The Runaway teens

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Chapter 10-Mentor meeting-

Submitted: June 07, 2011

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Submitted: June 07, 2011




After about 5 minutes of all of us looking at each other, as well as other people in the office, the bell rang, and a boy in leather, and a Metallica shirt walked over to Emerson and I, and asked us “You the Walsh kids?” “That’s us…” Emerson responded, motioning to Levi, and Catcher to join us. “ I’m Andrew, junior. Come with me.” We got up grabbing our stuff, and walking behind “Andrew”, through the glossy, illuminated hallways. Most of the kids had cleared, a few running to whatever class they had first, but it was easy to navigate through the strugglers. “Andrew” walked with swagger, and pose: his steps seeming to have a beat. We stopped at an open doorway, to which “Andrew” pointed us to walk to a group of about 12 cushioned seats. We sat down, and looked at each other. This was a very weird, and unusual first day so far. “Andrew” sat down, holding a clipboard. “So I need names.” He stated solemnly. Levi was the first to pipe up as usual. “Levi Walsh age 15. “ He sounded so proud, and so full of himself. “Ha-ha, Hey I am Catcher Walsh! I’m 15 too.” Catcher said melting all nervous feelings I had previously. I smiled at my turn to go. “ My name is Hayden Walsh and I am 14 years old.” I giggled. “Andrew” smiled at me, and turned his head to Emerson, waiting for him to share. “Yo, Emerson… 14.” God he is such an awkward person! I blush for him. Maybe the lights are too bright, and that’s why he is acting really standoffish and obnoxious. “Nice to meet you guys! So yah… I’m Andrew, I'm 15, a junior, and I'm part of the mentor group here… I had to be part of it in 7th grade so I could get my grades up, but I do it every year now because its kind of fun, and a good way to get your grades one level up.” He sighed here. “ There are three other mentors, so you each get one, but they are coming later on, because right now they are taking tests for ah… something. Anyway most mentors are delinquents like me, but no worries. Marblehead is pretty preppy, so our definition of delinquents are hat-wearers, and gum-chewers.” He laughed. We didn’t get it. “Ahh so… Catcher, I am your mentor man!” “Yay!” Catcher said enthusiastically, just as we heard loud click-clacks from outside. A girl with heels entered the room, her heavy perfume flaring my nostrils with flowers and potent vanilla. Her skin was dark, and perfect. Her eyes were huge, and as beautiful as Catchers. She was wearing clothes so fashionable, that I looked at my morning work outfit in distaste. Her red pumps click-clacked all the way to comfy chair to which she-classily- hmphed her self in, and pulled out her dark lip-gloss. Her eyelashes were long, but perfect, and individual. Her cheeks a perfect rosy red, and her hair had so much product in it that I could almost taste the hairspray. But it looked better then amazing. “Andrew.” She nodded, her voice like pure honey. “Qiayra” he smiled meekly. Qiayra turned to us. “Which one of you is Hayren?” she said, looking at all of us as if there was more then one girl. “It’s Hayden, and that’s me.” I smiled. “Oh sugar! I’m sorry! Honey, I love those black shinnies! Let me guess… seven, fall collection?” I nodded. She smiled at me, her eyes glimmering. “ We are going to get along just fine, thank heaven.” Just then the door slammed shut, turning all heads. A boy with piercing blue eyes glared at us.

“Hi.” I forced out, chocking on my words. He raised a eyebrow over his piercing blue eyes, still starring at me not giving up, but finally broke the starring contest, by down casting his beautiful eyes down to the ground, and walking over to his seat, directly across from me. I looked everywhere but him. Catcher was talking to Andrew now. Qiayra, Emerson, and Levi were looking between “blue eyes” and me. Awkwardly. “ I’m Levy’s mentor.” He said, his deep voice shaking the quiet room. Levi stood up, and smiled at him sarcastically. “I am LEVI! L-E-V-I.” He made himself seem like he had issues. I slammed my hand to my face, and shook my head back and forth. “I’m-…” He sat in silence, as if debating on whether or not to say his name. “I’m Blue Eyes.” Of course. Of course his name was Blue Eyes. Levi giggled, I bit my lip. Was this some kind of joke? On the new kids? I looked at Andrew and Qiayra for guidance. Qiayra had lost interest and was picking a nail, and Andrew and Catcher still sat talking. Maybe “Blue Eyes” was his real name. But the door slamming open interrupted my thought. “ WHICH ONE IS EMERSON MY MAN?” A deep voice screamed. Emerson awkwardly (of course) raised his hand. I looked over at the voice and saw a boy who literally gave off charisma. His smile spelled confidence, his walk looked more like floating, and his eyes looked as if he were smiling 24/7. He walked over to where Emerson was awkwardly sitting, and started giving a hearty laugh. I smiled at him sheepishly. Qiayra had hearts in her eyes; Levi was nodding him on, with a smile on his lips. Andrew rolled his eyes; obviously he didn’t like this guy. Catcher kept smiling almost idiotically. And Blue Eyes just stood there: his face too hard for me to read. I looked at Levi, my eyebrows raised. “SHHH IM TRYING TO WATCH THIS” His voice echoed in my head. “ I am Matt. You can call me Matt.” He smiled down to Emerson. “I’m Emerson Walsh. You can call me Emerson.” Matt smiled and nodded, approving of Emerson and his slight attitude. Andrew looked around the room. “So I see we are all here! Shall we?” Andrew looked at the other mentors. “We shall! Onward newbie’s and mentors!” Matt said, skipping out of the door jollily. We all followed, kind of laughing to each other. Emerson dragged himself slowly. It seems that we all got interesting match-ups as our mentors.

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