Grim Inside

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Will she go through with the plan given by the one she thinks she loves, or with they kill her first?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Grim Inside

Submitted: November 26, 2012

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Submitted: November 26, 2012



Angels and demons. They have been in a never ending battle for all of eternity. People think that the good will win, and are winning. In most cases, this would be considered true. In some rare cases, the demon will win. In the big picture this will make no big difference if one or two demons win. In the end, everyone knows, the angels win. But now, this battle is meaningless.
The leaders of this country figured a way to make sure good wins. everyone is born in a body with a soul, this is obvious. What most don’t know is, we are also born with an angel and a demon inside us. Everyday this war would rage on, until the angel or demon was defeated. Now, when the children are born, a chemical is put in the child to ensure that the child isn’t taken over by the demon inside. The only way for this to truly work, is to get the full dose before the age of two.
On the off chance that the child does not get the dose, the said child will be put to death. This is the way the country would be stable and safe. Also, if the dose was not given, and the child was not killed, this would be a national tragedy. For getting just a fraction of the dose will make the person it was given to uncuttable. Meaning, this said person will not be affected by being shot, stabbed, cut, or anything else of the sort.

On the other hand, when demons win, they usually go to seek all the power. doing this by killing the angel and the original soul within the body. But, without the original soul, the body will die. The only way for the demon to continue to live on without the angel would be to not kill the original soul.

So when the drive of the demon and the strength of the chemical are mixed within a body, the results will be devastating. When this is mixed within a body that had the original soul with no will, then the demon will be allowed to run free, and control all of the functions of the body. The power of the demon, over time, will adapt the body to its power and give the body superhuman abilities.

History has shown us that where there is good, there will be evil. This is still very much true despite all the efforts of the countries leaders.  some people felt this was cruel, they believed that it was the child’s choice whether or not they wanted the chemical. So many children were born in secret. This was not considered a threat, because many who were born in secret were not strong enough to cast out the demon on their own, so they would just live life with a never ending battle within. These people usually die at an early age due to the stress on the body.

In the history of the country only one child had the extreme happen to her. She was born in the middle of war time. The doctors were not able to keep up with the infants being born and the war patients coming in. She was not given the full dose of the chemical. Her parents were killed in the war, so she was never claimed. the hospital had no room for her, so she was thrown on the streets.

As she got older, her only wish was to die. She tried to kill herself many times, but she was never able to be cut. She was willing to give anything to make the pain stop. She didn’t want to live in the world without anyone to love her. One day, she found her answer.

She made a deal with the evil in her. The demon said that he would chase out the angel in her. He told her when the angel would leave, she would feel no pain. All of her emotions would never exist again. At the time this was her only option, so she made the deal. The demon used the will of the original soul to combine with his power and kill the angel in her. At that moment, all of her pain stopped. She felt nothing. The demon then tried to take over her original soul. Her soul was too strong, and nearly killed the demon, but then she offered the demon a deal he would not deny. He would be forced into submission and was under her control. In return she would allow him to do what he needed to do to survive, and only that.

When the people in charge of the country, known as The Leaders, found evidence of people's souls being sucked out of them, they were frightened. They had figured the only way was for a demon to be around somewhere. They knew that demons were the only ones who ate souls. The Leaders weren't dumb and knew to check the records. It wasn’t long before they figured out that it was the girl who had been left behind at the hospital. The Leaders were able to track her down. They needed a name to put on file, so they called her Mara. She was given a chemical to kill her, but the demon inside her took over her body. The demon killed all the officials and escaped. The Leaders didn’t want news of Mara leaking out, so they let her go, hoping she would die off soon. After all, a five year old wouldn’t last long on the streets. But she never did.

Ten Years Later

Mara walked down the streets of a crowded city. Everywhere she looked, she saw nothing but peace. She saw the occasional person with the angel and demon still fighting, and they were very ill mannered. The sky was a light blue and the people all dressed in light colored clothes. The building were just like th people, white and bland. Everything in this world was dulled in color, so no one would be treated bad for standing out. Mara was the only one wearing ripped jeans and a black top. It was considered rude to look at others differently that you would look at yourself, so no one payed attention to Mara’s odd clothes.

“Look at all these people. None of them know the truth of the world. Do you feel bad for any of them?” Her demon asked her. No one else was able to hear his voice because he was in her head. Mara just giggled and looked up at the sky. She watched the clouds for a moment, the same dull white color the city was.

“Of course not. I don’t feel for myself, let alone all these other people. And you of all things should know that.” Mara looked down at the bag she was carrying, then back up at the sky. It was a warm, bright, summers day. She realized it was her fifteenth birthday today. “You should get me a birthday gift.” Mara said tediously to her demon. She looked at the ground and smiled. She could tell some one was following her. Mara didn’t want to turn and let the person know she knew about him.

She was followed and watched every time she came back from the outer parts of the Country. it was more or less shaped like a circle. Everything inside the circle was the same and everything outside the curve was rugged and to be feared. The country was the ‘safe place’ for all who came. The people in the Country thought new people were always ecepted in right away, when many were turned down. Those born outside may never enter and those who leave may never return. However, there was one way in and out, and Mara Knew it like that back of her hand.That’s where the trade took place, between thieves and liars. People outside the Country lived like tomorrow was ever given: lying, stealing, cheating. Only the truly strong survived.

“Oh yeah.” the demon started snapping back at her. “Like what? What am I going to get you? I am in you after all.” He said cockely. He knew that she was just being a pain.

“Not like that. Don’t be so stupid. I mean, who do you take me for? I just simply want to know your name.” Mara turned down the alley to her left. As she when deeper into the all the walls of the white building slowly faded to back. All the buildings in all the allies did this, most people would know cause alleys are ‘off limits’ and ‘unsafe’. This made the alley the perfect place to confront her stalker.

“My name, huh? I guess thats not too much to give. After all, I have been able to speak to you for ten years now. My name is Seth. Don’t forget it. I will never tell you again. In the future when you wt my powers that I can share with you, you must know my name.”Seth’s voice started to fade. The alley was long and getting narrower.

Mara began to hum. Not to a certain tune, she just started to hum. Mara wandered from side to side, in hopes that would drive the stalker away by creeping him out. The alley is where Mara lived. She knew it like the blade of her knife. Coming up on her right was a large steel door that lead to an abandoned warehouse. This is where she would lead the stalker and have the confrontation.
She squeezed her small, lean body through a slit in the door and stopped humming. She took the large dagger from out of her bag and unsheathed it. In the center of the warehouse was a pile of rubble where the five stories had caved in leaving a hole in the center of all the floors. The only light coming through was from the small slits in walls. They gave the warehouse an eerie feeling to it.
Mara held the knife in her right hand and had her back against the wall next to the door. Her plan was to get information out of him without him ever seeing her face. She saw him start to come through the door.  His red hair began to shine in the pale lighting. Something about him was different.  

People born in the Country looked the same. There was really nothing to make them stand out. Most of the people have brown eyes and brown hair, so this guy would most definitely stick out of a crowd. He was also dressed a bit differently. He was wearing worn jeans and a bright blue top. Then it clicked.

Mara jumped out behind the guy catching him off guard. Her left hand went over his mouth and her right hand, with the knife, went to his neck. Mara put her lips up to the guys ear. “Nice to see you again, Kaladac.” Mara whispered to him. She took the knife from his neck and let him go. He spun around and his blue eyes looked into Mara’s soul.

“I would like to say the same, but the greeting was so violent.” Kaladac joked. Mara put her knife back into its sheath, then into her bag. She stepped into the light and began to climb up the pile of rubble to the top. Which was equal to the third floor. Mara took the bag off her shoulder and threw it onto the third floor. To her left was a small rope and wooden ladder that hung from the hole in the roof down to the second floor. The only way to get to the other floors was by the ladder, and the only way to get to the ladder was to jump off the pile of rubble and grab it.

Mara leaped into the air and caught the ladder. Kaladac stood at the base of the rubble in awe. He didn't think he could make that jump and was amazed that she was able to. Mara climbed up the ladder to the third floor where her bag was. “Are you coming up or not? I haven't seen you in a long time...I would ‘love’ to be reacquainted.” She started to walk away from the hole and to the back wall where there was a couch.

Kaladac looked up at the ladder in fear. He didn’t want to take the chance that he would fall to his death. Then a sensation came over him. He began to climb the pile to where the base of the rubble ladder was. His eyes turned black and he jumped. Kaladac became demon. He was not like Mara, he was special. His angel was not good, it was more like indifferent. the angel didn't care if the demon took over the original soul, which only happens in specific unknown circumstances, a demon could have all the power. He walked over to the couch Mara was sitting on.

“So weak, his soul. Scared of many things.” His voice became deep. His eyes were still black with tenebrosity. He sat next to Mara and looked straight ahead.

“I’m guessing you didn't come here just to sit on my couch, so what do you need?” Mara looked straight ahead past him. She hated to stare into the eyes of a true demon. Not that it scared her, she just didn’t prefer it.

Kaladac’s eyes turned to bright blue and his voice became high and frantic. “Its about this girl. She’s all alone in this world.” The angel had taken over the soul. Mara stood up and took a few steps forward.

“Many people are alone in the world, so why does one more matter to me?” Mara looked up at the ceiling then spun to look at Kaladac. “Besides I have other more important things that require my attention.” Kaladac looked at his lap.

“Nice. you’re more evil than I am, and that says a lot. Kaladac is a good friend of yours so you should help him.” Seth chuckled to himself.

“Don't you go growing a heart on me now. You should be agreeing with me. There are Absolutes everywhere looking for me. Remember, if I die, you do too.” Mara was in no mood to take sass from her inner evil. Then Kaladac stood up and walked to Mara. He grabbed her arm and lead her back to the couch.

The only thing on her mind was all the Absolutes following her. Absolutes are an elite force of genetically made superhumans. They contained no ‘AfSouls’, as Mara called them. Artificial souls as ty were known to a select few. The jobs of the Absolutes was quite simple. Seek out the people who cause the Country trouble, then destroy them.

The room became quiet and cold. Mara grinned at Kaladac in a way that made him tremble. Mara crossed her legs and leaned back. Then she closed her eyes. A breeze swept through the building messing up Kaladac’s red hair.

“Okay.” Mara kept her eyes closed and leaned farther back. “We will make a deal. Are you ready to hear the terms?” Mara folded her arms tighter. Kaladac’s heart nearly stopped, he hadn't prepared himself for her cold words.

“No, this shouldn't be a deal. This should be a straightforward pick up with no questions asked.” The angel in Kaladac became enraged. All she wanted was the child to be safe.

“Fine. Then go find a Transporter. Besides, i don't like to transport things....I am more of a Destroyer.” Transporters are hired people who specialized in picking up things and returning them to the client. Their job was only dangerous if they got caught, and it consisted of always being on the move. Destroyers are hired by a client to find the target and destroy it, they were always on high alert and always in danger.

“Mara.” A faint voice whispered. Mara’s heart sank. Tears ran down her face. Mara began to shake violently. “Do it for me. Please. You don’t have to ever do anything else for me, ever.” It was the true Kaladac, his original soul. “Shhh...don’t cry.” Kaladac put his hand to Mara's cheek and wiped away her tears. “I know its been a long time...but there is no need to cry. I just need this kid saved. She means a lot to me...will you do that for me?” Kaladac began to cry.

"Why is this kid so important?" she spat out bitterly. Angry tears still rolling down her cheeks.

“She is my sister. I couldn't save her before and she is going to die if I can't save her.” Kaladac smiled at Mara, playing her heart strings. He was the only one she ever felt anything for, and he knew this. His demon also knew that she wouldn’t fall for anything he made him say, he had to say it himself.

“...O-o-only for one else, only because the true you asked. And I will bring her back here.” Kaladac pulled Mara to him.

“Thank you my sweet.” Kaladac kissed Mara’s cheek. Kaladac loved Mara, just as much, if not more, than she loved him. He had known her for a long time and even helped raise her. Kaladac found Mara all alone when she was seven. At the time he was ten and also alone. He knew how to get around and bribe people for food. So he took Mara with him everywhere he went, protecting her. “So you turned 15 this year right? Actually I think I remember today being your birthday, is that right?

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