Getting to Know Mary May Alder

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Introducing Spirit

Submitted: June 18, 2013

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Submitted: June 18, 2013




So now I am moving on to another fun fact on who is Mary May Alder.

I speak to dead people.  Yep, spirit.  People who have passed from this life and onto the next.  

I also do readings.  Tarot cards, automatic writing, runes, or sometimes I can actually just sit there and have a good old conversation with a stranger who has passed.

I do readings via email, I find this to be the simplest thing for everyone.  Sometimes people want a reading but have trouble finding the time to actually go and have one.  And for me, I like to be able to do the readings in my own time.  When the hubby isn't home and the girls (my guide pups) are nice and settled and won't interrupt.  I also find that if someone isn't sitting staring at me with expectant eyes I can do a much better job as well, people staring at me makes me nervous.

Also I find this way the person recieves their reading via email which they can print out and keep.  I always photograph the cards that came through for the reading and the rune stones etc and send them as well.  It seems to work out well.

Some of you might be thinking "OMG, she's one of "those", some whoopy woman who is really just talking to herself, or has mental problems.

I have mental issues, don't get me wrong there, ha ha, and I also question myself constantly about whether I really am talking to spirit and getting it right or I am nuts.  This I have been assured is the sign of someone who is the real deal, as someone who doesn't question whether they are nuts or not, are actually nuts.

I have always had an interest in people who say they speak to or see ghosts.  I love watching movies about that sort of thing and one of my all time favourite shows was "Sensing Murder", loved it, loved it, loved it.  I always wished "I could do that"

Little did I realise at the time, that I have actually been doing it all my life, right from when I was a young girl.  I used to think I had pretend playmates, pretend friends.  My parents visitors would always ask "who is Mary downstairs playing with" and they would always reply "just herself" and I was really, or was I?  I now know that I was not.

A few years ago I decided to go to some psychic development classes, see what it was all about.  See how these people worked, see if there was any possible way that I could do what they do.  Did you have to be a chosen one?  Could you learn how to do it and if so how as I was certainly keen.

The truth is, everyone can do it.  If you let yourself, really let yourself, you could.  There are all different ways to go about it and everyone seems to have their own little niche when they explore where there talents lie. For example, I have met people who are empaths.  People who feel what other people feel, physically.  So if you were in pain, say your right knee was playing up merry hell and aching like a bitch, an empath would feel that exact pain in their right knee when reading you.  Same with emotions.  I am glad in way that I don't have this gift as it can become very draining on the people that do.  They really have to learn how to control it and shut it off.

Just the same really as me having to learn to tell the spirits to give me a break and that I am "not open for business right now"

Psychic developement classes were fantastic.  I looked forward to them every week.  I learnt so much about myself during these classes and to completely trust the messages I was receiving.  I would start to do readings for other people in the class and can honestly tell you I have no idea how I was getting their stories right and people who had passed right, I just was.  I was surprising myself just as much as I was surprising them.

I love working with my cards the most.  I have many different sets that I choose from.  On my reading site, if you book an email reading with me, you get to choose which cards you wish to have the reading done with as I have photo's of the decks for you to see.

I can't really describe what happens when I do a reading.  It is like I disappear and another person steps in for awhile.  I type madly away with everything that I get, both directly from spirit, if anyone steps forward to chat, or to listen to messages the cards have for me to pass on.  By the end of the reading I have no idea what I have typed and have to go back and read it all over again to see what I've said.  I may fix up a few spelling errors but that's it.  I never touch the content of what's been written.  To do that would be not trusting the truth that comes out in the reading.  Sometimes when I am reading over something I think "oh my goodness, I can't send that, that is terrible or that sounds really bad, or not nice etc etc. But I make myself stick with it, I send it. So far I have never regretted sending what I have.  All of my clients have been happy with what they have received and relate to it all and it still amazes me.

One of things about readings that people need to understand is that you don't need to have one every week or even every month.  Usually once every six to twelve months is often the best.  You have to let a reading unfold, have to give it time.  Not everything that is passed on to you is going to happen right away, sometimes it takes months.  Sometimes a client will say to you "oh no I don't know what you are talking about, that doesn't sound like anyone I know or anything to do with me" and then a little later down the track they get in touch with you and say "you know how you told me this would happen or about this particular person, well it's true, it turned out exactly as you said".  Spirit sends messages for now and the future, they send what they think you need to know.  If someone comes to see you for a reading/message, spirit has to step up to the plate then and there, otherwise they might miss their chance, even if the message they need to get to you won't happen for quite awhile yet, they need to pass it on when the chance presents itself.

They can be cheeky buggers too.  Not always the easiest beings to work with.  They will throw the most criptic things at you and you just sit there thinking "what the" or "I cannot possibly say that' or "I have absolutely no idea what you are referring to, I don't understand what the hell you mean" and hope like mad the person you are reading for will get the gist of it.

My husband's brother comes to visit us quite regularly.  He died rather young in a hit and run accident and I never met him personally.  We can always tell when he is around because a cigarette smoke enters the house and hangs around.  No one in our house smokes, no one living on either side of us smokes, so there is no reason for it to be there.  He usually comes and hangs around until we get some kind of message.  The first time he came around he stayed for a very long time.  He even started playing around with our security system until we acknowledged that it was indeed him.  I had a reading done from my teacher and she brought him through to me.  She started explaining the goings on in our house and why they were happening.  It's was David's brother letting us know he is always with David, always looking out for him and just generally hanging around.  My teacher Kate did not know any of the facts that she presented to me that day.  Classes were always that really, just classes, we didn't often talk of personal home life stuff so she didn't know that my husband had a brother who had passed or that we were having odd things going on around the place.  Now when we smell cigarette smoke we know that Michael is trying to get a message to us about something, and when we figure it out, the smoke will go away.

So there you have it.  Mary talks to dead people. I do. And throughout the book I am going to share some of my "friends" stories with you.  They will like that, they will like to be heard, whether you know them or not.  Who knows, you may be reading along one day and go "OMG, I know that person, that was my uncle or grandmother etc etc"  The important thing is that these people lived, they existed and whether we knew them personally or not, they deserve to be remembered.


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