The Runaway teens

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 2

Submitted: June 06, 2011

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Submitted: June 06, 2011



Chapter 2

The plane engines stopped. We had landed. I yawned, stretching my arms high over my head. I pushed Catcher slightly to wake up. He grunted, unbuckled and got up. Emerson who was at my other side (the window seat) snored loudly, jokingly, I rolled my eyes and punched in the arm. “ Jeez Hay, have you been working out?” he said rubbing the spot I punched him. One of my ‘abilities’’ was strength. Extreme strength that is. But I punched him very, very, cautiously and lightly, so he wasn't really hurt. “ Don’t call me Hay.” I sneered. That nickname had gotten me enough remarks, and I wasn’t planning on passing that on to Marblehead territory. “Yeah ‘Em’ don’t call Hayden ‘Hay’.” Levi said stretching out behind us. He whispered something to Rye who giggled. Rye stayed awake the whole ride, while Catcher, and Emerson had fallen asleep within the first hour. Levi stayed awake with Rye and had developed deep purple circles under his eyes. I had dozed off a little bit, but didn’t emerge into full sleep. As people started loading off the plane, we followed excited to see our new house. The best part of Catcher’s powers? His ability to manifest items (such as money, cars, and stuff) and hypnotize people into things. I guess huge dark eyes, work on everyone, female or not. He told us the house he had hooked us up with this time was really big, ocean view, private beach and what not. We hadn’t seen it yet, but Rye had a vision of it (one of his many powers) and said it was “really big, and pretty, and greenish”. His visions helped us get out of trouble most of the time. The Logan Airport was not very crowded at 7:00 am, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t people. I saw at least 12 girls stop and stare, as we passed. I guess, the guys (not including Rye unless your talking about girls his age) are considered handsome, cute or even hot, as many of the girls in my old school and many other old schools told me before. I mean I guess they all looked cute, hot even, but if you ever saw the bedrooms, or even there eating habits, only one word comes to mind: disgusting. These guys were so beyond cute that girls were so blinded to even notice the messiness. I remember one time Emerson brought a girl home, for dinner. Catcher quickly manifested a Mom and Dad for us. Our ‘Mom’ looked like Angela Jolie and our ‘Dad’, George Washington. But being the stupid girl she was she smiled, and made conversation with our “parental units”. After that we were not allowed to bring people home unless we had told Catcher in advance, so he wouldn’t manifest someone like Megan Fox, or the president. Our bags were going to be sent to us in moving truck, (even though it was only clothes), so we didn’t have to stop and grab our bags. We went outside, and shivered immediately. It was extremely cold today in Boston. I zipped my hoody up, but soon a jacket was placed on my shoulders, I smiled up at Catcher who had manifested one for everyone, without notice. A huge strip limo pulled up. My eyes widened at Catcher. He nodded. He had gone out of his way to make us comfortable! So sweet! “ He always does this.” Levi muttered, at my thought. “Get out of my head!” I screeched. Levi could read minds, along with other things. We stepped into the stretch, and made each other comfortable. Rye lay back on my stretched out legs, as I sipped a coke, cold from sitting in ice. Levi put his head on my shoulders, and dozed off. Catcher watched from across us with a jealous look in his eye. “ You can lay on her too.” Levi said snickering. He had his eyes were closed but he could read Catcher’s thoughts. “ Shut up.” Catcher said calmly, and switched his gaze to the window behind him. Emerson was laying back next to Catcher, sunglasses on, flat bill hat on, but not quite covering his long brown hair. “ Sunglasses?” I whispered to him. “ You know we are not exactly in a ‘sunny’ place, Emerson.” He turned his head, lowered his sunglasses, and gave me a deathly stare piercing me with green eyes. “ So what.” He practically spit. I huffed, and sat back, making sure I didn’t disturb the two sleeping beauties at my side. I stroked Rye’s dark curls, and closed my eye’s for a little bit.

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