The Runaway teens

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 3-Home-

Submitted: June 06, 2011

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Submitted: June 06, 2011



Chapter 3

“Hey, Hayden, wake up. We are here.” Catcher whispered softly in my ear. I had actually, slept. He was looking me deep in eyes. “ We are!” I said loudly. “Shh! Don’t wake the others. Lets you and me be the first.” He murmured. I nodded, and gently lifted Levi’s perfect head off my shoulder, and Catcher lifted Rye and moved him to a different cushion. No one woke luckily. And we slipped out the limo door. I gasped at the sight. The house was huge. Beautiful. It was the same piercing gaze green that Emerson has, with white shudders. It was four stories high, and holly bushes surrounded the bottom. Snow covered the ground, untouched, and was perfect dazzling white. I was in love. I heard the sea crash, and Catcher grabbed my hand, and pulled me to the back yard, opening a white fence door to a snow hill leading off into the crashing surf. “ Its beautiful Catcher!” I gushed, hugging him tightly. He felt surprised by my hug, but happy. We swayed before he replied. “ We should probably go get the others.” He said gently pushing me off him. “ Ok.” I said smiling brightly. We walked quietly back to the limo, and stepped inside. I walked over to Levi, his eyelashes reaching all the way to his cheeks. I’ve always been jealous of the long lashes. “ Levi…” I said gently rocking him. He awoke, fluttering his eyelashes, as he looked deep into my soul, with his-almost purple colored eyes. “ Deep into my soul?” he snorted, sitting upright, and stretching out his feet. “ You are so mean too me.” I said, pouting. “ Just kidding. I promise I will stay out of your head for today, it makes you more mysterious” he said giving me his widest smile. “ I’ll take it!” I said moving away, towards Emerson. “ Emerson we are home.” I shook him slightly. Emerson was different then the others. Levi couldn’t read his mind. He immediately sat up, piercing his gaze into me. “ Good.” He said smiling at me. His sunglasses were back on in a millisecond, as well as his hat. I helped him up as the other’s exited the limo. I listened to all the ‘wow’s’ and ‘oh my god’s’. Catcher smiled proudly. He saluted the limo driver, and then the limo and the driver were gone. Literally. Rye screamed in delight and clapped. “ Let’s go inside!” Catcher smiled. The going inside part was kind of a tradition with us. We would all run around looking at everything then Catcher would count to ten, all of us lining up, and we would run around again claiming our bedrooms. Catcher got the key out of his pocket, and turned it in the huge French doors keyhole. We all heard a click, as Catcher pushed the handle and opened the doors. We screamed with excitement, and started running around. I ran into the completely furnished kitchen first, and screamed. White marble engraved the counters, and walls giving it a very elegant essence. Copper pots, and pans, were nailed to the wall. Huge sliding doors opened to the back yard sea view. I smiled, running to the next room. The dining room was huge, with an oak table that had at least 20 seats. Paintings of Italy hung on the walls, next to huge windows. I started off to the next room but then heard the whistle. Time to chose our rooms! Levi’s voice sounded everyone. We walked to the huge gracing stairs that elegantly twirled a marble column. “ In order from smallest to tallest.” Rye was first in line (of course!) then me, then Emerson, Levi, and then Catcher. Soon he would blow the first whistle, and Rye would dart up stairs. Then the second, and so on. He blew the first one. Rye didn’t run though, he skipped happily as if he already knew exactly what was up there. He disappeared around the staircase bend. Catcher glanced at his stopwatch, and then he quickly blew his whistle. I ran up those stairs in record time, for me at least, and was welcomed at the top bye a wide, white glossy hallway, I ran through, as I heard the third whistle, and then Emerson’s equal in time foot steps trot to a slow beat. Beside me a large room, with electric blue walls, and a green couch, and a black fluffy carpet sat, practically calling one of the guy’s names. I heard a D.S. noise screech out from the next room over a little ways. Rye had chosen his room already. The only problem with being the only girl in the group, was that I could always tell which room Catcher intended for me. I passed Rye’s green room, with a white carpet, and large windows, and headed towards a hot pink door. Yes, hot pink. “ Yes, hot pink.” Levi said running past me winking. “Huff.” I ignored him, as I walked up to the door. I slowly opened it holding my breath.

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