The Runaway teens

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Chapter 8-School...shit-

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Submitted: June 06, 2011



Chapter 8

“Levi” Catcher called, “The bus is almost here, now hurry up.” We heard a small grunt, and then shuffling down the stairs. He might of just woken up, but Levi looked amazing as usual: tight skinny jeans, huge purple ‘eastern border’ skate shirt, purple vans sneakers, dark hair creeping into his eyes, and white flat bill hat on backwards. “I hate school.” He said. “ Already Levi?” Rye asked, as he pushed his black, curly hair away from his face. I smiled at cute little Rye. He was going to sit with Mrs. McDonald’s daughter, named Katy. We heard a soft knock on the door. “ Katy’s here.” Emerson said, from the kitchen. Rye ran up to the door, but opened it slowly. I watched smiling. “ Hi.” A sweet soft voice said. “ I’m Katy McDonald, your next door neighbor Are you Rye?” The short, skinny, baby faced-blue eyed, dirty blond said, shyly. “ Yeah!” he said enthusiastically. “ Your Katy? Is our teacher nice? Does she yell a lot?” Rye was a people person. He loved to talk, plus he found from his visions Katy and him were to be the best of friends. “ She’s evil. All the kids are afraid of her and call her ‘Crazy Heazy’ “ she giggled, and we heard a beep from outside. I looked at Levi. “ Bus.” He smiled. He grabbed my hand, and dragged me to the door. “ Levi!” I said laughing. My hand was buzzing, like lightening had hit it dead center. “ Bus buddy?” he pulled me towards him, whispering in my ear. I could feel his heart beating, we were that close. “ Sure.” I breathed. “ God, Levi. Let her go. Catcher is throwing you daggers with his eyes. There are unknowing children in the vicinity.” Emerson glanced at Katy. Katy was laughing hysterically with Rye, but she could have been looking at the guys. A brother would have not been so… so loving, towards a sister. I kindly pushed Levi off. He awkwardly stood. “ Sorry Hayden.” He said his dark lashes hiding his eyes, along with his hair, as he looked at his feet, then finally switched directions too look in my eyes. “ Its okay. We gotta go the bus is here!” I grabbed my lunch that was sitting on a counter near the doors, and put my red backpack on and my jacket. “ So,” Levi said as we all filed out of the door, “ How many changes did you make to your outfit this morning?” This was the topic I had managed to avoid, all morning. “ 27.” I said. “ You’re lying.” He said. “ I can read minds remember?” he whispered. “ Fine. 97.” He snorted, as we approached the bus. I had changed into my red skinnies first, and had kept them on for a while as I changed shirts. My over all outfit in the end though was a purple sweater over a while slouch shirt, with a black smiley face, and my black ripped skinny jeans, and pink vans. It was ok, but I could have done better. “ Welcome aboard. I’m Amy your bus driver. Names?” “ Rye!” Rye screamed at Amy. Katy rolled her eyes, and dragged Rye to the first two seats. People were starring at us. “ Catcher.” He smiled at Amy enchanting her. Levi made a disgusted face at me. I giggled. He stood and waited for Emerson his bus buddy. “Emerson.” Emerson said bobbing his head in her direction. He was probably suffering. His main power was extreme senses. He felt things differently, saw them differently, heard things further away, (way further), tasted things differently smelled things differently. The smelling was the problem. The bus smelled worse then rotten milk mixed with skunk. He walked off with Catcher not breathing- or at least trying not too. I watched him, sadness creeping its way to my eyes. “ Hayden?” Levi said. “ Oh right I’m Hayden. Nice to meet you Amy.” She looked at me. She was the definition of old beauty. Her hair was white but it flowed perfectly, in soft ringlets, near her shoulder. She wore her makeup light, but pulled it off well. She smiled at me. “ Dim girl.” She smiled. Oh so her catch was that she was mean. Great this was going to be fun. “ And I’m Levi.” He pushed me past Amy, before I had a chance to slap her. Catcher and Emerson were near other people. One was blond, and flirting with Emerson, the others were quite. Catcher sat and looked out the window. Emerson nodded to the blond, but his face was turned down. “Lets go sit by them.” I said, elbowing Levi. “ Maybe we could distract everyone so we could spray some febrezze.” Levi suggested. It was genius. “ Ok.” I said. We walked over. Catcher already knew what he had to do. The bus started forward. “ Hey.” Levi said, to the blond. She glanced over at him, and her infatuation with Emerson was over. “ Hey. My name is Becky. Who are you?” Becky smiled. She was beautiful, and almost over confidant, but she didn’t stand a chance with Levi. He was mine! He glanced at me. “ I’m Levi.” She sighed. Right in front of him too. He sat down behind her. I sat next to the nerd, who was creeping on Emerson, from across the bus hallway. “ Hello.” I said, smiling. He looked at me. “ Hi.” “What’s your name?” I asked. His attention was gone, but he was still acting like he was bored. I heard Catcher spray the air freshener. Emerson breathed heavily. “Micah. You?” His eyes were a strange silver color. I looked him up and down. No he was not a nerd. He was the stereotypical daft punk. The only normal thing about him was maybe his hair. It was longish and brown. He wore an expensive looking camera around his neck. The bus slowed. I watched as Katy, and Rye jumped off with other kids, heading towards a turning road to a concrete building. He looked back at me, past Micah. I blew him a kiss. “ Uh Hayden. Nice to meet you Micah.” I smiled at him. He turned away and faced the window. “ Sorry, I saw something that caught my attention for a picture.” He said. “ But it’s gone already. Nice to meet you too.” He sighed, “why did you move here?” he asked, his face upset almost. “ Uh it’s a long story, why do you ask?” I said turning the question to him. “ Because Marblehead is a boring, small town. You’ve seen the world! Mr. Lassen my Social Studies teacher told me about you family. You guys have lived all over! Why Marblehead? Why?” he was getting really worked up about it. I was starting to sense he really hated Marblehead. “My Mom she uh, really, uh likes…” I paused making something up. “Small towns near the sea.” I said. He nodded. “ Same here.” The bus slowed near a huge brick building. “ Home sweet home!” I heard Becky say.

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