The Runaway teens

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter 4-room-

Submitted: June 06, 2011

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Submitted: June 06, 2011



Chapter 4

MY ROOM was a creamy vintage white. Actually the whole thing looked old fashioned, and Victorian. The carpet was a fluffy black like the other one, and a bunch of black and white pictures covered the walls. A huge chandler hung from the high ceiling, and an old fashioned, but electric blue couch sat lounging in the corner. “Wow.” I said to myself, as I heard the doorbell ring. A guest already? “ Hey! Hayden can you get that for me?” I heard Catcher scream, from across the hall. I glanced breathing loudly, at my beautiful bedroom, leaving it as I ran out the door, down the stairs, and too the large French doors, and opened it. “Oh, you must be Hayden Walsh. Welcome to the neighborhood dear!” A skinny, blond woman, well into her forties, (and Botox) said, smiling eagerly, and holding out some cookies. “They’re fat free dear.” She said to me winking. “ My name is Dana McDonald, I live two doors down! My daughter will be in your brother, Rye’s 4th grade class.” “ Oh its so nice to meet you!” I said turning the charm on, and welcoming her into our home. “ I would love to meet your mother, but if it’s a bad time…” she gave me a questioning look. “ No, no! Just one minute she’s upstairs.” I mumbled as I ran up to find Catcher. “What’s wrong?” Levi said catching me by surprise, as I ran into his arms at the top of the stairs. “ We have a guest who wants to meet ‘Mom,’” I said giving him a wry smile. “ I will go entertain the guest while you find Catcher!” he whispered in my ear. “ Okay. “ I ran off. “Catcher!!!” where is he? “ Yeah?” I heard him come up behind me in the hallway. “ We have a guest who would like to meet ‘Mom’, so we have to think her up right now!” I said in a low, fast voice. “Come sit down.” He lead me into what I now recognized as his room, already filled with anything a teenage boy could possibly think of. Megan Fox was plastered to the wall, an Xbox sat with Call Off Duty waiting to be played, and electric guitars sat all around the room. “ Okay, do this: Rye’s hair color, Levi’s face shape, my eye’s, your lips, Emerson’s nose, oh and tall.” A woman’s face materialized in front of me. “ Silver cocktail dress, red pumps, light makeup, skinny body, but strong legs.” I nodded at my idea. Catcher got exactly the right look in my head onto a curvy but skinny, body. “ Make her characteristics strong, smart, funny, not to pushy, but questioning, curious, polite, lovable, easy to like. Add one’s you like if you want too Catcher” I added. “ Oh also, make her have a light foot, sweet voice, but annoying laugh.” Our ‘Mom’ seemed to spring to life. “ Good job, Hayden, you’re getting really good at this.” Catcher smiled at me. “Let’s go introduce her.” I stood up and grabbed Mom’s skinny arm, leading her out of Catcher’s room, and down stairs to the dinning room where I heard Levi’s voice, and a small laugh. Levi had charmed her, by using her thoughts against her. I laughed a little, as I entered the dinning room. ‘Mom’ smiled sweetly at Mrs. McDonald’s face. “ Mrs. McDonald, so nice to finally meet you!” Mom said. “ As to you the same!” Mrs. McDonald said getting up from her formally sitting position. The two walked out of the room talking. “ Whew!” I remarked. “ Good job, Hayden, and Catcher.” Emerson said entering the room, smiling, at us while rolling his eyes. “ Thank god that’s over!” I sighed. Levi grabbed my elbow. “ Can I see your room?” he asked, smiling at me. “ If you want.” I said quietly. “ Oh!” Catcher said abruptly, remembering something, “ ‘M.O.T., will take place in about 5 minutes. Emerson is first this time, then Rye, then Hayden, and last Levi.” M.O.T. was our code word for manifesting our (new) things. Catcher would come into our rooms every time we moved, so we could have him manifest things for our rooms. We all went upstairs, as Mrs. McDonald became best friends with our fake ‘Mom’. Levi followed me into my room. “ Its… nice.” He said slowly turning around the room, looking the walls up and down. I sat on the king bed, as he examined a porcelain lamp that sat on a hot pink desk. I heard Emerson name things he wanted, in the room next door, that I now recognized as the first room I had seen earlier. “I wanna see your room Levi!” I said grabbing his hand so he looked at me. Our eye’s met. He blinked his pretty purple eyes down at me. A shock ran up my arm where I was still holding his hand. “ Okay lets go,” He said quietly, breaking the intense silence. His lips turned up, a little bit at the corners, as he led me down the hallway, deeper to the place I never got to see. “ Here it is.” He said pushing back brown door. I walked in to the black walled room. It was bland, but all of our rooms were, before M.O.T. It was to be expected. It's normal. He sat on his purple couch, lounging, and checking out his sidekick for new text message’s as I walked around the room. I heard him shut his phone, and then silence filled the room, as I examined a Rasta colored bracelet he had gotten from the Bahamas. I felt his eyes on me. “It does need work.” He said, nodding, as I turned towards him. “That’s what Catcher’s for right?” I said, smiling at him. He smiled back. “ So what are you wearing to school tomorrow?” He asked. I pondered for a minute; this was always the question with me. Tomorrow morning before the bus comes I will probably change 15-89 times. “ You know very well I have no idea. Rye is the only one who does!” I said, laughing at his very knowing face. “ It’s true.” He said giving me a blank face. “ Catcher wants you.” He said rolling his eyes at me. I glanced one last time at his plain, boring room, and opened the brown door. “ I’ll be back to see what happens, to it. Don’t do to much damage, okay?” I called back from behind. “ Yeah right.” I heard him mumble. I walked down the halls, and turned to open my pink door. “ Took you long enough. “ Catcher was propped up on my pink desk, reading a yellow notebook- that I recognized as my bedroom notes. I always write them, before moving out. “ Sorry, Levi gave me the full tour.” I said. “ Let’s get started.” Rubbing my hands together, I closed my eyes, and concentrated on my surroundings, just like Catcher had taught me all those years back. “ Marilyn Monroe poster, over there. “ I said my eyes still closed. I felt a surge of electricity current circulate the room. “ Mick Jagger poster, by Andy Warhol.” I pointed to a corner, eyes tightly shut. I named off at least 200 more items, and by the end, my room looked way different. “ You finished?” Catcher asked, eyebrows raised. “ Wait! One apple laptop, iPod touch, and speakers. “ I winked at him, as he placed them were he thought it would be good. “ Any clothes? And color of bath towels?” “ Nahh. Black bath towels.” “ Okay, see ya. Dinner in 1 hour” “ Catcher?” I called to him, as he was about to leave for Levi’s room. “ Yes?” He turned. “Thank you.” I winked and waved. “ Anytime Hayden. “ he smiled, and walked away.

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