The Eagotons of Mirth Manor

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Novel done in the style of Bronte sisters

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Eagotons of Mirth Manor

Submitted: June 07, 2011

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Submitted: June 07, 2011





Chapter 1





 Mr. Eagoton was an egotistical, pompous, greedy, man. And on marrying Mrs. Eagoton, his vows read nothing but the same. 

  “ Above all,” it read, “the eternal cause of our marriage is for Mrs. Hendrick Eagoton to bare a son heir for Mirth Manor, or the Eagoton estate.”


But to poor Mrs. Eagoton’s sorrow, and wretched old Mr. Eagoton’s disgust, five females were born in the course of five and a half years. Elizabeth, the first born neither resembled her Mother or her Father. While the latter of them had yellow hair, and light features, hers were darker, and hair was that of a black crow, except finer, and if a crow could ever be striking in looks, but she did however have her Father’s stubbornness, and her Mother’s rueful ways, which greatly contradicted her. Agnes, the second born, however was as different from Mr. and Mrs. Eagoton as day is from night in her heart although her outsides, betraying her insides, did resemble those of her blood.  She was always content, even when her Father knocked her she still had high spirits. It amazed everyone, and often angered her Father into a even deeper passion then before. Her yellow haired curled, brilliantly, and her light eyes were always twinkling.  Marcelia, was the third born, if one really cares, for she had a twin Harriet, who was born shortly after was her twin. They were inseparable; always holding hands, giggling, and whispering to the other. Even Mrs. Eagoton couldn’t see a single difference in their looks: the only difference between the two was that Marcelia’s yellow hair parted to the right, while Harriet’s parted to the left.  But they were often styling it in such a way to confuse others. The youngest, Mary Gertrude, or Gerty as her sisters called her, was the weakest and in the poorest health of all five girls. She often had to be watched at all times, and when she turned ten years of age, they had a maid assigned to watch her, for she often had fits of coughing, which filled hours at a time.  Nanny Emily, or Emmy as Gerty often called her, was probably the worst choice for Gerty, because of her ill-temper, and snide remarks, but it was expected, for the child’s Father was a cheap man, and he disregarded Gerty as less than nothing, even lower then her sister because she was often vexing him into passions, and was the most expensive child.  Yet most of the time the children were protected by the one thing Mr. Eagoton hated more then them. Their Mother.


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