Titans And Heroes Book 1: The Temple Of Artifacts And Power

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

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Chapter Eight:

The Great Council

Zeus had called a council of the gods. Not just any council though, the twelve Olympians were there as well as a few other gods. “We are all here. Zeus, patron of Cabin 1, Hera, matron of Cabin 2, Poseidon, patron of Cabin 3, Demeter, matron of Cabin 4, Ares, patron of Cabin 5, Athena, matron of Cabin 6, Hephaestus, patron of Cabin 7, Aphrodite, matron of Cabin 8, Apollo, patron of Cabin 9, Artemis, matron of Cabin 10, Hermes, patron of Cabin 11, Dionysus, patron of Cabin 13, Hades, Heracles, and Hestia of Cabin 12.”

“Why are we all her?” Aphrodite asked. “And why are scum meeting with us?” Aphrodite stood thirteen feet tall and had flowing blonde hair. Her eyes seemed to change colors like a kaleidoscope. She was busty, and she was very beautiful.

“Careful girlie,” Hades warned. “I am older and stronger than you.”

“Silence, both of you,” Zeus demanded.

“Why are we here brother?” Poseidon asked Zeus.

At first, Zeus just stared at his brother. Poseidon stood a full foot taller than Zeus. He had semi long black hair and eyes that literally appeared to be made out of the sea. He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, blue swim trunks, and sandals. He had smile lines and a kindness to his eyes, but meanness also lurked in his eyes. “The prophecy is coming true,” Zeus declared at last.

“Impossible,” Hera screamed in outrage. “That cannot be. Father is locked in Tartarus and his brothers and his family is all locked up. How could it be coming true?”

Hera was fourteen feet tall and had shoulder length, brown hair. Her eyes were hazel, and it was clear that they were never filled with kindness and that she never smiled. Hera wore a long dress made out of peacock feathers and high heels that looked extremely uncomfortable. She looked completely calm, but you could hear that she was panicked in her voice.

“Kronos is free my dear,” Zeus said softly. Then he said louder, “Kronos is free. The Titans are being freed and are rallying to him and his cause. They will soon strike at Olympus. We have no choice. The prophecy calls for fifteen heroes, champions of Olympus. We are the fifteen who will choose the heroes of Olympus.”

“The scum?” Aphrodite said in horror.

“I am not scum,” Hestia said so calmly that it scared everyone. “Call me that again, and face an eternal prison far worse than any Titan has seen.”

Hestia stood thirteen and a half feet tall. She had long gray hair in a single braid, and eyes made out of warm and cozy fire that glowed a faint orange. Her face was heart shaped and very kindly. Her gown was made up of the same flames as her eyes, and managed to not burn anything.

“S-sorry Lady Hestia,” Aphrodite stammered. “I meant no offense.”

“I'm sure,” Heracles said, earning a glare from Aphrodite.

Heracles stood twelve feet tall and he had short red hair. He was very tan and completely cut. His eyes were the same color as his father's. He was one of the best looking immortals.

“You talking down to my girl?” Ares asked as he puffed out his chest.

“And if I am?” Heracles asked as he got up and prepared to knock Ares' teeth out.

Ares was fourteen and a half feet tall. He had the body of a giant body builder. His face and arms were covered in nasty scars. Where his eyes should have been, there was nothing but red flames. His long flowing locks were made out of red flames as well. He wore a suit of armor, without the helmet, made out of bones and flesh.

“Uh...” Ares said dumbly and sat back down.

“Now who is the scum?” Heracles asked Aphrodite. She just ignored him like he didn't exist.

“She is an Olympian, your superior,” Demeter warned.

Demeter was thirteen and a half feet tall. she wore a gown woven out of grains and other plants and shoes made out of hardened mud. He hair went to her waist and was as green as a grassy hill in May, as were here eyes, whites and all. She also had a forked tongue, like a snake.

“He won't forget,” Artemis said before Heracles could think of something clever.

Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, stood a mere twelve feet tall. She had snow white skin and jet black hair that went down to her knees. Her eyes were miniature moons and her face seemed ageless. She wore a camouflage suite and boots, as well as her normal bow and quiver with moon beam arrows.

Demeter glared at Artemis and Apollo said, “Careful sis.”

“Always am, Apollo,” Artemis said, looking him in the eyes as if she weren't lying.

Apollo was fourteen feet tall. He had short, sandy blonde hair and yellow green eyes. His handsome face always wore a smile.  He was wearing a white suite covered in musical notes, and shoes that were shaped like musical notes, as well as his bow and quiver of sun beam arrows.

“Right,” Apollo said.

“Calm down you two,” Hephaestus said.

Hephaestus stood thirteen feet tall, but he walked with a limp from his permanently broken leg. He had orange hair that barely passed his ears and a beard made of smoke and embers. He was wearing a welding outfit made up of metal shavings and tennis shoes made up of metal shavings.

“You people always ruin my buzz,” Dionysus complained as he took a large gulp of wine.

Dionysus stood twelve and a half feet tall. He looked like a drunk teen in shorts and a tank top. His brown hair was buzz cut and his eyes were purple, like wine. He he was clean shaven and smelled of grape vineyards.

Hermes stood up to address Zeus. He was thirteen feet tall and fair of complexion, with green eyes. His ears were pointed and his nose was upturned, so he looked like an elf. He wore a mail man outfit made of silk. Hermes was slender, but he still looked like he would be a force to be reckoned with. “Father, Zeus, I already know who my champion is. Might we continue with this meeting. I have things to deliver, you know?”

“Yes, of course,” Zeus said. “But wait until I call upon you to select your champion. Now, as we know, some of us must transform into our Roman forms. Those who should do this know who they are. Do so now, so that we might continue.”

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