I Hate You Right?...Then How In The World Am I Pregnant With You Child??

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 2

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We waited about 10 minutes and then people started showing up. I saw all of Andrews friends but no Andrew..yet anyway. I looked over to see a girl in a green dress with a hoodie on,..I looked more closly and saw it was Andrew's Sister Dana. I quickly walked over and said "Dana?" "Yeah?" Dana replied still with her head down. "Are u ok?" I asked "You tell me" Dana said as she slowly lifted her head. "Wow.." was all that came out of my mouth. Her face was bruised and swolen, Andrew couldnt of done this could he?.."Dana...Did Andrew Do this to u?" I asked "No of course not my brother wouldnt hit me, it was our dad but its ok were used to it" Dana said "He abuses the both of u?" I asked concerned for some reason "Yeah, thats y were not in school alot we dont want anyone to find out" Dana replied "But u told me.." I said "Yeah I kno, ur the only one whos knows, I feel i can trust u" Dana said with a small smile "Yeah u can trust me" I said with a smile. Then she really smiled and said "Thanks" "Your Welcome, hey Dana come with me" I said pulling her arm towards Tara's room upstairs. "um alright but where are we going?" Dana asked "You'll see dont worry" I said with a smile. I grabbed some of Tara's make-up and put some cover-up and other stuff on Dana's face so u couldnt notice the brusing. "Alright Done" I said as I showed Dana her reflection. "Wow...Thank u so much Lisha" Dana said "No problem Dana, now u dont have to wear the sweatshirt to cover ur face" I said "Yeah Thanks" Dana said as she took the sweat shirt off. "We can come back to get ur sweatshirt later it will be up here, now lets go back to the party" I said with a smile "Alright sounds good" Dana said with a smile.When we came back downstairs I saw someone,..can u guess who?...if u guessed Andrew, u guessed right,..and he was looking at me.Of course then he walked up to me and Dana walked away. "Hey Princess" He said with a smirk "Hey Loser" I said. "Hey no need for the attitude I just wanted to say Thanks for helping my sister" Andrew said "No problem and wait y are u being nice?" I asked "For my sister thats all, ok?" He said "Yeah fine, u can go get drunk now" I said "Oh dont worry i'm working on that already" He said with a smile "How did I kno.." I said "I dont kno,..do u stalk me?" He said with a smile. "Only in ur dreams" I said then I walked off to find Payton.

"Hey Lish" Payton said. "Hey Pay" I replied. "What was with u two?" Payton asked. "Oh that, nothing just him saying thanks for me helping his sister, then him getting cocky like usual" I replied "Oh Alright Lish, u ok?" Payton asked "Yeah I'm fine, I'll just drink it off alittle bit" I replied "Alright just dont get totally wasted" Payton said "Don't worry, I wont" I said. "You better not, u know how u get" Payton said "Yeah Yeah I know,.." I replied. Payton sighed as I walked over to the bar(yes Tara had her own bar area) and i ordered whatever I could think of. Pretty soon my vision was going fuzzy. Great....


I woke up in a bed, and I realized that it wasn't mine.I think I was still in Tara's house, maybe in her guest room...I looked to the right and saw Andrew laying next to me.i shot up and yelled, "What the fuck are you doing laying next to me you jackass?" Andrew didn't move so i pushed him off the bed. Well attemped to at least. When i pushed him i fell right untop of him and he asked, "Didn't get enough last night princess?" I got off the bed and yelled, "What the hell are you talking about? Nothing happened last night you dumbass." "Yeah thats what you want to think. But you were trashed and now don't remember shit. I was trashed and remember every little thing that went on."

I grabbed my clothes that were all over the room and threw them on. I opened the door and slammed it shut after me I walked downstairs.Then I heard Andrew struggle to get off the bed then heard him running after me. I rolled my eyes and turned around then yelled, "Just leave me the fuck Alone Andrew!" When i turned around Tara was standing in front of me. She crossed her arms and i covered my mouth with my hands. "OOPS!" She rolled her eyes then said, "Alisha what did you do! I saw you drinking then saw you and Andrew go up stairs and didn't come down. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!" "Don't yell! Please dont yell." She sighed then i continued, "I woke up and saw Andrew laying next to me. He says shit happened last night and that he was trashed but remembers everything. Since i was "trashed" i don't or at least thats what he says." "Alisha do you remember anything?" "Nope not up until i got a drink from the bar. Then after that it went all fuzzy and crap!" "GREAT!" "HEY PRINCESS! CAN I GET MY SHIRT BACK?" I looked down at what i threw on and realized i grabbed Andrew's shirt instead of my dress. This day couldn't get any worse then it began. I would put money on that! I ripped off his shirt and yelled, "HEY ASSHOLE YOU WANT YOUR SHIRT GO GET IT IN THE GRASS!" i walked towards the door and threw his shirt out the door and on the front lawn.

He ran down the stairs and grabbed hold of me. "I thought you only got undressed that quick when you wanted me not when you wanted me and your friends." My mouth dropped and i smacked him hard across the face. Tara stepped in after that. "Andrew i think you better leave." He looked at Tara then rolled his eyes and whispered in my ear, "See you Princess. Last night was a ball!" I pushed him off of me and he walked out of the door and i slammed it shut. I looked back at Tara who was shaking her head and asked, "Lish you have to remember something. Anything." I shook my head and she asked one last question. "Was he safe?"

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