The Eleventh One

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Allie

Submitted: May 23, 2011

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Submitted: May 23, 2011



Allie May

He did it on purpose. Sadistic bastard. He took her, because he knew I was trying to get him not to. Now Lyla is crying in her cage, and he moved it. Away from all of us. I needed to get out. I needed to get to Lyla. Now.

“Lyla……honey, crying isn’t going to change anything,” Catherine cooed.

“He……He……He…touched………me…” She sobbed as she spit out the words.

“Lyla. I promise you,” I told her, “I’m getting us out. I’ll make sure of it. He’s going to pay for that. I’ll make sure of it.”

“Allie! Stop with the promises already! How the hell are you going to get us out of here! Look at us dammit! We are stuck in a fucking cage! Where are we going to go? How the hell do we get out?!” Lynn screamed.

“What the hell Lynn?! She’s just trying to help!” Sarah yelled back from beside her.

“Help? Stupid bitch just keeps making promises she can never keep! Lyla! Don’t listen to her! We’ve been stuck here for six fucking years! We ain’t getting out! Who the hell is making this shit up! Look at us dammit! We’ve been reduced to sex toys for fucked mid life crisis men and a punching bag for an adrenaline junkie! We aren’t important to the world anymore!”

“How would you know Lynn?” I asked, “Did you even know that this was going on when you were taken? Did you? I researched this all. The moment someone I cared about was taken, I never forgot. They aren’t stupid. Dumb at some times, but in the real world. Their genius’s. No one can delete the videos. No one can track the computer they were uploaded from. And no one can find out even the general area of where they are from. We are somewhat important if they try this hard to hide us.”

“Important? Allie. What dream are you living in? We. Are. Screwed. No one fucking cares.”

“Lynn!” Marie warned.

“What Marie?! Keep defending her! When you and I both know this is a stupid and crazy idea! Stop filling Allie’s mind with these dumbass dreams!”

“Dreams are the only that’s keeping us going Lynn. It’s the only thing that keeps us awake when we could be asleep.”

Kelly’s voice always surprised us all. She talked as if she knew the world better than anyone else, but not in an obnoxious, stuck-up way...She told it in a way that made you listen and fall in love. Made the pain and suffering disappear. Kelly Saunders. She was beautiful inside and out.

“How do you read us like a book?” I asked.

She smiled, “When you fall in love with people, you can read them. When you get to know people for a long time, you can read them. When you are like me, and has been able to read people since the day they could understand words, you can read them.”

“That’s lovely to know, so what category are you?” I asked jokingly.

“All of them.”

“God damn. We need………” Amanda started.

“Need what?” Marie asked.

“Something. Anything to get us to believe. I’d say sing Hallelujah, or start it, but this is a different kind of something…”

“We need friendship,” I answered effortlessly.

Everyone went quiet. We were all friends and even though friends have their fights, we couldn’t do that here. We needed to fully believe in each other. Fully believe in everyone around us, but believing was so far out of reach for us. So far from our thought process, because believing had two meanings here. Either you believe you’re getting out some day or you believe you are going to die in this basement, alone.

“May!” John’s voice woke us up from our trance.

I sighed, then whispered, “Sleepy time.”

Everyone quietly lay down as we listened to his approaching footsteps. The light clicked on and I dipped my head down to sleep.

“Stop calling her May!”

Maxwell’s voice. I heard Lyla whimper and made a coughing sound. A loud coughing sound.

“Is she sleeping?” Maxwell asked.

“Yeah. They don’t know that it’s noon outside,” John told him.

“Dumbass! Don’t give them any information!”

I slowly began to rise, “Information about what dummies?”

They glared.

“Is this normal for you two? Glaring at me?”

Wayne walked in and stood beside them, “Come here Allie. We got to talk to you.”

I raised an eyebrow, “Well, for me to follow I think I may need to be out of this cage.”

John grumbled, “Do we have to use May?”

“Yes, John. We do.”

The lock undid and as I was being lifted, I looked into the hatch. Wow. Maxwell was cheaper than I expected. For heaven’s sake I could stick a wad of grass in there and it would stay open. Cheap!

“Move!” John growled.

I stuck my tongue out at the wall, but began walking. I followed them and scouted out every room we passed, and realized this was just one hallway. No maze at all. I could run right out the door……If it wasn’t for the chains, and the lack of food. I probably would be able to sprint right out.

Then I saw it. The door. I knew it was the door to get out, because light streamed in underneath it and it wasn’t the artificial light that we had in here, but pure sunlight. And my body yearned for it. I felt myself being pulled towards the door, my heart beat a little faster as we headed towards it. Was I going out? Would they cut a deal? That I probably won’t keep…

My pace quickened, then suddenly, without warning, I was dragged into a room by the side. It took all I had within me not to lose it. To scream and kick and call them all the names I called them in my head. They did that on purpose. Made me see that light and gave me hope, just to pull me away. Just to say, we have control. Not you.

“What do you want?” I asked, hoping to get this over with soon.

“We want for you to see this,” Wayne said smiling.

A screen popped up in front of me. I raised an eyebrow and Maxwell held up a finger to tell me to wait. Suddenly a video began and I recognized the room immediately. The foam room. The rape room. Maxwell’s room.

“You. You aren’t going to……” I started, eyes wide.

Maxwell smiled, “I’ll do whatever the hell I want to Allie. Maybe I’ll post you getting raped on YouTube and ‘accidentally’ leave it open for Zach.”

“You’re going to torture your own son?”

“What about you Allie? Knowing the whole world will see you loosing all your hope. All your virginity too.”

“Didn’t  you already rape me? More than once?” I answered.

Then people went into the room and I recognized me. My hair was longer, and my eyes were filled with fear as I met the camera. John pulled me into a chair and tied my chains down. When I tried to look away, he pushed my face forward to stare at the screen, if I closed my eyes, he would hold them open. I watched as I got raped. Then the video skipped, and I recognized the screams. Lyla.

“You wouldn’t!” I screamed.

He just smiled back with a cynical smile, “I would.”
“What kind of person are you Maxwell? Look at you. You have to search for pleasure in helpless teenage girls.”

The smile never faded, “I’m a good person Allie. Saving you from guys that would just leave. At least I come back.”

“Considering how much I don’t want you back,” The words slipped from my mouth and before I knew it, I was on the ground. I opened my eyes to see feet in front of me. Maxwell’s face lowered to mine.

“Watch it Allie. Do you want it to happen again?”

I blinked a couple times, but didn’t answer. I knew that no matter what I said it would be the wrong one. Even if I stayed quiet, it would be the wrong answer.

“You just don’t know when to stop. Do you?” He asked.

I shook my head, “Do you Maxwell? Do you know how to stop?”

I blinked again. Was that me? The voice that came out didn’t sound like me. It had a quality like Kelly’s. Quiet and innocent, not disobedient and confident like I usually sound. Even Maxwell was caught off guard. The lust drained from his eyes as he pondered the question.

“John!” He snapped, his eyes still glued to mine.


“Beat her.”

I didn’t run. I didn’t move. I let him take me there. Take me back into that room. I wasn’t even paying attention to the whips and punches slamming into me. All I could think about was Maxwell and how he had handled that.

He had run. Something Maxwell never had done before.


“Allie? Are you okay? I’m sorry for yelling, but you haven’t spoken to any of us since you got back. I don’t know how long it’s been but something seems wrong,” Lynn’s voice sounded in the background.

But I couldn’t answer. I was still thinking about what had happened. Even though the beating was over, and I didn’t need to distract myself anymore. I knew that I had to do something though.

“I’m okay,” I responded, pushing the words out forcefully.

“Are you sure? What happened?” Marie asked.

“They record the rape’s. Maxwell made me watch when I first got raped, and when Lyla was raped.”

“Oh honey!” Catherine called.

“I’m fine, but I said something to Maxwell.”

“What?” They chorused together.

“I asked him a question, and he didn’t answer. He ran. He turned me over to John.”

“Why is that a surprise? He’s a coward!” Lyla stated.

“But he doesn’t turn down a challenge. Never. Never in his life has he turned down a challenge and he just did.”

“Anything else?” Kelly asked.

“I saw the door.”

“The what?!?!” They screamed.

“I know how to out of here. I know how simple the locks are. Where the door is. I know how to escape, but now I just need to know when.”

“You can’t escape Allie!” Marie shouted.

“Why can’t she?” Lynn asked, tension in her voice.

“She’ll be leaving us to John and Maxwell. We’ll be blamed.”

“She’s right,” I told them.

“Allie. If you get out. Go. We’ll take it if only one of us can finally escape here,” Mary Ann said.

I spoke up, “If any of us gets out. Run. To the police. To anyone. Just Go.”

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