The Runaway teens

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Chapter 7-Nightmares are for babies-

Submitted: June 06, 2011

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Submitted: June 06, 2011



Chapter 7

I was running. Fast and hard. A small sweaty hand held mine, tightly. Rye’s panting was louder then mine, as he whimpered. We were running away, from the Rayners. Aka our parents. It was midnight, and the trees of our street, that were newly planted hung low, hiding the moon light, and street lamps. “ Hayden…” Rye started, painting even harder. “ They’re waiting near the…” he breathed, “ Near the sign for Ocean Street.” He finally got out. It was all planed. Everything. Our runaway was that is. Emerson, was in my 4th grade class. He had sensed some magic in me, and when I came in everyday with a tear strained face, because my parents would hurt me, hit me, because Rye and I knew, what they were planning. They were afraid of us. I still remember the day Emerson approached me about it. We where in gym, and I threw the ball wicked hard, and it stuck in the wall. No one knew I did it except for Emerson. He came up to me after class, and talked to me about it. (Oh and by the way, he was already in the “group” by then) and that was the end of that. He convinced me it was the right thing. He told me about Levi, and Catcher, and there powers, but he never mentioned his own. We neared the sign for Ocean Street still running. It was the first time I had ever seen the mysterious Catcher, and Levi. Rye let go of my hand, as I first saw Levi. The moon shone on his pale face. Even from the distance I could see his purple eyes glimmering, and his long lashes. He was wearing a yellow shirt, and brown Capri. Catcher was smiling at us, waving. My first impression of him was “he looks nice.” His hair was longer then Levi’s by then, and blonder, (its darker now) he was wearing a dark shirt, and his cheeks were rosy red, and his eyes bore into mine, the darkest most beautiful brown I had ever seen. We jogged up to them, when the sirens started. “Hayden.” Catcher smiled at me, and hugged me. His arm muscles where warm, and large, through my long sleeved green shirt. “ Don’t squeeze to hard muscle girl. “ He said winking at me. Strength wasn't my only power but it was the only one they knew. “ Catcher, I know greetings are your things, but we really need to get moving.” Levi said. He was talking about the sirens, getting louder, and louder as the neared, our spot. They are coming. To get us. To catch us. I shook my head, of the scary thoughts, as my heads sweated enough to fill pools. Of course Levi the mind reader took my hand, and said “ Wow, your right.” He winked at me and pulled me behind him, as the other walked behind us. We were heading to a limo, which Catcher had manifested, just for our cause. The driver sat, in a straight position, not recognizing us, and motionless. Catcher opened the door for me, and Levi held my hand the whole time. “ Now we can talk.” Catcher said, slamming the door shut as we speed away from the crime scene never to be seen again. ;) Or at least that’s what they thought.

I woke to the sound of my buzzing alarm clock. I had dreamt of Rye, and my escape, from our horrible parents, and fate they had planned. They hated us, and Rye had a vision- his first one ever- that they were going to kill us. Or me at least. When they found out we knew, they blamed us, for ‘spying’ I had this dream, nightmare, every night for the past month. I wiggled out of my warm pink comforter, and sighed. Back to school again. I walked out of my room towards the marble bathroom, and took a long, hot shower.

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