The Runaway teens

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Chapter 6- Rule's of the runaways-

Submitted: June 06, 2011

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Submitted: June 06, 2011



Chapter 6

“ We must discuss school rules.” Levi said, as we sat at the dinner table, while Catcher served us his famous dish. “ I think that we should just have the same rules,” I said. We had kept the rules the same since I joined the group with Rye. “ Okay, then let’s go over the rules.” Catcher said sitting down at the table, as we finally dug in. well the boys dug in anyways. I have manners while eating. “ Rule number one: No friends home unless Catcher knows they are coming.” Emerson said between crunches, his mouth full of delicious stir-fry. “ Rule number two: No talk about family. If asked, smartly change subject.” Rye said, noodles hanging from his dark curly hair, and mouth. He HAD to take a bath after dinner. “ Rule number three: don’t go steady with chicks; they are too demanding.” Levi said winking at me grease climbing all over his cheekbones. I hate this rule, because, I am a girl, and I am not too demanding. I don’t like too date though, so its not my problem, plus the guys still date girls, but if the girls get too ‘serious’ as Emerson likes to call it, they are dumped. End of story. Period. “ Rule number four: all Teachers are evil” Emerson said. This was Rye rule. We added it because we thought it was cute, but we soon found out it was true. We followed it like it was Jesus. Teacher’s were a lot nosier then kids. “ Rule number five: Trust no one. Except each other, no one is to be trusted.” I finished. This was a very serious rule. If Rye’s rule was Jesus then this rule was God.

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