity. 

Can we ever truly change the nature of the way we are as humans?

‘Are you ok?’ Kate asked.

‘Not really, there is a lot wrong with the world’ I eventually said without emotion.

‘You are right, there has always been inequality.  We can only hope to be a positive step towards change.’

I remained silent.  If it was a positive step we had taken, it was a positive step on a declining escalator.

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An Honest Deception

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