Lifes Undefined

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"Lifes Undefined" Is A Unfinished Novel Based On The Everyday Traits Of Life That Are Undefined.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Lifes Undefined

Submitted: August 10, 2012

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Submitted: August 10, 2012



Life: To Us, Life Is Nothing But A Temporary Fantasy Which We Believe Is A Forever Lasting Event Which Continues After The Physical Death Of Us. Throughout This Life We Live We Consume Factual Imagery Of What Life Truly Is. We Begin To Live Life Through The Eyes Of Others Once We Are Given Life. Once You Grow Into One Who Understands Life Itself, Who's Life Are You Living? The Life Of One Is So Prodigious But We Learn This Imperceptibly, Often Much When We're On The Brink Of Death. Clueless To The Fact That The Life We Live Is Not Signatured In Concrete On An Eternal Contract, We Still Live Like We'll Live Forever. Take Into Thought The Types Of Lives We Live. We Live In A World Where Its More Than Ok To Follow, Where Being A Leader Is Being A Threat. A Place Where A Human With A Smart Mind Is The Strongest Weapon And So Is An Mindless Being. How Ironic How We Are Born To Live Through Someone Elses Discretion, Trained To Follow By Being Raised To Be A Leader Like Others. Life Is A Much Stronger Possesion Than We Prercieve. The Second We Second Guess Life Is The Second We Lose It, Physically, Mentally, Spiritually, Or Emotionally.

Pain: With All Those Different Physical Aspects It Tends To Turn Into A Physical Emotion Called Pain. Pain Is Caused By Multiple Things No Matter Its Actuality. People Feel Pain Physically Through Contact To The Human Body. People Feel Pain As If It Was Physical With Emotions. People Feel Mental Pain Due To Physical And Emotional Pain. Why Do We Feel Pain? My Personal Perspective Pain Comes As An Leverage To Happiness. Without Any Negativity Would The Human Mind And Life Be Perfect? Or Would Total Chaos Erupt Due To No Individuality But A Universe Of Homo-Homo Sapiens? Pain Kills Me The Most Inside But Its No Weakness, More Of A Advantage. Pain Has The Power To Take A Human Life, But It Also Has The Power To Make A Human Stronger. Wonders Of What We Can Do After A Heart Break, One Of Our Most Common Physical/Emotional Pains. Something We All Do Wrong, We Condone The Pain Instead Of Enduring It. Once You Have Given Up, You Can No Longer Fight. Once You Have Started The Fight, There's No Giving Up. You'll Never Excel If You Never Experience. So If You Give Up And Accept Everything How Will You Become A Better Person? If You're Afraid To Fail And Attemtp To Endure Pain, What Will You Achieve? When You Fight The Pain There's No Win Guaranteed. No Matter The Outcome Of The Fight You're Enduring Win Or Lose You'll Become A Stronger Person Overall.

Anger: When You Feel Anger, You Feel As If You Are Evil, Yet Condemned By Politeness. Anger Consumes You At Times When You Feel As If You Have Words Left Unsaid Before You Even Start Speaking. Anger Becomes Pain Which Alters Into An Embodiment Of Hatred. Signs Of Anger Can Also Lead To Depression. No One Likes To Feel Anger, But Not One Can Prevent This Emotion. Those Who Attempt To Prevent This Emotion Only Tend To Condense It And Worsen The Strength Of Its Negativity For A Future Enraged Outburst.

Lust: Lust, Often Mistaken For Love, A Feeling Of Such Misleading Intentions With The Ambition Of Achieving Something Wrong. Lust Is What Most Of Us Humans Have When We Hunger For More Than What We Have, When You Want Something More. You Never Lust For Someone Or Something When You Have Nothing. Which Is Common Amongst Those Who Believe Lusting For Life Is Just A Rush To Greatness. When Rushing Greatness You Won't Get It At Its Full Potential. When Lust Comes About There's Always A Decision To Make. Never In A Situation With Lust, Love, And Life Comes To Play And The Person Never Second Guesses What They Choose To Do. Lust In My Perspective Was The Negative Emotion Created As An Doppleganger To Love. Only Bad Things Can Happen When You Lust.

Happiness: Happiness Is What I Like To Label One Of Humans Greatest Achievements Yet, Most Confusious Goals. People Believe That Being Happy Come Along With Wealth. Happiness Has Nothing To Do With Physical Appearance In My Eyes. Happiness Is An Emotion, How Is It Possible To Buy An Emotion? To Pay For What We Are Naturally Born With? It Makes No Sence To Most People But Happiness Is An Emotion That We Feel When We're Comforted And Surrounded By Love. Which Is Why Love, Hate, And Lust All Relate To Happiness Due To The Negative Vibes You Receive From All. And When I Speak Of Negative Vibes, I Don't Mean Bad Moods, I Mean Negative Thoughts, Negative Actions That Are Soon To Be Made Just To Achieve Or Release One Of These Emotions. Money Won't Buy You Happiness, Or Bring You Love. Lust For Money, Lust For Happiness Will Only Bring You Hatred To Your Surrounding Peers, And Hollow Nights Of Sorrows And Despairity. Happiness Can Only Be Achieve Through The Mind Of Positive And Negative Human Being Who Wants What They Need And Not Lust For What They Want. Some Of The Most Lower Class Poor People Are Happier Than The Richest. Its Not About The Wealth, But Its All About The Heart, The Family, The Backbone, The Mindset Of A Universe Of Equality, Balanced Out Spirits, Then Is When You May Achieve Happiness. Poor Or Rich.

Pleasure: Pleasure, Commonly Confused With Love And Lust. It Falls Under A Small Topic That Lands On A Big Issue. Pleasing Someone Can Be Out Of Generousity, Or It Can Be Out Of Ignorance. With The Art Of Not Knowing Why You're Pleasing Someone Is That Ignorant Or A Lustful Decision Made By An Naive Human Being? See Pleasure Can Be Achieved Through Many Possible Ways, But Does The Number Of Possible Ways Amount To The Number Of Correct Ways? Through Love You Find Pleasure, Through Lust You Find Pleasure, Through Happiness You Find Pleasure, Some Even Find Pleasure In Hatred Towards Others. But When You Think About Things, Who Am I To Imply The \"Correct Way\" On A Topic I Didn't Create? My Perspective On Pleasure Is That Pleasure Comes As That Balance To Humans. Without Pleasure Would This World Be Dull, Or Would This World Be Disasterous Due To Lack Of Comfort From Pleasure? A Common Tragedy That Happens In Reality Someone Wasn't Pleased With A Decision And Left The Scene With Someone Else Murdered. Pleasure Plays A Strong Role In Life, Deeper Than Most Humans Analyze. Pleasure Can Kill, Or Heal Depending On Which Choice Is Chosen, That's When Pleasure Choses Which Fate It Deals.

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