Chapter 1: realization-it hurts sometimes but in the end it's worth it

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Oh my God, here It comes.
Oh my God. How can they even let those things ride the bus, let alone go to school with us. I don’t understand it.
Ugh, It’s coming back, you can go away now thank you very much.
Oh my God, It’s coming near me.
Missy’s eyes darted every which way as she tried to plan her get away. She of course did not want to appear mean but there was no way she was letting Mike parker, the boy with Downs Syndrome, sit anywhere near here. Finally, at the last minute, she moved her backpack on seat beside her and laid down on it, pretending to be asleep.
He wont know the difference anyway. He’s just a stupid retard anyway.
Mike hesitated before moving on to the seat behind Missy, silently putting his headphones in his ears and turning up his music. He never took it personally when Missy did this because he knew she did it to all of his friends, too. He was not sure why but had always wanted to talk to her about it. How it felt to be such a selfish girl who refused to even look at some one with a disability in fear of getting sick.
It was not long before the bus pulled up in front of the school where Missy ran off to meet her best friend Heather and forget all about the near-life experience she had had on the bus. Or not.
"It was gross, Heather. No joke. I almost puked all over him," Missy informed Heather, a small girl with pale skin, long whispy hair and deep green eyes.
"Oh Missy, why do hate them so much? They aren't hurting you. Trust me, it could be so much worse. Why don't you just ignore them if they bother you so bad?" Heather suggested as she closed her locker and leaned against it watching the other students walk passed her to get to class.
"Because one: they're out to get me and two...well, they're out to get me. I swear, Heather, that kid Mike tries to sit next to me every day. It's making me sick just thinking..." Missy said trailing off when she a group of them walking passed. Oh my God, I need a new locker. I can't be in the same hallway as them every day for the next two years!
"Hey Missy, look over there," Heather said pointing at a boy walking just behind the special needs students. "That's Brad, he's in our history class this year. He took an internship at my mom's work this summer and we really got to know each other. Hey! Brad, walk with us to class?" Heather raised her hand to get his attention as she gripped her books with the other.
“ Hey! Brad, walk with us to class?" Heather raised her hand to get his attention as she gripped her books with the other. And with that simple yet affective gesture, he lifted his head, revealing deep, penetrating blue eyes. I was officailly jealous of Heather and her mom, and anyone else who had happened to come into contact with this rare creature, commonly known as a "hottie".
"Missy, Brad; Brad, Missy," Heather said with a grin as she headed for class, seemingly unaffected by Brad's undeniable amazingness.

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Good so far. Every time someone new starts to speak you should start a new paragraph to make it easier to read.

Fri, January 22nd, 2010 2:20pm


thanks for the info, i'm super new at this so any suggestions are greatly appreciated. i did not realize that that is what it looked like.

Sat, January 23rd, 2010 7:33am

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