The Runaway teens

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Chapter 12-The dealing hallway-

Submitted: June 27, 2011

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Submitted: June 27, 2011




“Yo Andrew. You brought some new clients?” a muscular tall boy said, smiling towards us.

“ Ha. No Des. These guys are new kids. To the school. “ Andrew said awkwardly.

Desmond Abrams had the charm of a southern gentleman, and the looks of an underwear model. He was the apparent dealer of the high school. Although he was twenty he was still a senior, and not planning on leaving. He told his story in less then twenty seconds.

“And so I’ve been here for about…” he paused counting the years, “five years now. And counting!” Him and Andrew had a laugh together.

“So… what’s the deal with this hallway?” Levi asked.

“This hallway? It’s the best hallway. It’s the only hallway nobody monitors because either they’re to scared to mess with us,” who’s us? “ Or they just don’t care. We can pretty much do whatever we want here.” Desmond smiled brightly. “Shall we?” He motioned for us to start walking down the dark, slightly dank hallway. Andrew walked comfortably humming a little tune I recognized as Master of the puppets by the metal band Metallica.

“You like Metallica?” He said, his pupils dilated, in the darkness it seemed strange. I nodded.

“Their in my top three favorite bands…right now.” I said matter-of factly.

“We’re going to get along.” He smiled like a idiot for the rest of the tour.

As we neared the first door of the hallway, Desmond shushed us.

“Gang meeting.” I gave Catcher a look, shiver ran down my back. Levi’s voice rang in my head

Scarred little Hayden?!” I coughed, and thought back,

Levi only you could comfort me.“ which was a very nice way of saying Shut up Levi get out of my head.

Desmond laughed out heartedly, trying to engage the Gang Members to come shoot us. But as we all waited for our death, only silence came.

“GOTCHAAAA” Desmond and Andrew started laughing hysterically. Qiayra shook her head, and rolled her eyes. Levi started giggling, and catcher smiled. Blue Eyes stood face like a solider.

“Sorry guys, you just all seemed so afraid of this trippy hallway, I wanted to take full advantage of it” He and Andrew started laughing again.

“Common guys, we have to see the rest of this godforsaken school.” Qiayra said, grabbing my left arm, and dragging me up the corridor with the rest of the crew in tow.

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